And therein lies the issue.

Severy: I gave it a fixed width and still not centered

Nebgen: Hey guys, im having some trouble with background positioning. how can i get the background image to be in the center center of the bg div in ?

Wigren: Skinux: update your fiddle?

Gadapee: Http://

Wigren: Skinux: its parent is only 398px wide. so making the child 600px isn’t going to center it

Kassim: Skinux: #container won’t be centred because it takes the full width of the page

Grether: So using “margin: 0 auto” on #container does nothing

Wigren: They’re trying to center #entries, but yes, that’ll be a problem. also, #spreadsheet is still position: absolute for apparently no reason

Roszell: Here’s what I’ve done now and it’s still not working

Wigren: Skinux: it’s centered _in its container_. the container itself is not centered in the page

Adon: Skinux # your inspector can show you where the boxes are, Chrome: :: Firefox: :: Safari: :: IE:

Emigh: I just specified for #container to be centered and it’s not. For some damn reason my browser isn’t listening to custom.css AT ALL!

Wigren: You need to update your fiddle if you want us to help

Casparian: Wigren: I am able to display none on the text but hovering isn’t showing anything. Is this image:hover + field.content { display: block; } or am I doing this wrong?

Wigren: Skinux: also, if you’re using bootstrap, why are you not using the container cl*** and the grid cl***es?

Maskaly: Http://

Wigren: R13ose: are they adjacent in the markup? + is the adjacent sibling selector.

Kisselburg: R13ose, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Wigren: Skinux: looks centered to me

Hipol: Wigren: If you go to and products you will see what I want to do. That is the example.

Mahany: browser isn’t listening to my custom css at all

Wigren: R13ose: there’s a lot of stuff here. you’re going to need to be more specific. also, is this your site? because it seems to be working.

Jach: Skinux: it could be that the Bootstrap library is overriding your own CSS code. If this is the case, it has to do with specificity.

Schenewerk: I forgot, using Bootstrap I never seem to be able to override anything or add anything because the browser doesn’t listen!

Spirk: My code should be overriding because MY code is linked AFTER Bootstrap

Frischman: Wigren: nope this is not the site. I am half way there. I know that I should show a live example of my site but this is not online.

Schnake: Skinux, CSS Specificity • Tutorials: , • Spec: • Graph yours: http://jon***

Wigren: R13ose: then we can’t help

Sperka: You should research into “CSS Specificity”. It’s not just about the order of CSS rules.

Cassell: It’s important you understand this because it can be the source of hidden problems.

Fritze: I wish I could get a book that would teach me CSS in depth. But I can’t afford to buy any books.

Steenhard: R13ose: quick and dirty –

Corea: Skinux: You don’t need to buy any book. There are plenty of online resources to learn from.

Caires: And therein lies the issue with some folks with frameworks, they use it, without knowing the language first, if you want to drive is car, that’s ok if that’s all you’d like to do, but if you wish to make sure if something breaks that you can keep it going, you’ll need more than know how to steer a wheel