But i dont know who your.

Juncaj: Marrenarre: I’m trying to do that but I’m unable to figure out how to copy the stylesheet from developer tools. The most basic of basic problems

Krausse: Amandbu: View the source of the HTML do***ent and navigate to the CSS files.

Pechacek: I’ve also tried copying the stylesheets directly, like from my file manager, but when I load that into one of the websites, it doesnt seem to work.

Pinski: One of the testcase websites, I mean

Enriques: Ok wow, I got it to work. http://paste.asmcbain.net/417b3f7b/edit#html

Dobbin: So I’m trying to move the “front” cl*** above the “box3” cl***

Trabucco: I guess I basically want them to switch positions, and then I want to move the “box3” cl*** further down the page which I can figure out. I just can’t figure out how to get “front” above “box3”

Masincup: Could 100% width be different with absolute positioning ?

Masincup: It is a kinda weird question, here is the fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/18st6vzn/

Masincup: The last line of css breaks the column width

Masincup: I’m absolute positioning table rows

Masincup: Like here http://opml.go-here.nl/opml-viewer.html

Masincup: But I want one colum to take the remaining width

Masincup: The others are all hardcoded as they need to be

Masincup: Drej: click the th to see why :

Rufi: Are you doing all of this just to have a scrollable area with fixed thead?

Masincup: I’m not sure what you mean, the goal is to animate table sorting

Masincup: But my current implementation can only do fixed size width colums

Masincup: But go on, why would it be?

Rufi: The way youre animating it makes it really slow

Masincup: That is because it is a stress test, the table is to big

Masincup: It actually needs to be done like this for speed purposes believe it or not

Rufi: But you have fun with that

Masincup: Let me explain, it is fun, my aggregator has 2000 headlines

Masincup: New ones have to be inserted at the right location/date

Masincup: If I just sort it as a js array

Masincup: I have to create all the dom nodes

Masincup: Re-positioning is faster than re-creating

Masincup: I also dont want a jumping screen as new headlines will be inserted continuosly

Masincup: I guess Ill just have to calculate the wdith with js :

Rufi: For what its worth, this is incredibly slow and doesnt work right

Rufi: Your sort positioning is all off, you have items overlapping, gaps with no items in them etc

Masincup: Drej: you are right, it is to big, this one is less choppy http://opml.go-here.nl/table-sort-demo.html

Rufi: Http://i.pud.ca/image/0K100S2t2U3y

Rufi: Ok but “its too big” is dumb

Masincup: Drej: oh what browser is that?

Rufi: It doesnt work at all in safari

Masincup: Is the other one any less terrible?

Rufi: Its less terrible, but its very naive given that you dont control how big that list is going to be

Rufi: The way youre animating it and the number of calculations youre doing is definitely taking more time than just redrawing the dom

Masincup: If I put the animation on 0 steps it was faster in firefox at least

Rufi: Margin based css animations are not gpu accelerated

Rufi: Like just as a starting point

Rufi: But really, the moment you have even a couple hundred rows here, which i’m ***uming is quite likely in a real world scenario

Rufi: This thing will crawl

Rufi: And that’s on my $3k macbook

Rufi: I cant imagine what it would do on lower end machines or mobile for that matter

Rufi: But i dont know who your audience is