Alanjf: hmmmm think so,.

Crumpacker: Does the first ul have a cl***?

Letlow: Should I give it one ?

Crumpacker: Otherwise how would you differentiate between the two uls?

Letlow: Second UL has cl*** dropdown

Letlow: OH I could do :not.dropdown I guess

Kulhanek: If you want to affect only the outside li

Boody: Do .whatever-outside-element-is ul li

Letlow: Ahh I need the child selector TWICE

Letlow: I was only doing it once

Letlow: So nav ul li means li in ALL Uls in nav lol? and nav ul li means only the li in the first parent ul?

Washum: How do i get chrome to work with media queries the select device min and mix widths ?

Alejandrez: I’m trying to create a dummy-link using css; this is what I have so far: . any way to trigger the JS while a has pointer-events: none; ?

Mendelsohn: This better isolates the css of interest:

Caraballo: Erm:

Marcotrigiano: Well okay, i’m going to say it anyway. I have a problem with my gulp with postcss. I’m only importing one plugin, csswring and it gives me this error saying

Seckman: Anyone familiar with this issue please!?

Koelzer: I want “.project1 nav” to only show within .project1, but since it’s position:fixed it’s stuck above the preview div, even if overflow:hidden is set.

Kiles: When you scroll, the black circle nav is supposed to transition into the nav with the red circle when you scroll into .project1

Preisser: S/preview div/previous section

Krips: Bprompt: what’s confusing you?

Dunderman: I can clarify as needed

Kilkus: Meese: bear in mind we have not been sitting with you for the last 2hrs, so, we really dunno what is who or for what

Bellingtier: Meese: I see the page, but what you’re asking, sounds very ***ue from here

Bramblett: Bprompt: do you see how the nav h1’s get less opaque as you scroll into the gray box?

Fagerstrom: That is the first nav disappearing under the second section, the gray box

Crisafi: Bprompt: in the css, do you see .intro nav and .project nav?

Padron: I want one to transition to the other as you scroll into the .project1 section

Spartz: Right now, .intro nav disappears behind .project1 its z-index is higher, but .project1 nav was there from the beginning I don’t want it to be there from the beginning

Razze: I want it to appear as if .project1 is its mask

Se: As if it were behind .intro

Heusley: Sort of like

Tuohey: Looks like he used clip: rect

Hanacek: I suppose that may be my solution, though I’ve heard its support isn’t too great

Budde: Did anyone offer any advice? had connection issues

Archie: Meese: No, no missed messages.

Winebarger: It looks like the clip property is deprecated, but clip-path is experimental and barely supported

Abramov: Is there a real alternative?

Sawaia: Looking for someone who could optimize my css my nav, i’m kinda new to this and i’m totally lost in my own code :

Byassee: Hello, i’m using autoprefixer with gulp, but for some odd reason it is not autoprefixing!? What could be the cause?

Elvert: Azuk, Please keep all job ads in #css-lance.

Angello: ArchNoob: checked #gulp ? or even #gulpjs

Lougee: Bprompt: thank you. :

Dold: Which program / browser has the best device emulation ?

Teer: I know that foobar=”abc” is a valid selector selects element foo with attribute bar that equals sting “abc”, but is foobaz=123 also valid attribute value without quotation marks ?

Morr: Alanjf: hmmmm think so, yes