Didn’t we tell you how to.

Laino: Oh that page is an april fools joke. that’s lame, they should have taken it down as most people do with april fools pages

Reisenauer: They probably leave it up because it gets them illegitemate organic results

Mcneil: Reisio, there is more to that statement yes?

Thomasson: 15:54 reisio you can achieve the same effect

Spearow: I realized what I was trying to do was dumb anyway, the 2nd menu item should stay highlighted while on the 3rd menu so a person knows where that third menu’s origin is.

Sherr: Why isn’t height:auto working, and how can I force it to work?

Baldini: Il: height is by default, “auto”, so, all you have to do is “nothing”

Eflin: Bprompt, well my div is not behaving that weay.

Hunstiger: I have min-height set to 100px;

Elsen: But it stops at 100px even when there is new text

Wheeles: Why isnt this selecting?

Danoski: Http://jsfiddle.net/plamb/3gxbfw6x/

Nickleberry: Il: well, then is something else then, got url?

Fuente: Css doesn’t “select” things per se, thus

Yoneda: Whatever yo want to call it

Ehleiter: Il: well then, we’re back to square one then

Dennard: Oh i typed in the ID wrong

Tisue: Bprompt, i needed to add overflow:auto

Heffren: Man, you guys and your silly parent selectors, i just use my lovely D.I.C.S.S for all of that goodness

Charney: Merkazu-home, did you create dicss

Bachand: SimbaLion: if you want more ask for it :

Barickman: I have a really strange problem – I have an input type=”submit” / element which won’t change height when I give it height: 100px or whatever. Any idea why?

Zawistowski: Ah, -webkit-appearance: none; fixed it

Lawing: Try display: block; or inline-block

Iturralde: But -webkit-appearance did it

Pestana: What happened when you tried them?

Marazzi: The button stayed small

Orlikowski: So I put some extends + mixins together for vertical rhythm for different breakpoints.

Dorlando: The first thing that comes to mind: When using vertical rhythm lengths, not only the font-size but also the padding/margin and other non-font related properties are used.

Schrott: As they all use em or rem, they are at least coupled to the font-size.

Nygaard: So when the font-size alone is managed by an extend, all other properties using vertical rhythm lengths should proportionally follow.

Roberie: At least I hope this. One issue is overriding the line-height, because extends are used. I could use a mixin instead, but then I have the whole mediaquery thing bloated, even with mq combining.

Fitanides: So I still doubt I found the right solution yet :/

Resecker: Anyone want to join me?

Gleaton: I’m rather unknown in this room o.o

Lankard: In such case let me present myself. I am. I am. none :

Colosimo: Nah I’m looking for someone to help me with UI design

Sklenar: For my opensource library

Scherma: They can check it, it’s incomplete yet, but it’s legit

Howitt: But I’m rather unknown there. I’m a foreign programmer :p

Dilliner: I’ve got a transition effect on two elements topnav and main container to slide in/out when a mobile/off-canvas nav slides in. For some reason the container isn’t sliding, but the top navbar is. Can anyone tell me why?

Plume: Live demo here responsive, view it on ipad or smaller browser

Kusel: Http://caniuse.com/#search=opacity — Notice in the “Firefox” column, the cell above “38” is empty? That, to me, signifies that either there was no support before v38, or there was no Firefox browser before v38. Both are false.

Brzuchalski: Didn’t we tell you how to do this before?