Add the resource url to the.

Mennenga: Chrome-detools i mean

Carrilo: I never understand ohw that chrome dev thing works. it allways does that to me

Mcsparren: Tejasmanohar you might not be using user agent detection, but the browser might be forcing stuff based on user agent

Foreman: S/browser/chrome dev tools/

Milanowski: They should call them “chrome help people pretend they’re doing something neat even though the tools are next to useless”-tools

Shuffstall: There’s no view generated source, FFS

Amboree: You can only edit css of things you click a thousand tree levels through to find

Struzik: If you click on any JS, your panes disappear

Mcvaigh: Too bad, too, ’cause a browser that buggy could use some tools

Thicke: Reisio do you use any alternative tools ?

Grilley: I use firefox dev tools for quick troubleshooting

Miers: But haven’t tried anything else

Zieser: I use the web developer extension an older version that’s less awful on Firefox, and the aardvark extension

Prakoth: Don’t do much JS, but I’ve used firebug before

Perrelli: Oh, that aardvark is not avail for firefox 40

Welburn: Just has an old, overly restrictive maxversion

Roza: Won’t let me install it, it’s just stating it is not available for firefox 40

Lapete: Download the .xpi, unzip it, change the maxversion in install.rdf, re-zip, open, install

Cosano: Riskish: hey yourself

Murcia: I know html css basics, but was wondering what I can do to become a web designer that has clean/neat code, done the absolute best/right way, any suggestions on resources for learning how to be more professional?

Petronis: Http:// – what’s the proper way to “bold” this text? i’ve read about separation of content and style. does this mean that i should bold the button text using CSS and not strong/strong?

Leonhardt: Is there another way to conbtrol lenght on border other than using :before or :after?

Doire: Oh, i’ve got what I want. almost. now I just wonder how to move the digits to the left of the – icon

Akimseu: Sorry, the code isnt that clean

Steggeman: Enissay, try putting digit and img inside the span

Sorin: So somehow firefox prefers using filter: url#grayscale instead of filter: grayscale100%; the latter works with transition unlike the svg filter one. i want the svg filter there for compatibility reasons, but i also want to force firefox to use filter: because it works! the question is will using “!important” ignore the svg filter fallback for the IE browser and others that don’t support filter:

Cullity: I am try make this effectwizard: beautiful, i try in my jsfiddle: and is horrible i know, i need css, but how to?

Lanfranco: Http://

Rigo: Sal, no it doesnt work :

Bynon: Zectbumo thanks reading

Eudy: It certainly needs some css magic I dont know :

Caccia: Can someone tell me whats the better way to do lines in grids?

Folker: Http://

Filbrardt: I have that, and for the top small delimiter lines in the letterstop area, i’m using .grid .col:after

Italiano: But, i can’t find a way to change color when the user clicks a bottom color

Siami: Sal, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Vendrick: This is impossible live, it will take me a lot of time

Frickel: But thanks for reading

Jabbie: Zectbumo how to add Qunit to my jsfiddle

Galm: Add the resource url to the External Resources menu item