Brandin, W3Schools: errors,.

Bakerville: Bprompt: but it’s not ***ue, the javascript example works perfext. I just need to implement it with css.

Rudnicky: Extreminador: the -webkit-flex-wrap property is used from at least Safari 3.1 through to Safari 6, and Opera 15 and 16. Newer versions of both browsers use the standardised flex-wrap property.

Wilcutt: Knobo1: hmmm I wasn’t asking on layout itself, just content, may work well, according to you, but dunno what content goes where, how big is the left, the right, the bottom, will the bottom “bleed” and so on

Spradley: Extreminador: It’s because flex-wrap was not standardised when Safari introduced it, so browsers use vendor prefixes to support new CSS features early.

Dayao: Knobo1: but I take it you don’t have a design in place for it, thus. which is a terrible idea IMO, but hmmm I’d recommend to make one first, so you can tell who, what by how much, and where to accomodate what

Feola: There will be always things like that

Baringer: Just one of those developer nightmares you have to deal with

Helminiak: Websites like should help though

Gottshall: When you guys said the meaning was checking the w3school site and thre was sayoing that

Mentz: Should I upgrade my Grid? #findlexbox

Fouracre: Http:// , how can i make it where when i click open everything around the box that appears dims?

Cerqueira: Hmmm I see, you want a “modal” window

Boylan: Harry3: Here’s a starting point for you to work on:

Maschmeyer: Bear in mind the example is only designed to explain what you can do to accomplish it.

Garramone: As bprompt has mentioned, you can use an overlay that has a stack order lower than the form, but higher than everything else.

Weniger: We manipulate the stack order of elements using z-index

Dalin: The .toggle function alternates the #overlay state between hidden and visible. so if it’s hidden, it’ll display the overlay; if it’s displayed, it’ll hide it.

Balak: By default, it is hidden in CSS

Zagulski: Harry3:

Pudenz: Hmmm the color of the box is the same, anyhow there, using #333; or darker gray

Philyaw: Can I get some help with why nav-links styling isn’t working?

Geils: Skinux: Please paste your HTML and CSS code on

Saade: Skinux, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Geibig: Http://

Stfleur: It’s missing Bootstrap CSS, but it’ll have to do.

Delancy: Skinux: Is this the part you are referring to that isn’t being styled? “#container #spreadsheet #controls .nav-link”

Vincelette: That’s where I’m trying to style the “Add Application” link

Hokutan: Yes, it’s because you need to be more specific

Mass: Use a.nav-link instead of .nav-link

Zakarian: So. what does it take to get a simple contact form on a page to submit to an email address. What about a gmail address, does it matter? PHP?

Crumpacker: Brandin: might want to try ##php for that

Eady: Brandin: do you have a webstorage provider?

Molly: I have addedd some screenshots to my css problem now:

Lella: All i have right now is whatever offers free

Phaymany: I’ll be getting hosting and a domain tho.

Schweinfurth: Brandin: well, hmm anyhow, webstorage providers will provide a few things, among that, utilities to send mail, usually a php or perl or aspx script you can use in your form

Scrimsher: Brandin, W3Schools: errors, omissions, deceit. They are *not* affiliated with the W3C. Please stop reading/pointing to them! See