Derstrom, tinystoat: oh,.

Schehl: Extreminador: tables kinda went through the same in the 90’s btw, out of necessity, one started using tables for layout, next thing you know, they were used for anything and everything, even for salads

Neid: Quill: it’s been a long and terrible time dealing with that kind of thing. i’ve had to teach devs to unlearn that kind of thing where i work

Savelli: Bprompt: I’m glad it’s over. Misuse of tables were a chronic developer abuse.

Pelligrino: Bprompt, I sadly still use tables for one site I work on.

Nurre: It’s amazing how people want to build a skysc****r and they can’t even dig a hole in the dirt

Humphers: But bprompt think evrething is usefull, the user need to see with one suites better for him

Reio: Bprompt: however bearing in mind there was no alternative at the time

Cardosa: For complex page layouts

Tomspon: But in order to do it he need’s to learn a bit of evrething to decide with is best and with he need to skill up not sure if it’s the correct word to use

Quill: Tinystoat tell me about it, we inherit built websites with a lot of ****

Quill: And people want to pay us to fix it

Ridner: Tinystoat: well then, you just need to install Bootstrap for that, and apply the .col-xs-24 with the float: right

Vallegos: Quill: isn’t that a good thing?

Quill: Couple times I just have rebuilt them

Wilchek: Quill: been there, done that lol

Quill: Derstrom the fixing is more time consuming than rebuilt it from scratch

Spera: Just start from scratch, it’s so much quicker

Reents: Quill: i used to work for a ****ty company that fixed that kind of thing. the stress made me go bald and i got lucky later and found myself in a strong best practice company after that but before that oh hell

Sepulveda: Yes, I know, I am in the midst of a huge project and we decided it would be more time-effective to just rebuild it from scratch

Quill: Tinystoat I’m trying to follow that path

Quill: Before I get bald, lol

Pohlson: No framework. just vanilla and you’re done in 1 hour sheesh

Gammond: Derstrom: yeap, in the case of tables, yes, back in html3.2 there was no alternative, thus out of necessity it had to be used for layout, no excuse after that when css 1.0 came out thoguh

Kregger: Quill: yes please don’t lose your hair it doesn’t come back :

Monsma: Tables was deprecated for layout in 1997 but i still see people in here with that kind of thing.

Sarzynski: That’s nearly 20 years ago

Quill: Tinystoat we have three years old sites in our portfolio

Svay: I bet they’re joomla! 😀

Quill: Static, built with dreamweaver

Scow: Bprompt: well there’s a lot of factors as to why tables were still used after CSS 1 was standardised. some fairly valid justifications; browser support being one

Passantino: Is flex supported by the majority of the browsers ?

Crumpacker: Derstrom: the reason tables are still used is because they are used to mark up tabular data

Ackins: Derstrom: yeah, you had to provide legacy for a bit, yes

Marcello: I have boiled down my question to simple html/css

Dancer: Extreminador: yes look at css tricks article came out recently

Lingardo: Crumpacker: we are not talking about using tables to hold tabular data

Finnicum: Crumpacker: it’s a long rant in here about the bad old days of table layout

Schlabs: By “autistic” brain won’t give up. I just feel stupid when I can’t do a simple layout with css

Bossier: Guess it’ is them hehehe

Geibel: Knobo1: all takes time

Splain: I have built a few css layouts, but I tend to use a grid framework of some type. I can’t use flexbox yet :/

Crumpacker: Derstrom, tinystoat: oh, sorry :p