Combatwombat: if you.

Shelling: John: if you are the only one that matters, then you are done. it’s perfeclty valid to make a site like yours

Bracks: Hahaha, thats the problem – im about to release it to the world of scientists

Stoutamyer: And i think they’Re going to hate it

Shelling: John: most scientific databases look atrocious. they might not even notice

Depsky: Http://

Gossling: Should I be just making like an invisible table to move each piece around as I need or what? I feel like I’m barking up the wrong tree.

Carmine: Combatwombat: so. what’s the question? got url?

Shelling: John: But seriously, I think you should have a “hack this” button on you main navigation. poping up a window like this:

Rybowiak: Combatwombat I’m learning about this exact behaviour you are experiencing, and the problem is that everytime you float or use absolute position the object ‘pops out’ of the container space

Pebley: Yeah. Ive linked it twice + more info bprompt

Carmine: Combatwombat: what are you trying to do? yes I read what you said

Labarriere: Brynga So my question is, how do I properly move those around and keep it within the container?

Barocio: Shelling: hahaha, yeah that would be awesome


Carmine: Combatwombat: got pic?

Hinostroza: Combatwombat as far as I know. you can’t

Hulbert: Because the probelm I’m having with the site is when viewed on small devices, everything moves around. I’m trying to stick with percentages in order to allow it to resize to the browser. Carmine I don’t have any pics, but that is my codebase.

Crittenden: Combatwombat the container looses height, so go define a min-height for it, so it visually contains your elements

Mantooth: How about i make it very plain and boring, but when the user enters the konami-code it enters bat-**** crazy mode

Hause: Or web2.0 mode. Whatever you want to call it

Carmine: Combatwombat: ok. so. I still don’t quite. got a picture of what you’re after? a quick mockup will do

Carmine: Combatwombat: and yes, I do see the markup and have the page, but. .not rather explanatory, design wise

Rippy: Carmine

Yago: Carmine I want it to stay generally like that the logo on the right is a little high up regardless of the web browsers size

Carmine: Combatwombat: how much UA support are you after? IE9? IE8? does the header have an explicit height?

Shelling: Carmine: Web 3.11 for workgroups

Fruehling: The explicit height would be larg enough to fit the pieces inside, which I’m trying to make resize based on the header, So no real size, just not ugly, and at the top. I don’t give a damn about support for old browsers 😛

Shelling: Carmine: it’s all his fault for sure

Carmine: Yeap, he makes something up the bogus web 2.0, and the “herd mentality” kicks in

Carmine: Combatwombat: hmm hold the mayo

Minteer: But yeah, I’m not much of a designer, so learning how to format stuff on webpages is the hardest part for me. The code / scripting is usually easier in that respect.

Colbenson: I just know my boss is going to kill me when it looks perfectly but they open it on an iphone and it looks like *** 😛

Giannecchini: Better than it looking like *** all the time.

Osterlund: Well the problem there is, they wont take better sometimes.

Labree: Rephrase: They won’t take “better sometimes” only “better always”

Carmine: Combatwombat:

Lunde: Close, except images to far right and left.

Carmine: Combatwombat: you can always just add margins to them

Carmine: Combatwombat: if you need it off the edge, just some margin-left to the one on the left and some margin-right, to the one on the right