Curiousmansi: you might.

Brzostek: Https://,css,output

Hampel: In this there is small issue

Fuerstenau: The image and background has some color issue

Archibeque: I need an excuse to procrastinate

Tezak: I was able to talk every client out of it. clients listen when you tell them it will make them less money to have that on their site

Dobesh: I am not the mediator unfortunately

Cruell: Since there is issue with the image size

Madine: And i have to make it responsive

Hamming: But I will be doing the same when I branch out and get my own clients

Workowski: Oh yes the old waterfall sales model. understood.

Siddle: How can i handle this

Teuscher: Stupid sales people promising the moon

Gansburg: Yeah I am tiring of it but I have only been freelance for a few months and this guy pays my bills for now ;

Dolney: Where are you based tinystoat?

Velardo: If sliders are not always recommended, then what would you recomment for showcasing few images ideally with right width to fit brorser window width minus margins ?

Jahn: Riera: san francisco and holland don’t ask

Strittmater: I wouldn’t mind being based in two countries!

Rolando: Using something like 640×480 fixed width images aligned vertically on a page which link to larger image seems less ideal

Pirog: It’s certainly different from the usual

Lafortune: We’ll see how long it lasts

Stolsig: DanteLA: I guess if people wanted to see what you had on offer, they would actively look for it.

Mcquirter: Translation: how long can a person stand long flights and airports in a year?

Evertsen: Such as a project page

Patao: Whats the flight time between the two?

Offner: Http://

Mivshek: Riera: I don’t see your point. They are already on project website if they are viewing the images

Lambuth: We can c the issue in this imge

Rodemoyer: Usually it’s a bunch of stops in between so i end up awake for 14 hours or more. i’d like to fly business direct :

Horsfall: Hope i make some sense

Sebers: UX isn’t really my field sorry

Wallace: Http:// and,css,output

Naegle: Hope someone can help

Sykora: Curiousmansi: what are you trying to do?

Duble: Pretend i’m 5. it’s been a long long day :

Wendorf: A long two weeks even

Cresci: Tinystoat: i am developing a responsive page and it has image similar to in my jsbin

Martinetti: Tomorrow, i drink beer ;

Pigna: Tinystoat: so you’re spending a solid work day traveling

Brucks: I hope the pay is good at least

Soules: And i facing some faded shading issue as depicted in that imag e

Doorn: Riera: i hear you i’m going to see if i can get over to belgium for some of those monks ales

Dellamonica: Riera: so far it’s been good but wasting life on others is beginning to look less inviting no matter how much money is on offer lately

Bevelacqua: Curiousmansi: can you put that stuff into this link as jsbin doesn’t work on my browser

Habeeb: Tinystoat:

Fisher: Tinystoat: Yeah I hear that. I imagine that much travelling even makes you feel drained the next day too

Waymon: Riera: try all month. it’s worse than partying for 72 hours when you’re over 35

Roever: Is browser support good enough these days for this kind of keyframe CSS 3 slider in production web page?

Chebret: Curiousmansi: you might want to correct your element “spna” :