Animalroam: ah, that’s such.

Dandrow: You say its not working

Mancera: So that + symbol, means #select is some descendant of the input type=checkbox

Argo: Font-weight: 0.875rem; yup, it’s friday

Ruszkowski: Do you have a #sidebar element in your input type=”checkbox” ? because thats what your statement is implying

Treves: Harry3: you just did :

Schneekloth: Harry3: + means adjacent sibling, actually

Huelle: Harry3: .inputtype=checkbox:checked is a valid selector, though I’d not name a cl*** “.input”, since it can get confused with the tag input in the selectors

Kelton: Harry3: you select a cl*** with .cl***name, or an id with #idname

Minerva: Input is the element not a cl***

Rajwani: If you apply the cl*** or id to the input element, it’d be input#foo for id, for cl***, or simply #foo or .foo

Kaspari: Http://

Hartless: Im trying to make it so the css is only for this one checkbox

Wadhams: The checkbox is display none, so it cant be checked manually

Lauderman: Guys how i can fix the imges , its are showing one inside other,

Schmits: Http://

Betance: Not sure how i called on english that behavier , maybe overflow?

Itson: Bambanx: ‘wrapping’, probably what you mean

Koeck: I am trying to get masonry effect on images

Men: Probably you’re using your grid framework incorrectly

Alam: Find the right channel

Schlanger: Bambanx: as far as I can tell, the positioning is being done by js, masonry.js, and thus you’d need to check its docs to change the positioning, and yes, it uses css to positioning them, but the coordinates come from a calculation in js

Wassinger: Ok thanks bprompt i will check

Rugh: Harry3: seems to be working, if what you need is toggling

Antonaccio: Hello, does anyone have a simple way of creating a glow on a non rectangular png?

Hammargren: Tried box shadow but it’s only outlines the img element as expected

Mozdzierz: Animalroam: why not build it into the PNG?

Viafara: Animalroam can you link a fiddle

Kastens: Bango2,

Witthoft: Reisio, it’s a logo and I don’t want it to have a glow

Mceniry: Im not getting the file

Colclasure: Why would you give something you don’t want to have a glow, a glow

Malavet: Animalroam: put a glowy CSS background image behind it

Shattles: Or just replace it altogether with CSS

Ikenberry: Bango2,

Crummie: Reisio, it’s an effect, like turning off and off a bulb

Mcculloch: Animalroam: doesn’t matter

Algire: You can use what I said dynamically

Lawcewicz: Http://

Jaap: Reisio, I am considering the png glow img but would prefer to do it w/ css

Navarrete: Http://

Brennenstuhl: You’re already using a bitmap, it doesn’t matter if you use another

Estella: Trying to use filter atm to test

Laberpool: Make sure you use the _only_ browser that supports it to do the testing :p

Rigoni: Animalroam: got picture of what you’re after? chromium-based browsers and firefox do css filters, btw, dunnon on IE

Shawaiki: Bprompt, like this:

Burts: Animalroam: you can work around that, since IE I think still uses filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft. syntax

Slagel: Animalroam: ah, that’s such a nice simple image, you could use vectors