CMFDesig_: ul { margin: 0;.

Tomski: Understandable, i’m sorry.

Malas: It’s no problem sql9928. :

Garfunkel: Malas, you were right : Didn’t bother looking at the element itself. All I had to do was add left-padding 😛

Bolan: Top of the mornin emerson

Cordel: Any idea how i should deal with this site rendering in IE 9 the table overlaps the footer it’s floating left

Stahlnecker: Hi all. can anyone help me i need to know, how i can remove the right vertical scrollbar to the right of the map timers on this page: ?

Morataya: Freakyt: probably in your javascript somewhere

Pastano: Freakyt: It might have unwanted side effects. But you could just set overflow-y:hidden;

Pastano: Freakyt: But as Morataya suggested. It would be better to search your Javascript for the part that sets the height of the iframe and correct the calculation.

Bezner: Should I be careful when using flexbox? Is there any major performance concerns to be worried about? It makes my life much easier trying to vertically center things and distribute space, so it gets used frequently.

Morataya: Blonsky: just keep checking with otherwise no real caveats

Morataya: It’s a common problem that flexbox has solved well

Siva: I don’t care about IE so thats not a concern :

Morataya: Yeah **** ie honestly

Jenrette: It doesn’t constitute many of my visitors anyway.

Mclaughin: Fkm i cant find it in the java code and setting overflow-y:hidden doesnt help either.

Gaby: U can click on edit in jsfiddle

Gongalves: And look at everything

Murrieta: Http://

Pastano: Freakyt: You need to set overflow-y:hidden on #tabs.

Pastano: Reisio: Looking at my drug consumption. Not far off ;-D

Seever: This local pizza joint had it on their sign

Peltier: Reisio rofl! nice one

Hochman: The finally changed it the other month :p

Mendez: Hello, i try to put the “register” and “wachtwoord vergeten” under the input fields, as far as i can see there are no margin’s

Scholze: Radonx: need to see code

Passon: Uhh that’s a thing :$

Corell: Http:// my code :$ :$

Steczo: This is not a fiddle :O

Steczo: A fiddle shows the result live

Steczo: This only shows the code

Steczo: Browser physics – you need to test it in a real browser. formulas alone doesn’t help with fixing omehint

Pesce: I did put it in a real browser, and the result is that screenshot

Steczo: Right, but a fiddle is much better

Steczo: One can change the html and css and save it

Steczo: So multiple people can play with it

Gunnett: How do you use fiddle when you have alot of style in link tags and js and script href. tags?

Steczo: But – you can isolate the issue, right?

Steczo: The part that actually isn’t working you put into the fiddle

Steczo: The rest you just ignore

Gertner: Radonx: for a test case, you should not have a lot

Atwood: Radonx: why not just link to your site

Raco: I work on wordpress, and my wordpress theme has a nice home page, but it *****s the design of other pages, so i try to manipulate the style of it. because local it looks great

Kozeyah: Http://

Recendez: I see that there’s alot of unused links in my local version

Countryman: How would one go about creating a row of 9 images, all the same size and fullwidth?

Kuckens: CMFDesig_: ul { margin: 0; padding: 0; list-style: none; } ul li { float: left; width: 11.11%; } img { width: 100%; }