Because you have height:.

Engellant: Sumthing like this

Eddins: Vinex08: your background-position is ‘top left’, so the backgrounds are aligned…to the top left corner

Mangum: Eddins: can i add a little bit of top padding/margin in there? maybe a couple of pixels only . if i make it center left, it will go all the way down

Eddins: Vinex08: sure – you can feed it pixel values, percentages, etc

Bergstrom: I guess it’s not possible, because im using the image as my background right? is there an alternative way to change the list-style-type?

Eddins: Vinex08: it IS possible – I just told you

Eddins: Vinex08:

Simoneavd: So instead of top left you replaced it with numbers

Nedelman: Additional knowledge, thanks! :

Zyla: Could anyone help me with this mobile problem I’m having. For whatever reason, my header image isn’t appearing correctly on mobile. Site:

Vose: This is what it looks like on IE mobile good:

Carrelli: Https:// – chrome / safari on mobile do not

Eddins: Marshyy: loads nicely for me on ios simulator

Panyko: I don’t get it why chrome isn’t working on mobile. I’m on android

Lodrigue: Marshyy,

Timmreck: Lodrigue, it’s the same image on mobile/desktop. I just have it set a little different in the container

Dolinar: On desktop, I have it “background-size: cover; & height: 600px;”

Skea: On mobile, I have it “background-size: contain; & height: 300px;”

Lodrigue: Seems you confused the pixel and the retina-pixel meanings.

Lodrigue: I tested it on old safari and works well.

Lodrigue: If you have an iPad which is 2048×1526 pixel resolution, do you relly think if that is so big?

Lodrigue: Thats still 768×1024 px retina-pixel sized.

Liskey: My s5 shows it as

Immediato: Not sure what I’m doing wrong

Guidera: I removed the -webkit-device-pixel-ratio: 2 stuff

Trbovich: Still shows up like that though

Matthys: It works on IE and Firefox but not Chrome. no love for chrome _

Lodrigue: Marshyy, try simply this:

Lodrigue: You overcomlicated a little

Spath: Weird:

Lodrigue: Try relative path the to the image

Lodrigue: Marshyy, try this link on your mobiles:

Lodrigue: I’m pretty sure if it does what you need :

Knockaert: Lodrigue, it disappeared =/

Guardado: Header gone!

Lodrigue: Marshyy, the .parent {display: table;} kills your header

Lodrigue: Add back the width: 100% to the #welcome

Sirico: Add back the width: 100% to the #welcome

Postma: Lodrigue, it works on desktop, but mobile still hates me =

Lodrigue: Add background-repeat: no-repeat; to the #welcome :

Hilyar: It’s been a long time since I had a z-index issue like this:

Gergen: What Am I doing wrong? all the positions and z-ind’s are set. but i cant get the animation behind the parent element

Duerst: Lodrigue, it works on desktop, still getting this on Chrome mobile;

Baskow: Works on Firefox mobile

Lodrigue: Because you have height: 100vh defined at line 660 in the css