But inside the app, i see.

Strauch: A fixed position or an absolute position?

Martinetti: I have position: absolute on it, and it appears in the right place.

Ehmann: Can you post all your code to jsfiddle or pastebin or somewhere so can see hte full picture

Katzenbach: Do you use col-lg-* in li items ?

Voorhis: I have a ul with a bunch of lis, each li just contains an img. Problem is, each li gets more and more to the right

Diodonet: So the first one starts way at the left, then the 3rd-4th goes to the center.

Vitko: Not online yet, but its using bootstrap 3

Aipopo: Are you closing the lis ?

Deady: Cant help you without seeing it, sorry

Bigsby: Oh, if i move the ul outside its parent div, then it works

Slown: The top div has margin-top: 30px; margin-bottom: 30px; text-align: center; border: 3px solid #DF731C;

Stalcup: Could any of them be causing this?

Laskowitz: Is there sophisticated css for tooltips that performs well on mobile and dekstop?

Tumminello: Media queries for galaxy s6 edge anyone?

Bousquet: I have a ul within a div, if I move it outside the div, it works. but if i keep it within the div, then every li is pushed more and more to the right.

Tumminello: Guys I got a question. how do you make sure your phone media queries don’t interrupt with ipad media queries? some phones are wider than 768px, and ipad starts at 768px

Measeck: Can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong here?

Smialowski: P#Ograph{ background-color: red; }

Done: Ograph:hover { background-color: blue; }

Rippy: Default is red, on hover doesnt change to blue

Navalta: It’s just a simple p/p element

Younes: That i’m trying to hover over

Rounsville: Question – is there a way to extend the length of an elment by the square root of 2?

Deprey: Specifically itself + the square root of 2 * itself.

Cadavieco: I presume the calc function will be involved.

Thomeczek: AkiTendo: Do you know the starting value? Doesn’t have to be fixed in px can be % or anything

Prow: That just occured to me to do that after thinking on this for a couple hours.

Cyler: So chang to 141% 100 * sqrt2

Schleifer: Er, 100 + 100 * sqrt2

Meshanko: AkiTendo: Yeah exactly, stick a decent approximation in, won’t matter if you lose a pixel on a 50k screen we’ll probably have powers by then

Tarella: Tumminello 640×360 is the viewport of s6

Urtiaga: Russek: Ack – or I could just skew instead of rotate

Deerman: AkiTendo: If you’re only changing the length that would stretch the element as far as I’m aware. And it wouldn’t effect the layout of other elements

Zotti: I’m change a pair of spans from an = formation to an X formation

Persten: So I was rotating 45 degrees with the origin set to the corner of the element instead of the center

Mayson: Oh I see, in that case yeah that’d work

Claros: Is there an opensource platform for creating HTML5 ads – could be browser or desktop app?

Vandivier: Hi, how can i invert the position of an minus negative number ? span-10/span SHOWS 10-

Tritsch: Swch why not use ::after for it?

Renschler: Horris, how may after help in this case?.

Lewallen: The text generated in angular

Locke: Swch http://jsfiddle.net/y3p9yccs/

Zufelt: Horris, the exact thing you wrote is what i have now, i need to fix it to normal position -10

Sherles: Maybe the font makes the difference?

Cirri: Can you put your example on jsfiddle? I dont think I understand

Aschenbrenner: This is my html http://jsfiddle.net/tsj51Lnp/

Debenedittis: But inside the app, i see 10-