Aolko: umm, literally.

Ripperger: Bprompt: If you’re talking about me, the framework is for PHP, it came with a template to start with.

Daurizio: Skinux: a politer way of what bprompt is saying is, you should learn more about CSS before you jump start using Bootstrap

Satawa: And I agree with bprompt, you really do need good CSS knowledge to use Bootstrap

Tohill: Skinux: sounds to me you need a webdev then :

Hampson: Bprompt: here’s 10,000 lines of framework, please help me fix the random typo/mistake/whatever ;

Meaney: Well, I think I’m gonna remove Bootstrap and work at the styling until I get what I’m looking for.

Brilhante: Mbm: being there, done that :/

Almiron: Skinux: please do research into CSS Specificity. There are many free online resources that cover it really well.

Pinkerman: Bprompt: think everyone has

Lobley: Skinux: you’d run into the same issues, if you use, say Joomla and wish to customize some of the php, you’d need to know more than just Joomla menus, you need to know php, and preferably firstly

Osbourne: Hi guys, how do vertically center :before and text? http://s***

Villavicencio: S*** gist? hmmm, sounds like an odd combo for a paste

Ouimet: Bprompt: My problems aren’t with PHP, they are with CSS. And I learn by doing, so if you’re saying not to use until I learn then I’ll respectfully ignore you.

Kostyk: Well, i was building things there, actually

Radziwon: Skinux: then don’t, so you’ll get what you get then

Asad: Bprompt: Well, how would you suggest I learn, by only reading?

Cabellon: I mean, I dunno how to do the EZtax forms, or do the tax form filling up, so . .I hire someone who knows how to, OR I take some tax preparing cl***es, they’re available

Hadcock: Skinux: Here’s an example of CSS Specificity:

Breslawski: You can clearly see the first one has priority over the second because it is more *specific*.

Mclaughlin: Ignore the cl***=”cl***” I added; I was supposed to remove that from the HTML.

Rutter: Skinux: many tutorials around, with examples and tests that you can do while reading along

Batz: Update: centering breaks on non-standart fonts such as lato

Campoli: Skinux: You need to read to learn :

Wiford: Bprompt: I thought I had already done enough reading for the CSS that I’m trying to use.

Allgeyer: Skinux: well, obviously not

Stamnos: Wigren mbm: Thank You for your help, I get what I have to do and that is to understand the html, and then make the hover happen with the right css.

Lungstrom: Bprompt: Okay, you’ve made your point.

Paredez: I have to go, talk later

Demianczyk: Skinux: specificity is not, like chapter 20 in a book, is more like around chapter 4 or so, is not that advanced per se, but its rules are what css uses

Shimko: Okay.I get it. I don’t know CSS. Point freaking made.

Debiase: Not to further pile on but there’s a nice tutorial involving specificity and Star Wars if you want to know how that all works. :

Wlach: Skinux: It takes time to learn anything new, give yourself time.

Zeschke: Skinux: noone is prosecuting you, btw, just saying that when relying on frameworks, that do the css outputting, customizing will require the language, not a pulldown menu, but. hmm don’t misconstrue the lines, noone is prosecuting you

Wigren: Getting frustrated is the #2 barrier to learning

Finey: Aolko: what exactly is the problem? not sure which :before and text you’re trying to fix

Wiers: If you don’t learn life’s simple law, your well being will suffer many flaws. For, if you always believe what you’ve always been taught, you ‘ll always think what you’ve always thought and you’ll always do what you’ve always done and you’ll always get what you always got. ~~ T. Fry ~~

Klingler: Http://

Robbinson: Aolko: umm, literally everything on that page is a light .