But the width is 60% to me.

Wieseler: So I should always put doctype before comments

Poitras: Thats not whats messin it all up Idt

Trew: Nowdays we have bootstrap, fontawesome and so much other **** smh

Royal: Oh jeez I’ve been working on it all this time with !doctype.

Tropea: Web design has become easier but harder but cooler but ****es me off more but love it the next lol

Waddle: And now I fix it and everything gets super messed up :

Sandino: Ur comments arent doing anything

Mcelroy: Unrecited, awesome website

Merli: Not quite mine its a theme I alteered

Droggitis: Still put tons of work in and working on an actual hand coded PHP/mySQL blog so thats my hand coded labor

Demedeiros: Missing apostrophe’s ;

Pikkarainen: I needed something pretty for the clients

Pizzitola: Feel free to ****yze its in beta

Vanorden: Im virtually everywhere. If you cant contact me

Ringer: Radsproductions, unrecited, bradsportfolio

Norton: Instagram legalizeindiana still

Helgason: As in, that line – I’m, can’t,

Morath: The comments were more for me to remember how it all works unrecited

Matkowski: Its a ***** when formatting you gotta $apos; I udnno about currrent standards

Puglisi: Anyway if you put that into ff/chrome, all of the content goes below the buttons and I can’t work out how to fix it at all

Abrachinsky: I just used ‘, which is not recommended

Alpers: Http://pastebin.com/VTpYpqdv

Duracher: It’s html and css together

Balasa: Thescatman: if you put it on somewhere like http://jsbin.com/ we can see it rendered

Balasa: Instead of just a static paste

Zaring: I see you dont have it uploaded anywhere thats cool ill drop it

Kinniburgh: Http://jsbin.com/zatubuzaxa/edit?html,output

Vreeman: I was codepenning it for you but thats cool lol

Gerecke: I don’t know what that is 😡

Stemler: Oh does jsbin allow multiple people to edit it at the same time or something

Chumbler: You can put js/css/html together and it displays it

Balasa: Looks like you’re missing a /div somewhere

Ancira: Thats cool if it does

Estacion: Just looks like it would .

Balasa: Ah, yea, you didn’t close the #sidebar

Traxson: Can you see me coding? or njo?

Kelker: Quick question. how do i set this thing to be ceneterd on the webpage? http://lifeto.cafe24.com/xe/request

Balasa: No, jsbin forks it for you

Stejskal: Unrecited, dunno, there’s a lot of lines

Tkacz: I already put auto margin to the left and right

Lesane: But it won’t center

Balasa: Thescatman: no, the html

Stoecker: The layer, now it’s learning to ward the leftside

Sherrick: Http://lifeto.cafe24.com/xe/request

Balasa: Mark__: what element is it?

Wince: Balasa, ahh I see, you mean the menu inside sidebar right

Kinsey: I’ve only spent literally since this morning trying to work it out. it’s 2am now

Glascott: That’s a really cosy and cute looking wensite thescatman

Balasa: Mark__: .content is width: 100%, so there’s nothing to center

Medal: Um, the content is at 60% actually.

Kwan: Yeah a lot of it is 100% width, content height is 60%.

Balasa: Are you inspecting it with your devtools?

Garon: I found that easiest to work with

Leinberger: Content height is set 100%

Paster: But the width is 60% to me.