Above ## here is a list of.

Sarbacher: Could someone help me with revealing text through animation

Movius: It’s a mix of jquery and css

Lehmer: How could i make an image more dark?, i don’t want it to be so shinny in this design

Lehmer: Also plan on using hover to get it back to its original color

Lamorte: Lehmer: use greyscale?

Trevizo: Rinehardt, as you answered to me yesterday, I feel like I can ask you directly : I did changed my .site main to static yesterday, althgouh It now gives me another issue on the modal-content part seems like it goes behind now

Rusaw: And changing the position to any other way absolute, relative, static, fixed. seems to not influence anyway.

Hasler: I would presume that the issue is elsewhere.

Boshnack: I looked at w3.org/tr/css3 the other day but I couldn’t work it out

Threlkeld: Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10591273/how-to-hide-a-css-media-query-from-print-not-logical-operator-does-not-work

Gelo: Twb, not sure this is what you need

Uribazo: But have a look just in case.

Altobelli: Is it what you were seeking ?

Coronel: I haven’t bothered to properly distill the symptoms yet

Mervis: Well, my understanding is limited so I am not sure I can help you much.

Leners: But if that link does, good enough

Groos: Yea I need to poke around some more on my end

Jabs: But it was actually just that I had thrown out a surrounding div block

Kanoa: How come sometimes when using 100% height css trick, on resize of the window, the bottom div is not on the very bottom? maximize it works

Ohlmann: _entropy: example URL?

Yoshimoto: Ohlmann position:fixed; works. is this not a good idea?

Hellriegel: Ohlmann http://img905.imageshack.us/img905/8049/3vE0Mo.png

Ohlmann: Not sure what you mean without a live page

Ohlmann: Are you asking about keeping the footer ‘sticky’ to the bottom of the screen?

Dunton: _entropy, https://fullheight.asmcbain.net/ ; Fullheight example: http://www.pud.ca/misc/testcase/fullheight.html

Gruner: Ohlmann http://mypastebin.com/test/test.php

Ohlmann: Did you look at the link?

Ohlmann: It’s pretty simple…

Renolds: Ohlmann i am not seeing it – it has many options and i need one footer to stretch to the bottom

Ohlmann: Https://fullheight.asmcbain.net ?

Ohlmann: So based on your link, choose the second green button: “one to all of the header, content, and footer to be full width.”

Ohlmann: Then the next page, click “a header, content, and a footer.”

Ohlmann: Then on the next page, choose if you want them al full width or not

Ohlmann: Not sure why this would be hard

Ohlmann: Just for fun, choose that you want header, content and footer full width

Ohlmann: Then choose if you want to use flexbox or not

Herzog: Anyone experienced can give me advice? i made a reddit post on webdev and my account was too young so it was auto deleted.

Ohlmann: So…flexbox. Choose yes, because you likely don’t care about old browsers

Battershell: So i pasted it here. http://freetexthost.com/1g3ch6znuu if anyone has the time to skim through it and shoot me a pm id be really happy :

Ohlmann: Above: this is the channel about CSS

Pastore: I know it is but everyone on this server is good in the general field. ive posted in 3 channels and tried reddit and got no response.

Dargie: Maybe sack overflow has a newb section.

Ohlmann: Above: #web might be the best place for this kind of question

Weyrick: I thouht so too but no one responded

Ohlmann: Maybe the time of day has something to do with that :

Jerich: Above ## here is a list of resources we have compiled for beginners, Resources to help you get started: http://hashcss.com/schools/