And it’s not on-topic for.

Ostendorff: I wanted a .radio domain but various orgs are squabbling over it so it’ll be a while.

Feeler: Fenton, “” 😀

Surbaugh: The cool thing to do these days is to shift the period to the middle of a word :/

Fenton: Http:// is only $59

Milley: They built something people have called a “salmon cannon” to help with fish migrations for spawning. :

Imbrock: Problem with domains like is trying to explain it verbally; so much easier to say “. dot com”

Dolen: Yeah but it can go in writing and on business cards just fine probably. Sometimes it’s kinda gratuitous, like they explicitly went out to find one of those.

Wildridge: Http:// . cool site but the domain name is a pain to type correctly

Gorley: I think they’re hoping to be found via Google. :

Cagley: Would have been impossible to find if it hadn’t got posted to all the tech sites last week

Miraglia: There’s still plenty of sites out there that cling to www.

Trimpe: Yep, although some of that is legitimate; if you’re doing any sort of dns failover the top level domains have too high of a timeout

Avera: Eh, I dunno. I rather like not having it and if there’s no good reason to have it, why bother. some sites even redirect you if you leave it off to give it back.

Gravina: I guess it depends on your DNS provider. no-ip sets the TTLs really low. Which can have its own annoyances.

Cutone: I’ve had new domains propagate rather fast, and I don’t mean subdomains.

Fleschner: But they are trying to keep up with people who have their server ***igned a potentially dynamic IP address so you don’t want to be down long.

Blissett: Problem is changing them

Ferbrache: Once it gets cached that is it can take up to the ttl period before it sends a new query and gets the updated entry

Rindone: Yeah, but I mean some places set a low TTL.

Altaras: Though I wouldn’t know anymore about mine, since my ISP I think accidentally made my IP static once.

Zwolensky: And there are rules which prohibit a toplevel from having a low ttl

Dwelle: Because those need to get cached on the root servers

Postel: All I can say is they quote a TTL of 1 minute.

Hidde: They don’t say which kind that applies to.

Gomer: Subdomains you can pretty much do as low as you like

Bernhard: Hmm, it’s looking like the non-cached authoritative answer for my domain is 24h. So their FAQ must refer to subdomains.

Gras: Yep, which doesn’t really matter much for new domains, mostly an issue changing existing domains which have been cached

Hoefflin: Iirc propagation time for toplevel can take up to 48h

Iulianetti: Mbm, well I’m gonna go create my own DNS with blackjack, and h–nevermind, let’s not go there. ;P

Protas: Tor darkweb onion services are where it’s at

Kolacki: Heh. I think there are other nam resolution services but there’s no way they’d overtake the main existing one. Though it would be one way to get yourdomain.offensiveexpletive

Sengbusch: Is there a way to apply a css3 transition animation on width if you swap a cl***?

Counter: Like cl***A has width: 250px;. cl***B has width 400px;

Elsworth: If i remove cl***A and add cl***B – is there a way to apply transition based on that width change?

Siciliano: Aro here’s something to look at

Geib: Anyone use zurb foundation here? i have a large element that i’d like to place in the center of the page, but foundation’s row shifts everything up.

Rued: I also tried transform, but that messes up the contents inside

Fenton: Gkwhc:

Fenton: Last I checked there was no discussion channel on Freenode

Fenton: And it’s not on-topic for here, really