Batfastad: good, not.

Kurisu: With that width: calc25% – 10px; margin-top: 10px;

Trevisone: They are stucked to left side with no space between

Veneman: Margin-top is on the top.

Veneman: And if you remove both margin-left: and margin-right: there’s no space. so why do you have to remove -10px from the width?

Hubiak: Width: calc25%; margin-top: 10px;

Parkinson: Ok now there is no space between

Demirjian: No margin right or left

Veneman: Because you don’t have any margin right or left!

Veneman: Step back. slow down. you need to understand what is happening here or you’re never actually going to fix this

Rosboril: Than its 20px space between them righ 10 + left 10

Lagerstedt: I want the last box use a margin right to have a space from its right

Veneman: So why are you giving all the boxes a right margin?

Treadwell: Cause I dont know how to do expection.

Veneman: What would happen if you just left some space over there, perhaps by making the boxes a little smaller?

Lebouf: I mean give only the last box 10px of right margin not the others

Wehring: You mean reducing the %25 ?

Hessenthaler: But we try that with -10px

Wolma: Hi everyone. Is it possible to put an HTML table in a DIV and have it flow in CSS columns?

Veneman: And since 10 is only the left margin, * 4 boxes, making 40px, but you need another 10 at the end, making 50px, what should you subtract from the width?

Holdman: Veneman: Shame, didn’t think so. I feel a div overload coming on!

Pfeffer: Veneman: result is ugly

Molinelli: Http://

Veneman: 4 boxes. the total whitespace in that line is 50px. that means that each box is responsible for. what

Harrigill: Than % will be 100% instead of 25% or what

Sobe: I was second in my cl***

Cos: Maybe school was ****s at my home town

Przygocki: Veneman: cant you just correct the code so maybe I understand faster?

Steinle: I’m looking to have the effect of tables but fitting to within the height of the viewport and overflowing to the right with horizontal scrollbars

Stuedemann: So the option is, each fake table row is a div, with columns being spans of fixed widths.

Rouillier: Or each fake table row is a list item, with columns being spans of fixed widths.

Veneman: Wowk: nope. under no cir***stances will i do it for you. if 50px is the total width, and you’ve got 4 elements in that total width, how many pixels should each element take?

Babiarz: I’m leaning towards list items since they at least have some semantic layout to them if there’s no CSS. Would that be a fair line of attack?

Isacs: Veneman: the point is I dont want them to have a specific width

Hu: Bprompt_: unfortunately no pic

Bruzewicz: Total is 314px – 50px and share to 4

Frayne: But that would not help I dont want pixels

Veneman: Wowk: what is 50 divided by 4?

Eddins: Batfastad: if the data is tabular in nature, don’t think that you can use div to make it look like a table – as you’d remove all of the meaning between rows/columns of data

Lobur: Batfastad: well, if you don’t have a design or dtp sheet, you may want to consider to start there first, if you have no desing, there’s nothing to code per se, at the very least,, pencil and paper

Veneman: Wowk: 12.5. So how much space should be between each element?

Camarena: Idth: calc25% – 12.5px; margin-left: 10px;

Silker: Bprompt_: I have it in my head exactly how I want it :

Veneman: Wowk: and what happens when you try that?

Lyas: Why I never divided the damn – pixels !

Sweem: Batfastad: good, not if you can send it to a printer and scan it, the post the scanned png here :