Azjo: depending on various.

Linney: I have struggled with this.

Cantley: Does someone have a simple technique?

Spera: Blakespot:

Koetter: Orfeo: Ahh, nice – thank you

Garritson: I shall sound the horn of Helm Hammerhand for thee

Gering: Hi, how can I make it so 1 section appears per page?

Ako: That way I can make it scroll downwards

Letsche: Dv***: possibly page-break-before: always;

Spera: How do I consider a nav button when the user is currently visiting it?

Andy: Didn’t work AdamPDotty

Teets: Does anyone know how I can make one section per page so I can scroll down?

Overly: Dv***: what do you mean?

Alberda: Can Some one help? Should look like this but its looks like

Medina: Is it possible to use css animations on background-color while there is a background-image in place?

Angellotti: Http:// here. .ui-state-notify is blinking but I had to comment out the background-image to allow it to work. I’d like it to use the background image and still blink.

Regina: For some reason, the body height it the container divs here are more than 100% any ideas?

Haubner: Can some one tell me why the Second Text over floating the First Text area when there is a shorter text?

Bolick: Anyone know what framework/theme this website may be using?

Flamand: No dannymichel my own sorry

Brisbon: I thought it was a transparent background, but it wasn’t. so it never worked as expected lol ;D

Tomassi: Php: have you tried using

Brzuchalski: Php: looks like

Finkler: Brzuchalski: Can I repeat a question for you?

Bolick: Brzuchalski: is there a demo for that?

Brzuchalski: Php: not sure what you mean, theres docs in that repo

Brzuchalski: Wowk: ill check scrollback

Bolick: Like bootstrap has examples, does skel have something similar?

Brzuchalski: Php: looks like the docs have examples

Millie: Brzuchalski: Okay thx.

Brzuchalski: Wowk: so what exactly are to trying to do? prevent the second line from wrapping?

Fyles: Hi, i have a notepad++ that wont put my code in each line on this machine. How do i solve this?

Schmeckpeper: Brzuchalski: I am on my way to make this thing look like this so as I planned the second text should never jump up to first one. no matter how second or first text short.

Juncker: I know my problem is ridicolously simple but i tried to set everything in notepad++ by now

Bolick: Brzuchalski: are only the docs available for that? No tutorials?

Brzuchalski: Php: not sure, never used it before

Brzuchalski: Wowk: i don’t see anything overlapping in your codepen

Sockalosky: Im running notepad++ on my server. it cant possibly be this?

Cool: Why would you run notepad++ on your server?

Goodley: Brzuchalski: wierd I dont see it anymore either.

Yashinski: Nevermind. the problem seems to be from when i paste from wordpress html editor

Woodmore: I dont think that made sense to anyone but yourself Azjo

Ernstrom: But im glad you figured it out

Narcisse: I know it makes no sense but i can show you if you want :p

Lechuga: Not particularly, as long as you have it figured out :

Enriguez: Well, why does the html editor in wordpress not put it in lines? thats. silly?

Dreggs: Azjo: depending on various settings, it could be minifying the html