Basically: Create an object.

Rodde: Thanks. actually, i came across lastnight. thanks for the info.

Hurtz: So should i just wait to mess with this contact form until i get hosting?

Patchen: I’m bored. any ideas what I could make in codepen/io?

Fels: Wigren: I’m on someone’s else’s place and I forgot my laptop

Wigren: There are phone numbers to call for that

Wigren: But this isn’t the channel for it.

Reutter: I need something to code

Siciliano: Ineedanick make a gooey css3 animation for a play button that animates little spheres coming out of it

Wigren: Ineedanick: a website

Spickler: I dunno I’ll make a rain animation

Trupiano: This computer I’m on is ****

Crumpacker: Nobody’s forcing you to use it.

Rolfs: Crumpacker: I have nothing better to do but go on this computer

Mattias: There’s this malware popping up random ads

Men: Is flash a straight no no these days?

Men: I gotta get an ‘audio’ site up, lotsa mp3s to play, could use html5 – but what happened to flash?

Crumpacker: It died once mobile became popular

Men: Iphone doesnt support

Men: How come adobe hasnt figured out how to incorporate it?

Men: They just gonna let it die, I spent all that time studying actionscript not that I retained it at this point

Margraf: Men: just use html5. flash was made by nazis

Wigren: Men: if there’s no way to add a plugin to the browser, there’s no way to add flash to the browser.

Wigren: Adobe has or was making ways to compile a flash app to an html5 app. also a native mobile app

Men: Html5 simply lapped it up

Crumpacker: The use cases where flash is the only option are very few know

Men: An ad? or something someone wants fo ra website you want to animate

Men: And they cant put a bunch of code in?

Men: Like I might need to use flash to do a slideshow for work – – they are using volusion platform and its a ***** when it comes to coding its trying to be all ‘user friendly’ and you cant edit

Men: So html5, css, and jquery maybe will be all Ill need to do my OWN audio player

Men: That can like load differnt playlist of different artst say

Men: Or click on an album an it loads into the audio player well I kno wit works I did it mysel

Men: Alright then thats what Ineeded

Men: I want

Bison: And I don’t mean that ironically, I just think it’ll be quite a bit of work – I implemented an audio player w/ playlists for HbbTV as an App for TV once.

Gobin: Video probably wouldn’t have been *much* harder.

Baurer: I would’ve needed to fetch the resolutions and resize the player object accordingly.

Men: Is it available to see now by chance?

Tjepkema: It was loads of fun; it was a research project in a company that was dying at that time and was looking for new business fields.

Crockette: In the end it was too late already, but it definitely was fun looking into developing apps for TVs.

Men: Cool im creepin on ya lol

Men: Im starting to get at a concept here regarding these folks – theres more local artists then there are musicians anymore

Fraleigh: Mind you though that this was Dec 2010 – Apr 2011; it’s been years ago. x

Men: Http://

Men: Plays one song no problem

Men: Actually customizing, adding other artists, songs, playlists

Men: Thats getting into databasing so

Musi: So I wasn’t even working with HTML5, but HbbTV defines its own APIs.

Stooks: Basically: Create an object with a specific MIME type, then fetch that object through DOM and use its properties and methods.