But…depends what you.

Bethell: I see but i can never figure out which element to apply the rule to

Fenton: So make a very simple example just two elements and experiment

Dajer: Notice the buttons are aligned to the top of the logo div, how do i make it in the middle

Fenton: Why don’t you try my suggestion?

Delfin: I dont get it im trying it. ive been trying it

Fenton: So what’s the URL to the simple example? I’ll help you with it

Sherif: Was on w3 schools thing

Oldershaw: I dont think i can share that

Haran: Z1haze2, Preferred live pastebins: http://jsfiddle.net/http://codepen.io/http://paste.asmcbain.net/

Suggs: Http://jsfiddle.net/0kkpmjoz/1/

Rieker: Actually lemme doa bit more

Fenton: Z1haze2: so ‘float’ overrides the inline block, so vertical-align does not apply

Buse: Http://jsfiddle.net/0kkpmjoz/2/ this is more visible readable

Gabak: Hmm ok well how to i pull that green div to the right and stillvertically align it

Fenton: I’d use flexbox like this http://jsfiddle.net/0kkpmjoz/4/

Schwertfeger: Agh flexbox, ive never used that before

Sasse: Is this just a replacement for float in general

Ikeard: Hmm i did what you did, but its still so close together: http://puu.sh/lt4ME/580bbcea08.png they are however vertically aligned.

Fenton: Z1haze2: doing it without flexbox is more annoying http://jsfiddle.net/0kkpmjoz/5/

Fenton: Notice I’m using ::after to trigger the ‘justify’ text-align on the parent

Fenton: To get the left/right split

Fenton: Also notice the line-height trickery to get them in the centre of the parent

Brousseau: I will try to learn this flex box starting today, i suppose its the newer thing to do?

Fenton: Flexbox is much simpler

Areas: But in my screenshot, why are they are close together

Kreines: Its that justify rule that is doing it

Reitman: Or im sorry: the space-between

Fenton: Z1haze2: https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/a-guide-to-flexbox/

Maddron: Well it looks like the space-between one would be the correct usage. but apparently not for mine

Stele: It leaves so much room on the sides: http://puu.sh/lt53v/035d259d72.png

Fenton: That’s another screenshot

Mckoon: Well i dunno what you want me to do man its all local

Zaremski: 1 sec ill put it all up

Fenton: What have you done differently to the URL I gave you earlier?

Lozado: Http://dev.hendricksweb.com/test/

Fenton: So where is the justify-content?

Fenton: Z1haze2: the container cl*** is adding css too

Fenton: Overriding your desired effect

Pahulu: I mean i need that container obviously im not sure what to do

Fellezs: The .container-fluid:after { content: ” “; } is

Schmitzer: So its not possible to do what i want i guess? i would have never guessed that lol

Czyz: I will just use margins i guess. i was actually trying to do this the ‘correct’ way

Fenton: So make a new cl*** with the correct things and not the incorrect things

Urik: Not sure whats incorrect

Heiderman: Thats just bootstraps container cl*** ive been using it for years

Fenton: We just identified that it was inhibiting the behaviour you want. So…

Moxness: Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12557897/how-to-vertically-middle-align-floating-elements-of-unknown-heights

Levy: Is there a way to”trick” position:absolute elements into being position:relative?

Fenton: You can give the parent a transform

Fenton: But…depends what you mean