Also, you could easily test.

Eddins: Sal: I don’t really understand what you want, because you didn’t show code about it

Eddins: Or a diagram explaining it

Eddins: Maybe I need more coffee, but your description wasn’t entirely clear :

Minicozzi: I just want to put a canvas on top of the bird image

Pekas: A canvas that follows image size and position

Headly: Because, if you resize the output pane, you’ll see that the image is responsive and always centered and keeps aspect ratio

Kamalii: Or yes, i was clear now

Eddins: Sal: you are clearer now. Perhaps a new element that ‘shrink wraps’ around the image, to provide a parent element to size the canvas?

Lodrigue: Tagor, responsive background image.

Bonnlander: Have no idea on how an element can “shrink wrap”

Burlington: Sal,

Capps: Omg, it exists! thanks

Kachmar: Http://

Habicht: Not able to do it like i said

Mccash: The image doesn’t even show uop anymore

Hudek: Anway, i think i’ll go with js hooked up on an image resize event

Greenlun: I wonder if there’s still no better way for that

Spera: How do I add content after a div absolute positioned?

Gyllensten: Orfeo: same way, to a non-positioned div, use ::after for generated content, or just type it right in :

Spera: Bprompt: the new div gets behind it aligned to the top base.

Spera: Bprompt: as if the absolute aligned one didn’t exist.

Spera: Bprompt: I think it should get into the flow.

Mccrum: Orfeo: you’re aware we’re not looking at your markup, right? so. hmmm tell the div not to get behind. or let us see what you’ve got, or even better, a picture of what you’re after

Spera: Bprompt: I already tried adding a extra relative positioned div wrapping the absolute positioned one, but didn’t seems to have solved the issue.

Lodrigue: Orfeo, last time I finished with this code : if you still needs it.

Spera: Lodrigue: actually I’ve improved a little this code as :

Spera: Lodrigue: but on this example it has no max-height set, but lets say I had a 100px max-height how would I add a extra div after it?

Spera: Bprompt: here I got a image of it :

Spera: Bprompt: the green div should NOT get behind the yellow one

Wingert: Http://

Lodrigue: Orfeo, if you know the height of the absolute positioned element, you should *** margin-top to the next div with that value

Spera: Lodrigue: don’t work that way either. 😛

Spera: Lodrigue: could you help me figure a way to set a max-height to #test as : please ?

Spera: Lodrigue: then we can add another div after it.

Spera: Lodrigue: sorry, I didn’t notice that because my monitor is too small 😛

Spera: Lodrigue: do you think it is possible to limit the height on this testcase : ?

Lodrigue: Orfeo, maybe this way:

Spera: Lodrigue: this way the image doesn’t get centralized.

Lodrigue: Orfeo, I will paly it later, i’m tired for today. zzztime now

Spera: Lodrigue: alright, I think I may have advance using top-margin. ;

Spera: Lodrigue: thank you a lot really! 😀

Kuchto: If I specify “box-sizing:border-box” on my body tag, do all elements underneath have that property too, such as divs, headers, etc?

Christesen: Skcin7: ‘Inherited:’

Weig: Also, you could easily test it