Ack, I’m so confused.

Mcginnis: Anyone in here able to take a shot at why my text appears on flashcard when using transform / backface-visibility options?

Cornelia: In safari 8 at least, works fine in FF / Chrome

Parda: With Google using a in their link to their webfonts. that doesn’t validate correctly does it?

Leclare: Am I reading that correctly?

Brzuchalski: Yea. Most browsers will be fine, you can always escape it if you’re worried

Veneman: Designbybeck: it is more likely the :, not the

Gochnauer: I’m trying to do this for a cl*** ***ignment, so I wonder if I should just not get that fancy so it validates without any errors?! heehee

Aring: Guess I could just do that as well

Gayheart: Ok I’ll try that for the fun of it. and I try it for the : as well Veneman Thank you

Callis: Validated just find Veneman with %7C for the

Whitescarver: That was’s all happy now

Wafford: My html/css is very rust!

Quade: Slowly coming back to me

Degonia: Do I need something, doctype, in my css page?

Shadduck: Oh nevermind.I was validating in the wrong place

Uzzell: I need a bit of help with the display element

Prazenica: How do I make it stack the contents horizontally instead of vertically?

Veneman: Display inline-block perhaps?

Mclearan: Oh wait, I need the float set to left not center :/

Veneman: There is no float center

Mogren: That’s what I had before :/

Veneman: There’s never been a float center

Piller: That might have been my problem

Kreimer: Float left is just making them hang to the left, display inline-block is doing nothing

Veneman: You can’t have both. they don’t work together.

Veneman: Float is float. display is display. they’re different

Glascott: Let me try to post this

Gaudio: I’m having all sorts of problems with this:

Malaspina: I want this to be like a menu

Dubord: So the 3 buttons are stacked horizontally

Veneman: You’re using absolute positioning. how do you expect anything to happen that you aren’t exactly measuring for?

Veneman: Ok, nevermind, i’m wrong, i’m sorry

Veneman: Wait, where did you put display: inline-block and float: left?

Veneman: How would that have affected the buttons?

Upton: Well they’re nested in #menu1

Veneman: The default value of display is not “inherit”

Caneva: Having an issue resizing and image, set it to a percantage but it is way to small on mobile, tips?

Veneman: Set it to something else?

Tumlinson: Veneman, To get started with responsive designs:

Watchman: Does firefox support any break-inside, column-break-inside, -moz-break-inside or other css method to avoid breaking inside an element? for columns

Eddins: Watchman: will let you know

Pam: Caniuse column-break-inside

Helgesen: Pam, • CSS3 Multiple column layout • W3C Candidate Recommendation • Global support: 14.22% • Only Opera Mini, Edge, IE, and IE Mobile support this fully. • Spec: • Link:

Pam: Caniuse css-boxdecorationbreak

Bakanauskas: Pam, • CSS box-decoration-break • W3C Working Draft • Global support: 8.91% • Only Firefox, and Firefox for Android support this fully. • Spec: • Link:

Watchman: Eddins, thanks, also noticed

Watchman: Ack, I’m so confused.