Because two equal selectors.

Lofguist: Oh man. I see images online for a 100 trillion dollar note

Lorson: The shipping would be a lot

Tovmasyan: OMG “Zimbabwe phases out local currency at 35 quadrillion to US$1”

Prive: That’s fiat currency for you

Ammar: Zectbumo: ever seen photos of people getting their workpay in Germany 1920’s? the so-called weimer republic? the deutsch mark was so devaluated, that on payday, you couldn’t use a wallet, you needed a pushcart, same for going to the supermarket to buy stuff, you needed a pullcart to carry the money

Decelles: S/weimer/wiemar/ rather

Patricia: I heard stories about wheelbarrows yeah

Obradovich: I gather is the same in zimbabwe today, to go buy produce, you’d need a wheelbarrow just to pay alone

Surdam: And places like russia? burning the money for heat instead of paying heating bills

Squeo: Or give it to your kids and dog to play with

Conkel: Hmmm I don’t think the ruble is too devaluated

Ulmer: Loaded

Densmore: How can I style a image pseudo element? this doesn’t work:

Skoien: Tagor: in short, you can’t, if using content: url.; you can’t even give it a width/height either

Oesterle: Tagor: what you could do, is use a hmmm block element, and give it the image as the background

Peick: Bprompt: I need to include a SVG multiple times. Any suggestion what would be the best way to achieve this? I can’t include it as a bg because I want it to keep it’s aspect ratio width: 100%/height: auto

Woolworth: Bprompt: and I would rather not use JS

Ahuja: Tagor: got picture of what you’re after?

Eddins: Tagor: you can define an svg once in the do***ent, and use it multiple times

Obermier: Tagor: content: url.; is not very customizable, thus

Cousens: Eddins: how can I use it multiple times?

Hoock: Bprompt: it’s an arrow shaped separator

Bramuchi: Hehe, I asked this already, I know

Perrenoud: I use %font-size-* mixins and breakpoints

Wydner: How are you handling modular scale/vertical rhythm?

Derosier: Tagor: — using it as a bg image for the ::after elemnt

Eddins: Tagor:

Eddins: Tagor: many other articles online

Linkon: Eddins: thanks, use is what I needed

Lagatta: Is it possible to put a canvas on top of this bird image click open that follows its position and size ?

Vardeman: I have no idea if it could be done with css or if i need to use js

Stasio: I tried creating a div that contains both

Driver: Img and canvas positioning absolute

Habig: But i lost responsive resize

Sous: Don’t know what i did wrong

Langeness: But i thought it was the right way or only way

Eddins: So – update your testcase with that code

Landerman: Anyway, it didn’t bring to anyrthing

Hoerner: Also, i had the problem with the image aspect ratio that changes

Noe: So, it has to be the image that gives size to its cotainers

Celli: Eddins, do you think it could be done in css or should i go straight to js?

Arenivas: Http://

Schoberg: However, I cannot individually modify the line-height

Lodrigue: Responsive background image here :

Gorby: Because two equal selectors means order decides in the end