But the simple showing of.

Levy: Fenton: here I want the sections to stack http://codepen.io/anon/pen/yYrooB

Levy: But keep the nav that has the sections’ clip property applied to it

Levy: Because I want to sections to have height: auto or min-height

Levy: Fenton: so basically, I want them to behave as if they were position: relative, but I want to be able to use the clip property.

Sensmeier: Http://media2dvd.com//newsite/ i may keep this

Cervoni: Michael_p: nothing is wrong, dont worry about that. if you can get content to the people who need it you’re doing it right

Shaline: I had to use tables for menus

Balitas: I think what meese is getting at, is that there are some design principles that would help ensure you’re content is being delivered in a way that is effective and fun for your visitors

Belote: Thats the front page i have more to come yet before i replace the old site

Schwartzwalde: Yeah, don’t worry about that, you can always clean up the markup

Mantik: I get someone like you to do that

Vanderpoel: Haha, or whoever – know you’re strengths ; or practice them

Levy: Michael_p: website is width: 1900px;

Levy: You know, many, if not most devices/computers are much narrower than that

Levy: Using more relative values will help you create a more dynamic website

Youngman: I want to add the code for reponsive

Levy: Like width 100% elements, etc.

Levy: It’s better to start responsive

Liceaga: Michael_p: looks like you’ve set the yellow background on individual elements rather than the page; means when the elements shift around sometimes the white background shows through

Levy: I think there’s a channel for that

Wigren: Michael_p: you already know that paid work goes in #css-lance

Delaluz: Its really gold to match the title

Amberg: Heheh no action there

Devor: Budget i like to gp by an hour rate

Barlau: Probably a bit too much compression on the red.jpg; it’s really starting to look pixelated in the header

Frehse: It was streched in gimp

Certain: Is there any way other than optgroup to style part of the text in the options for a select element? so it would be SSG – Staff Seargent but Staff Seargent would be italics?

Lethco: Is it possible to add any kind of spacing after a certain symbol with pure css?

Westermann: Specifically, i have tdsomething,something,something,etc/td and I want to add space after each comma and just wanna check if its possible with css before resorting to js

Height: Nyterax, CSS cannot affect things that cannot be selected. well, aside from font and line-related properties.

Fertig: Hi guys, does anyone know how I can code out something like this? http://postimg.org/image/64wyitlq1/

Vosberg: Basically when I click search now, it will show the drop down list, and when I click the choices, the value will replace the “search now” text

Mustoe: I’d ask that question on #javascript

Terrell: But do you really want the value to replace the “search now” text?

Seacrest: Don’t you want to instantly start searching after clicking?

Harrigton: At least that is what your user wants, because that’s what he’s used to do

Senate: I think he means search here.

Caivano: So when the search here is focused, a popup menu appears like autofill

Schifo: The “Search button” is the Go Now

Bardeen: It doesn’t make sense to search, then show the menu.but focus on the search field to show the menu would be reasonable.

Wengert: Brajt, is that more of a javascript question? I feel that it’s a HTML/CSS qn.

Seashore: Pickandmix if the text from the dropdown list is about to replace the “search here” text, that’s javascript

Folden: But the simple showing of dropdown is css