Bin_bash: yes. But,.

Heininger: You should remove the .design-selection a position relative

Tonic: Hi there, are there primers how to style paragraphs nicely? e.g. don’t like how they stretch out here:

Jenniges: Then the text-align: center works

Humphrys: Yes I know. but I want all of the text to be centered both horizontally and vertically

Odiorne: I have tried that aswell. The padding ends up outside the whole li and ul

Sellers: When you set a padding you’ll have to substract that from the height

Ziegler: But perhabs a flex-box works better in your case

Orcutt: Or google how to get vertical-align working

Loranger: And pray you don’t have to add extra divs :p

Lueckenbach: Hehe, I’ve got it kind of working with just putting a display: block;

Levalley: Even better re****s with margin: 25px;

Zadina: Vertical align needs a parent element with a specified height

Tarazon: And the child needs display: table-cell

Truong: So you could have the parent element with 100vh browser height

Griner: But that might now work either since the content is long *shrug*

Kovack: If u apply “max-height” then its no point of using “height” greater than max-height right ?

Dandoy: One will override the other depending on order

Wrightington: Petralba, CSS Vertical Center: Tutorial: Examples:

Grabarczyk: Tester23, Dead center: , ,

Grieger: Any number of those things will help you tester23

Faruolo: Thanks for the links, I will take a look at them!

Paga: Xec: thanks for the position:absolute info but it seems that solution isn’t really good for responsive design

Peguero: Altos whats your issue

Daso: You can pos absolute inside an element that has pos relative

Sumpter: And that works for responsive design, the parent element can move

Loshe: Hi everyone, does anyone know how to “shape” a button like an arrow ? Like this

Shirilla: Hey guys, a question related to FF addons. On FF 38 ESR/FF 39 Regular, I’m encountering flickering CSS animations, when the content is rendered inside an addon. The same page works just fine in the browser window.

Satterley: Breakdancingcat: not much, I’ve been told not to use position:absolute here because of RD

Schlather: And do it with a wrapper

Martey: Ropo: ain’t nobody love strawberries?

Cassin: I want to select a div element with a div element by name — is the following a valid selector: .name1.name2 — which would select nodes of the form div cl***=name1 div cl***=name /div /div

Mowris: Guys check this out: ——– . OH MY GOD

Hawkins: Altos:

Uptmor: Old news but still cool ropo

Leho: Isn’t div cl***=”a b”I’m a and b/div equal to div cl***=”a”div cl***=”b”I’m a and b/div/div

Riedel: Bin_bash: please explain? :

Cavness: Petralba: do I really need to use position: fixed?

Collis: Hello, I am trying to make a long horizontal right angeled triangle over an image, demo is here, but i don’t see any examples of this on the internet sigh

Minecci: Joakimk: the first one is 2 nested divs and the second one is 1 div

Castellari: Bin_bash: yes. But, “cl***-wise”?