Any logs containing what i.

Mogensen: Mark___: if you learn some basic css and html you’d do it in about 10 minutes

Walper: No, im talking about the tab that appears when click on the icon

Zeltmann: Im not talking about the creating the graphics it self though it must be included

Koltz: Mark___: if you learn some basic css and html you’d do it in about 10 minutes

Blachowski: Now you are not helping. i’ll go

Flad: Mark___: HTML, CSS, & JS can do that.

Andis: Doesn’t make sense to not use JS IMO.

Valrey: JS is for behaviour, right?

Copelin: But i think i need slightly more than just adding cl*** and removing cl***

Mizukami: That’s not the way it is done.

Wedgewood: Marrenarre: yes and what exactly is the behavior in this image?

Hammacher: So when you give advice to a person next time, please be more careful in your reading.

Byassee: Tinystoat: I think you know what he’s after.

Jabiro: Of course he doesn’t have the final product yet since that’s what he’s trying to create.

Suchecki: Mark___ you gave us some imgur image. there is no tab showing after clicking on anything on this imgur image

Lukes: Did you hit your head or something on your way to find me google page of 3d photoshop image?

Naugle: Marrenarre: actually i don’t he gave an image and asked a ***ue question

Pazos: I gave an answer that fit an image and a ***ue question

Clerf: Mark___: You can do it by setting a cl*** on the button that is clicked.

Sleeth: Mark___ yes i wish i didn’t try to help you in the first place, because you’re struggling with things my 9 years old nephew knows how to solve

Borok: Phew, never mind. i can see you.

Mccracker: And marrenarre thanks.

Benninger: Hi, I would like all input elements that have an ancestor of cl*** .tabs be styled, which selector should be used?

Durning: Uskerine: .tabs input

Marzett: Ok i am going to grame the page

Ladd: So I have div cl***=”tabs”div.input./div/div

Waitkus: Hi, need help on viewport 767px view of my button. My button position should be under the image as it shrinks to viewport 767px. on normal view it should be under the p and inline with the image. here’s my code — any tricks on how to do this?

Markiewicz: Qneli: if you know the height of an element, you could position it absolutely

Holcomb: Qneli, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Loil: Qneli, Preferred live pastebins:

Maulsby: Hi ks tinystoat and silver thanks for advices. i have posted my codes here.

Deglandon: Http://

Longnecker: Qneli: qneli i don’t see a button or link that says “learn more”. just some text above the image. is that what you’re talking about?

Mullan: Yes. sorry i havent included some css on that post

Moehlman: The learn more is the button that should be on after the image when it shrinks down to 767 viewpoer

Kusiak: Missing some html as well but i suggest for your media query you can have the parent element have bottom padding and then you can make the link or button absolute and position it inside the parent element’s padding

Sawina: I have positioned “Learn more” in absolute but it stuck inside its parent. but the button should be place outside its parent.

Purchase: Are there logs for this channel?

Kettinger: Algun: official logs you mean?

Salemi: Because anybody can “log”, just it isn’t authorative

Vecchio: Any logs containing what i need