All you have to do to get a.

Anasagasti: Ok, I think that looks decently better.

Bolman: Hey guys, if this makes any sense I want a bunch of fields aligned to each other in the center like this:

Greenbaum: Codepen:

Hugghis: How would I go about doing that

Eddins: Jakesyl: the second option here?

Helom: Eddins. I fixed it. in case your wondering how, updated codepen:

Oard: Who uses this?: http://comp******/typography/vertical_rhythm/

Grupe: My question is when I change the font-size using adjust-font-size-to mixin in a breakpoint – will this also correctly adjust the leading?

Kindberg: Or do I have to wrap the leading into a breakpoint, too? :O

Sundholm: What’s the search terms for the splash page that is a picture but it scrolls up at not the same speed as scrolling down?

Sorum: That sounds like a terrible explanation, but is actually accurate of what I’m talking about

Pappajohn: Jayjo: maybe some kind of parallax scrolling?

Wenker: Pappajohn: that’s exactly it. thank you. A lot of times I’m willing to do the research but with broad strokes like that google isn’t much help

Anadio: OK, s*** line I found :

Agnello: I have successfully replicated my problem on codepen:

Robbins: The second and third slides alternate, the first slide is only shown once

Mcclintock: Okay, that is fixed by making the third slide have an animation-delay of 9s

Tomek: My last question that really started all this is: how do you make the transition between images faster?

Victorero: I’ve played around with keyframes for hours, but i can’t figure it out

Rioux: Now there’s a really long delay between the first slide and the second slide, about a second of a blank, black screen

Sadiq: Any tips would be very welcome

Brockberg: Hey, if I have some divs set as display: table-cell, wrapped in div with display: table, how do I get the outer div the “table” to “stretch” 100% width, so the right most “cell” is on the right side of the screen? Example, the donate/facebook icons should somehow be on the right, but the header row doesn’t expand 100%, even with width: 100%

Garrahan: Http://

Holdiness: Nevermind, I forgot a “display: table-row”

Rowzee: Does anyone know anything about keyframes for animation?

Matlack: I’m struggling badly over here

Pam: Jdvs, what’s your actual question?

Pam: As in, just ask what you’re stuck on

Milius: Pam:

Leitten: I just posted the question to stackoverflow

Pam: Jdvs, you may wish to look at this: Except I think that does a cross fade.

Pam: But it may be able to be adapted.

Pam: My guess is that your numbers are a bit off so that it fades out too early or some such. I’ll poke at it though.

German: Pam: i looked at the source of the page you linked to and updated it:

Stigall: Remvoing the ease-in make the transition faster which is nice

Marquart: There’s a long pause between the first and second slie still

Pam: I think in that case your numbers for delays are off.

Pam: You’ve got this fade animation that takes 12 seconds but the first delay is at 6.

Pam: If you look at mine, I set the cycle to 64s and is 16s, so 1/4th.

Pam: If you read the comments of mine I indicate how I arrived at my numbers.

Pam: All you have to do to get a shorter duration which as the code comments say will cause X-months-ago-me to hate you 😛 you just have to follow the math.