At what point do you main.

Jacocks: Or do you know any js plugin that gives css3 animation effects?

Decinti: Mark_2 Right click page and go View Source and take a look

Marusiak: I don’t know which one it is exactly though, i might try.

Burlage: Mark_2 wordpress-slider-plugin-/1362246">

Truocchio: It’s a good one, but there should be free ones/

Jenovese: But thanks for the info

Sanner: There is lots of Free ones. But paid ones are paid for a Reason, We don’t spend week coding a plugins and do combat testing to Just give it away :

Durbin: My Children need to be fed Brother 😛 Happy Coding

Spreen: Always figured if i need food just . eat em no?

Vold: My reasoning behind having children

Dunmead: How can i convert background-image: -webkit-linear-gradientleft, rgba212,212,212,0.1 100%, rgba156,156,156,0 100%; from firefox ?

Manglona: I tried -moz- and linear-gradient directly

Mcmains: From firefox/FOR firefox

Shinabarger: Phpcoder, I believe the current syntax requires you to use “to left” or “to right” etc.

Centers: Hey guys, any idea why I can’t get Font-Awesome controls to work ? , I’ve linked style sheet and followed demos and it won’t style

Wenstrand: Centers, it seems to be working just fine to me.

Ridgel: Did you. oh. Ah, right. I installed FontAwesome on my own box for various reasons.

Abdool: Did you also upload the font files?

Lefevers: Oookay, they left. So either I was right or they felt this was such a stupid question that it didn’t matter whether or not they’d checked they shouldn’t have to.

Centers: I have font awesome files in a folder

Likes: Is that folder in the spot the stylesheet expects them to be?

Centers: Oh damn, i thought fac.css were the stylesheet

Centers: Https://

Centers: Its html markup , lol wtf

Centers: Ok it is styled correctly now with the right link ref=stylesheet

Centers: Damn that was confusing

Candler: Http://

Vivier: How do I make the background color span the whole width

Gambaiani: Hrorek: you can color the ul as well

Thackston: Https://

Adule: Hrorek, Contain floats: ::

Sprosty: Thanks c1v0 and tinytoast

Darwin: This is a long shot: I have an element with {position: absolute; top: 0} which works. unless I follow a link with a fragment specified, in which case I need something like {position: absolute; top: 60} to get this element to render exactly at the top of the page. does anyone know what might cause this?

Santhuff: I don’t have a minimal test case, sorry. that’s why it’s a long shot. I was just wondering if there was some common issue anyone would recognise. it’s as if everything is rendered 60 pixels higher up when I have the #comments fragment appended to the url

Michalski: I’ve got a big trouble, I just change my server. Technically all is up. BUT. the ,navigator doesn’t apply the CSS to the webpage.

Burrola: All load is OK. The URL of my css valid W3C CSS validator.

Bularz: But the page display without any css in the browser.

Machin: Jomofcw, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Tamashiro: OK my content type is wrong :

Fenton: Jomofcw: your CSS is being sent as text/plain

Lowing: At what point do you main contract to stop ***uming you’re a slave?