CustomServerSpac: okay.

Siciliano: Mark___ what do you mean there’s no way out?

Howlett: I actually got answers from stacksoverflow

Nomura: Thanks for that thougjh.

Carlacci: Sigdk you either use a grid or float the elements or use css display to make them be inline

Siciliano: Mark___ ok. glad it worked out for you

Baksh: Or option for hardcores, use absolute positioning

Weinman: Brajt, why not use a table ?

Paille: Sigdk tables are not for styling a webpage

Dunnell: I have a content item that holds a couple of absolutely positioned elements. now I know that position: absolute takes an element out of do***ent flow. but is there any way without involving scripting to make their parent as tall as its children?

Riedlinger: Hi guys, I have a pair of divs, the left ones height is set by the size of a graph that is placed into it, I would like to right hand div to match its height, how do I get the divs to match if I do not know the height of the left div? This is what I have so far –

Tacke: Blinky_, Same height columns: Method 1:, Method 2:, Method 3: — The easy way, no IE6/7 support:

Och: I have my django view returning few contents as a json, and I wanted it to show up on a bootstrap modal. I wrote the jquery.load funciton and pasted the default modal cl*** here – but the problem is I see the AJAX reply on the top left of the screen.

Greggs: The entire screen has that black shadow of the bootstrap modal though

Gauldin: Is there any quality stylings for default avatars using the first letter of a name similar to gmail?

Cantwell: Anyone ever try using gss?

Trapper: Http:// heh

Teschler: Got a pretty small resizing problem. i’m not much of a css guy

Pilarski: Is the “filter:” property specific to Internet Explorer?

Demarino: CustomServerSpac: What sort of problem?

Maslonka: I removed a button from the top of my page and now i don’t know where the hell to look to resize the background that was behind it to fit the remaining buttons

Groote: CustomServerSpac: Maybe put a div with a specific id with display: none there.

Darron: CustomServerSpac, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Selby: Alanjf: yes filter is specific to ie and probably means you’re asking about some deprecated ie products

Zanderigo: Ah yeah, derp, sorry. www.CustomServer.Space is my link, the top link bar is my problem

Snater: Alanjf: sorry scratch that i’m tired. no it’s not specific to ie

Child: Alanjf:

Chapa: Or as my dear old dad would say “too many bad drugs there son”

Noethiger: CustomServerSpac: i don’t see the space where the button would have been. everything seems pretty solid

Ivers: Tinytoast: ah sorry i JUST realized i added the button back, i just removed it, the extra space is on the left.

Bascom: CustomServerSpac: er i don’t see it still

Lipkind: Tinytoast:

Hearns: CustomServerSpac: you may want to resize your menu links instead of resizing the menu as you’ll cause a misalignment that will look pretty bad

Kerska: Tinytoast: yeah i figured the misalignment would look a bit off, could i simply center the buttons?

Spalter: CustomServerSpac: yes in fact hold on sorry got distracted :

Hidinger: Tinytoast: no problem, i appreciate the help

Dearmon: CustomServerSpac: okay here’s what you do. remove float on #nav1 ul li. change #nav1 ul li display: inline; to inline-block; then add a psuedo element: #nav1 ul:after { content: “”; display: inline-block; width: 100%; }