Bprompt: any luck? this is.

Achenbach: Merlo: they are, as it’s, so, that’s working

Merlo: The baseline of each 24 is not aligned with the baseline of all the other 24s

Merlo: And as far as boxes lining up. is it not self-explanatory? imagine you have 5 shoe boxes of the same dimension, and someone says, “put these in a straight line” . would you have one being all jagged and out of place? No. They should all be, “lined up”.

Weisner: Merlo: they are here, firefox 42

Merlo: The boxes, currently, are aligned properly though.

Merlo: Bprompt: could you upload a screenshot?

Saintlouis: Merlo: lining up, comes with an ***umption, and you can line up things in relation to something else, and unless we know what you’re doing, or can see your design sheets, then we dunno what it’s meant to line up in relation to

Merlo: If there’s an empty warehouse floor an empty jsfiddle and someone says put these 4 shoe boxes my 4 divs in a straight line.

Merlo: Idk how you could possibly interpret it any other way, i guess.

Amejorado: Merlo: http://i.imgur.com/vJERzfu.jpg

Merlo: Bprompt: i see what’s happening, and i see your confusion now

Merlo: If they looked like that on my screen, i would’t be complaining :

Merlo: Bprompt: change “short title” to just “short” then you’ll see the problem, idk why firefox renders it like that

Modha: Merlo: in an empty warehouse, the same arises, straight line horizontally? vertically? now, on visual media, it could also be slanted or even over a 3d plane

Merlo: Straight line wrt the only other thing in the warehouse, each other

Madren: And aforementioned, we dunno what you’re doing

Merlo: Bprompt: if you change “short title” to “short” are the baselines still aligned?

Krise: Merlo: well, that’s still ambiguous, “each other” have many sides, anyhow, the issue is, we may suggest something, and then you’d say, “well, actaully in relation to the top-right corner”, or who knows

Merlo: They’re all identical perfect squares

Freidhof: Hmmm well, notice, their baselines ARE aligned

Merlo: Even after you change the title?

Vandee: Ok. I see the issue, and yet another flexbox outbreak, gimme a few seconds

Merlo: Maybe flexbox isn’t even the right approach

Merlo: Bprompt: also note i do not want to apply any styles to the outer container div

Merlo: That is, applying styles to .data-block is ok, but that outer div that holds all the .data-blocks should remain unstyled

Saloum: Some folks see some new feature, and they’re start using it like it’s going out of style, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone uses flexbox for cooking with tabasco sauce or flexbox to try to stuff a pillow

Netters: It helps, yes, it addresses some things, yes, it’s not panacea

Merlo: I originally used flexbox to get vertical centering, but it’s become clear that i don’t want vertical centering, i want the baselines of the “values” to be aligned, and for the “titles” to be vertically “centered” with respect to the other titles

Heefner: Merlo: so, you’d have a really long title, or short, above the number. is that just a calendar or agenda?

Merlo: Bprompt: it’s going to display statistics

Merlo: So the value will always be a number between 0-4 characters

Merlo: The title is arbitrary tho

Chafin: Merlo: got a sample shot of what it should look like?

Merlo: Could be one line, could be 4 lines

Merlo: Bprompt: http://ge.tt/3b16ZIR2/v/0?c

Merlo: Bprompt: i think i could just absolutely position the “values”, but i’ve no idea how to get the titles to appear “centered” wrt each other, like that

Minkin: Merlo: title is arbitrary, but no longer than 2 lines, right?

Inserra: Hold the mayo, lemme try something

Merlo: Bprompt: any luck? this is seeming impossible