Bprompt: speak for.

Hilda: Hey, http://codepen.io/anon/pen/qOvzRB , is there a way i can make sure the last dd column is on same line , and text is ellipsis even text size is greater than available variable width

Isbill: Alanjf: it’s a Candidate Recommendation at the moment

Kothenbeutel: Https://drafts.csswg.org/css-conditional-3/#at-supports

Delfi: You know how they vertically align text over a background image on so many websites these days, that is done via javascript or it can be done with just css?

Filkins: Http://www.templatemonster.com/website-templates/55144.html

Fenton: Jaccob: CSS https://css-tricks.com/design-considerations-text-images/

Niedzwiedzki: I mean, I can see how it is easy if you calculate the height, minus have the height of the text itself then by two, but it cannot be done automatically for responsive design eh, unless you use js to do the calcs, there is no css option so browser do calculation for you. I mean vertically align doesn’t work.

Poot: Jaccob: got picture of what you’re after specifically? can be done in many ways, depending on context

Guadeloupe: Hey everyone. This might not be the best place to ask this. However, does anyone know how to get usercontent.css working in the latest version of firefox? It used to work perfectly, but then i think firefox dropped support for theming. Anyone know a possible workaround?

Cerveny: Konigsforst: use Stylish addon :

Giesing: Konigsforst: you should be able to make a style for a broad url, that is, a global one, if that’s what you need, in Stylish you can also do it per url

Costales: Bprompt, That is one way i could get it to work. However, i dislike having addons if i don’t need them. I mostly use ublock and https everywhere. I’ve heard of stylish though, and apparently it’s quite good.

Mckercher: My main problem is that i am using a system-wide gtk theme that is dark. It looks great in firefox, but in some of the search bars for example, youtube. The font will be very, very, faint. To the point where it’s unreadable. My previous workaround was the usercontent.css file. However, firefox has dropped support for it

Hilario: Konigsforst: it does work, I use it :

Bente: Konigsforst: shouldn’t be faint methinks, doesn’t have to be, depends on what you’re using for it, if you’re using an absolute unit, and youtube shrinks it by a percentage, that is, a relative value, then I can see the issue, but that simply means you may want to revise your css for it

Mezzinni: Konigsforst: in Stylish you can just make a css for youtube.com url only :

Aharonof: Bprompt, Oh, it happens on other sites as well. It seems to be around half of the search bars i visit. Youtube is just one of the main examples i can think of. The thing is, i don’t know the slightest about css unfortunately. I’m new to learning how to program, the workaround i used irrc kept the font for searchbars black, everywhere, i think.

Trimnal: Konigsforst: well, kinda hard to try do what you dunno, seems to be you either need someone who knows css, or a good book on it firstly

Coffee: Bprompt, Haha, i know :. I want to eventually learn css, but I’m still learning python right now. I have the code that used to fix my problem before firefox abandoned usercontent.css, so i guess i could try the stylish addon and put it on there. Speaking of which, do you know if the source code is available for stylish?

Perriott: Konigsforst: nope, dunno, have you ever downloaded a firefox addon?

Fundis: Bprompt, Yeah, i use Ublock origin and https everywhere, both on firefox. I was just wondering if the the stylish addon was open source

Portee: Konigsforst: dunno if it’s, but firefox addons are usually .xpi, which is just a zipped file with the resources, and the resources are usually just a bunch of .js and xml/.rdf files

Maso: Is bootstrap discussion here ok or do i have to take it to ##bootstrap?

Boemer: Bprompt, Bootstrap UX library – http://getbootstrap.com – Questions in ##bootstrap

Sulikowski: I don’t mind it, just bear in mind that, any solutions we may provide, are css ones, not bootstrap UI ones

Gojmerac: Bprompt: speak for yourself