BePolite: there are two.

Andrion: Altos: if you want it to be static there at the top of the viewport, yes

Gust: The structure is different and so the cl***es would work differently, joakimk

Tarry: Bin_bash: ok, thanks! I get it. Just playing around with Bootstrap, and it occurred to me maybe writing div cl***=”row”div cl***=”col-md-12″TITLE/div/div was “redundant” ;-

Knaphus: Petralba: I see. Thanks much! :

Gorenflo: Altos: thanks for using actually proper html in your example

Rodal: Joakimk: bootstrap is terrible. šŸ˜›

Ogrady: Joakimk: div cl***=”a b”h/div would be like this: .a.b { float: left; }

Shelvy: Bootstrap is more than just terrible, its a madarchod

Bulock: Div cl***=”a”div cl***=”b”/div/div would be like this: .a .b { float: left; }

Stufflebean: Bin_bash: yeah, perhaps. It’s just, I’m “old school”, been writing my own HTML and CSS from scratch every time albeit, no expert, so I’m just checking out what’s “hot” and “trending” today. Angular and Bootstrap seems mandatory knowledge

Nabors: Its not mandatory, you will have less headaches if you don’t use them, trust me

Matos: Hehe : thanks for the heads up!

Biscari: Can someone tell me why the :last-of-type won’t work on this codepen ? line 39 in the css

Geitgey: It does work if I remove the last button, but the last button doesn’t have the “button-arrow-right” cl***, doesn’t :last-of-type only checks the selector in the case a cl***

Modisette: Ok well it seems to work only on element and not cl***es

Brzuchalski: So are all the psuedo-cl***es like it

Marrett: Brzuchalski: so sad for the divitis crowd šŸ˜

Tashman: If I have 2 items on the same line of text, both have their own cl***, how can I make them both float right, but on top of each other instead of beside each other?

Brzuchalski: Float: right; clear: both; ?

Strausz: Hey guys, a question related to FF addons. On FF 38 ESR/FF 39 Regular, Iā€™m encountering flickering CSS animations, when the content is rendered inside an addon. The same page works just fine in the browser window.

Schoell: Sharky, you want the top div’s drop-down to appear “above” the second div?

Trahin: Schoell: yeah. ATM. it creates a scroll in the first div since height of that dropdown exceeds the max-height of the div its in.

Schoell: Sharky, you might want to try absolute positioning with the parent element having relative positioning to keep the overall layout responsive

Schoell: Sharky, it would help if you make a fiddle :

Cerros: Thanks. let me try it out

Vinal: I have a background image over my body tag

Murdoch: Is it possible for me to ensure that a Div inside this body tag is not covered by this background image?

Schumann: Well if the background is on the body and you h ave a div, the div is automatically above the bg image

Earman: I have this

Sippial: Yeah so what’s the problem exactly?

Taus: Ok 1 background image, and I have the second background image which is semi-transparent

Rosol: I would want that on a certain div, There semi transparent background image should not be present

Langone: Such that would just see my first background image

Dieudonne: Like here

Meneal: Is it possible, that in the large circle, I don’t see the blur background overlay But I just see the original background image

Deloach: Not sure, I don’t see a large circle, only 3 small ones

Villas: 2 on the sides of the rectangle and 1 above

Gauwain: Or sorry I forgot to edit

Vanbruggen: Saunier: Please check on line 82 of the CSS file

Mcgrogan: Just increase the opacity to .2 or something

Filo: Http://

Gaster: BePolite: there are two ways to accomplish your goal, first way is to do a non blurred image ontop of the blurred one but perfectly lined up so it seems like a hole in the blur; second way is to to use a clip mask to knock a hole in the layer that does the blur