Coming up with ideas on.

Retter: I want to size to the window like cover but still have it move on and off screen

Theobald: I have a problem with an input type=”file” that breaks my responsive layout on small phones like iphone 4. The selected file text extends out to the right of the “browse” button. is it possible to make it display in a new line?

Brasel: Cxeq: #javascript if you’re not already there.

Bundren: Cxeq: ~/git/mozjpeg/cjpeg -quality 70 ss4824.2.png temp2.jpeg

Bundren: Cxeq: 70% ’cause the original was kinda ugly already 😝

Bundren: Seemed to have artifacts due to things like compression, scaling, slurring.

Bundren: Didn’t see any big diff cranking it down from initial 85% to 70%

Bundren: Cxeq: not commenting on the art, commenting on artifacting

Bundren: Stuff that looked like dithering or pixelation

Bundren: Unsmooth regions of colour, square edges

Bundren: Cxeq: if that was an effect that was intended, that’s fine, but that means that jpeg artifacts also won’t show up as much

Bundren: So you can compress more heavily

Bundren: Since jpeg also results in uneven colours and square artifacts, which were there already

Bundren: Cxeq: fine, fine, but you linked in public channel a 15,971,628 byte image ☺

Bundren: You can use this one instead and get less slow of loads 😝

Osullivan: Yes and i said sorry’

Bundren: Wasn’t hurting me. hurting more your search for help

Bundren: Anyway, this jpeg is 509,164 bytes so 3% the size of the original

Bundren: And w/o much in the way of changes to the image, visually

Auberry: Except for the totally different colour

Bundren: Cxeq: shouldn’t be any change in colour

Blain: Its non production because the image will be split into multiple layers

Vrbas: And move across in parallax

Bundren: M’k. well, whatev. smaller image for your support tests

Kleckley: Is there a way I can make sure that a fieldset doesn’t shrink bellow the size of any of it’s contained elements?

Cutforth: Hey do you know how I can make the image in this go below the divs

Demus: Http://

Turziano: And not escape the container

Veasley: Cxeq: you still here?

Argro: Cxeq: learn to resize photos, you have a 7mb background image.

Bundren: Mk2Brett: I made him a 500KiB jpeg – he was using a PNG last time

Bundren: 10:39 nemo cxeq: ~/git/mozjpeg/cjpeg -quality 70 ss4824.2.png temp2.jpeg

Bundren: In general, if there aren’t solid blocks of colour, png is not a good choice

Scarpato: But everyone has a 3g connection now, right? so downloading a 7mb image is no problem at all :p

Bundren: Scarpato: I’ve spent the last *YEAR* trying to convince my step father to contact his ISP about his connection

Bundren: Scarpato: he’s convinced that either there is A no problem or B the problem is with his computer

Bundren: Despite the fact that his connection is basically nonfunctional every time I’ve been there

Vacher: It should be the 800kb one

Bundren: Then last visit he off-hand mentioned that he had wired the business line himself

Bundren: Scarpato: and he’d used a single wire of the Littles pair – which probably explains why his DSL connection can barely maintain a constantly pinging out modem speed

Paneczko: For me its not that version

Bundren: Anyway. I think he’s gonna finally fix the damn thing

Bundren: Scarpato: but yeah, speed tests were giving like 0.1Mbps which I think was as low as their scale went

Warnken: Uhggh i hate web design

Arkema: Coming up with ideas on what to do is the hard part