Bprompt let me see if I can.

Cragin: Input cl***=”button boxed small” style=’display: none;’ type=”submit” –like this

Cragin: Oops replace none with block

Bronchetti: Daubendiek: i still have no idea whats going on. what is making the search form appear?

Daubendiek: Tucan, input:checked + form

Murriel: Cragin: way http://postimg.org/image/xliifcnqp/ That way

Daubendiek: Tucan, there is a hidden checkbox before the form. When you click the label, that activates the hidden checkbox, and this rule fires.

Cragin: Sonicbit, thanks man also adding to button worked

Bronchetti: Daubendiek: is this common practice? i dont need IE8 support so i think i’ll be fine

Whaley: Cragin: You’re welcome

Daubendiek: Tucan, i use it on my own page, and haven’t loose any customers by using this way, so it is ok.

Cragin: Well crap not out of the weeds yet on the homepage I need to make the phone number clickable on mobile maybe this would be simple html dont know

Daubendiek: Tucan, for more backwards comaptibility reason it also could be: http://jsfiddle.net/k5qzqejv/5/

Bronchetti: Daubendiek: if i wanted a magnifine gl*** icon like the twentyfourteen theme has, i put the image on the label?

Bronchetti: Daubendiek: could you maybe make a jsfiddle where’s there like a logo to the left, bootstrap collapse menu and search thing in the right

Bronchetti: I want it to be identical to twentyfourteen theme

Daubendiek: Tucan, http://jsfiddle.net/k5qzqejv/7/

Sheskey: I have a div I’m translating 50% on the x and y, but because the width is a percentage, if the width becomes an odd number of pixels, my text gets blurry. Is there a way to use a percentage, but make sure the dimensions are always even?

Hamblen: Ollien: I don’t think that’s possible just with CSS, but you could try using “text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;” Don’t know if that’s gonna work, though

Semenick: Bprompt let me see if I can host it somewhere . it’s hosted locally at the moment. One sec

Lauigne: Ollien: or a picture of what you’re after, a quick gif or png will do

Steuart: Sonicbit that makes it better, but not 100%

Yunt: Bprompt with my browser at an even width: http://ollien.com/screenshots/aramaic528261.png

Bushrod: But if I resize my browser 1px, making it an odd width

Polintan: Http://ollien.com/screenshots/arguable7893a0.png

Minero: Bprompt if you look at the text of “Add image”, you can really see how it gets blurry

Walde: Let me see about getting this up on my vps

Hasley: Ollien: I don’t see why translating a div would affect the text, all translate is doing is moving it to another position, irrelevant of text in it or not, that said, I don’t see the need to use a translate on it either

Schapiro: Bprompt translate makes the modal there centered on each axis

Nary: Without translate, it’s quite a bit off

Ciubal: And I don’t see the width’s percent relevance to the text blurryness either

Brazen: Bprompt if it’s an even number of pixels, it’s no longe ra problem

Bogdon: The percentage is relevant because it makes that the width is constantly changing

Correl: Ollien: still, I don’t see the relevance to the text on that, I’d think is something else affecting it

Wellington: Ollien: Which font unit are you using?

Stephanski: Bprompt yeah. I have no idea. Let me see

Aber: Sonicbit pt, I think. let me check

Mleczko: Sonicbit ah, it’s just a h3, so it’s em

Marchesano: There’s no manual change on that font size

Ellcessor: Em font? thought that was just a unit

Weldy: Bprompt Does he not mean the unit of the font-size?

Wroten: Ollien: I’d think is something else affecting the text though, but not the positioning

Lingad: Bprompt let me see if I can get this online without migrating a database