But I wanted to have fancy.

Mascagni: I don’t know how is it called but I know how it isn’t, it’s not sticky footer. I would call it sticky fixed footer as in a fixed view bootstrap navbar

Chautin: AMcBain: Wether you remove the scroll trigger or the transition, the footer remains a footer. Yeah, I agree on that

Kreiser: But If you don’t know the answer why bother giving me chitchat

Huppe: I already did! Absolutely or fixed position the ****er.

Yehle: But you’re going on about how I’m giving you bad info when you pointed me at an example you wanted to be like with all this stuff you didn’t want to be like in it.

Legner: I am trying to achieve a gradient border effect on my buttons while the button background is still transparent

Legner: I used the border image

Paeth: And got a funky result? :

Legner: But the draw back to that was that i was unable to have a border radius

Legner: AMcBain: haha no it worked

Bohlken: Ehhh, you sure? Got a live paste of that?

Quinzi: I mean on the border-radius not the working bit. I’m sure it worked. :

Legner: Border image with border radius, is this possible?

Legner: Anyway I switched to use the after psudo element

Fresquez: AMcBain: Don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees. I wanted that kind of stuff to be like in it, but you kept pointing me to read about things. Only way I got a straight answer from you was when I oversimplified it

Legner: And the draw back that I couldnt have a transparent background because you know its technically a 1 px wider gradient background

Slaight: If I read 20 books on html and another 20 on css, and 30 more on javascript i’ll probably end making it myself, but the amount of time consumed is not worth it

Wishon: Fgrsgsdfg, because I’m not going to just give you a fully formed answer. If you’re going to be messing with that sort of thing you probably want to know about transitions.

Legner: Fgrsgsdfg: no book will ever teach like playing , so keep playing

Legner: So to sum up, anyone have any idea of how to achieve this?

Suen: Fgrsgsdfg, getting something down there is easy as absolutely positioning it or fixed positioning it if you need it to stick even if you scroll, then adding transitions on top of that isn’t the hardest thing in the world.

Longhi: Legner: we are waiting for the live paste

Tibbets: You might need to do a background-clip: padding-box; if it isn’t obeying the border-radius, but I’m not sure. I would think it should obey the border-radius in the first place. Perhaps also an overflow: hidden is in order but I can play with a live paste. :

Legner: The problem with that was the transparent background

Legner: Im making the paste, lots of mixins and variables to get .

Loring: Codepen.io has a mode for LESS.

Lashute: I think there’s one that does S*** but I forget the name.

Legner: Scss and i mean copying from my files,

Coins: Jsfiddle can do scss/s***.

Klotzbach: Https://jsfiddle.net/tdqqs8Lc/

Huffstetler: Why so many frameworks and libraries

Valentia: Everything is so easy when you work with plain html and css

Methvin: Use fixed instead of absolute for it to be visible when scrolling at all times.

Foskey: Originally I was planning to do 100% height sites with no scroll y or w, to give it the feeling of an app even on desktop screens

Warbritton: Now I think it’s a suicide because there’s not enough space even if you make it all fluid

Dewitz: If you need 100% height layouts that go below the viewport when the content is long enough we have solutions for that.

Saltzman: Even with flexbox it’s a mess

Lafever: Really? Flexbox makes doing 100%-height layouts easy.

Weglin: But I wanted to have fancy stuff, like a chatbox always pulled to the right. Flexbox made 100% height easy at the cost of my designed structure