But the designer have given.

Critchfield: DanteLA: wouldn’t bet on it

Brazier: But I also don’t care

Hurban: Sliders can rot in hell

Llera: Can’t wait for this fad to be over

Horst: Tinystoat: but that is not my issue

Glodowski: Curiousmansi: things look pretty sound here so i can’t see the problem you’re having

Allendorf: Reisio: and then we get back to fixed sized images positioned side-by-side vertically?

Fensel: Tinystoat: http://i.imgur.com/nLPizLN.png

Bilagody: Do u notice the issue there

Glausier: Then we get back to sites that don’t have annoying animations

Fusner: Http://shouldiuseacarousel.com/

Gawrych: I think slider that doesn’t animate without key press isn’t very annoying

Sandlan: To me, that’s enough to not use them

Reitzel: Well yours doesn’t do that

Char: Curiousmansi: i am not seeing that issue in my monitor only in your screenshot

Hendrickson: True. But it happens in some scenarios.

Yuhas: Waste of screen estate for far more important things. only 1% of site users actually use a slider.

Deichmann: Automatic animations are off putting

Quinton: Curiousmansi: i’m not sure what to tell you but it’s not happening to me on my nice little gaming monitor with excellent color calibration and super good resolution

Beakley: S/off putting/inspirational for m*** murder/

Bavard: I feel sorry for people who can’t turn off stupid animations by turning off javascript

Rezendes: So what i can understand is it happens when the image size is smaller and the div with bg color is bigger

Lausen: I feel if you turn off JS for most sites these days, they would implode

Kruckeberg: It’s nice when i get to scream at my friends who do stupid **** like that so that they can hear from a genuinely frustrated site user

Dykes: Riera: but on the upside, most sites still aren’t worth visiting :p

Sandersen: Is that could be an issue tinystoat

Kingdon: They get upset and i tell them there are plenty of people like me out there they’re ignoring so they can stop being stuck up ****ers

Barnette: Riera: that’s 95% true, sadly

Brensnan: Basically if you find yourself at a point of “now what can we do to grab the attention of //the people who have already purposefully come to this page//”, you are in a land of bull****

Hodgin: Curiousmansi: i made the article element smaller and it was fine so i honestly cannot tell you what the problem is

Baldos: Sliders make me want to close tabs

Wilmoth: Not remain on them, even though I /already chose/ to open it, on purpose

Bernardy: Curiousmansi: i’m afraid this might be a monitor specific issue but it could be anything and i may not even be fully comprehending the issue

Minarcik: And it’s all that ever will be

Dyess: Heh that used to be the motto in here

Carthew: The only time I interact with a slider is to see more pics of a hut I am hiking to

Wigren: If you’re lucky, the slider even allows interactivity

Levitin: Simple thing : If we have a image with some background and we overlap it with some color then there will be some color difference how to handle that

Stoltzman: I don’t even put up with sliders for ****ography

Vanderhoot: Well, the DOC website here doesn’t indicate it does, luckily? I know how they work

Mcnuh: Haha that is a big call reisio

Nakasone: Curiousmansi: fix the image to not have a background

Klingerman: Reisio: thank god you understood the prob

Brennan: So i need to have the transparent image

Polaski: Right I need to get back to it. going to be another 4am finish -_-

Affagato: But the designer have given me the images for different breakpoints