Man i went down the rabbit.

Lunning: Justin_smith: nah, this is not the usual use case, I am writing a somewhat complex macro

Marchan: Colsch: ah, I have no idea about that

Colsch: Bronsa: i was seeing some weirdness that looked sorta like boxing in the perf profile when calling a native function

Colsch: Bronsa: i didn’t dig in to the generated bytecode, but i was ***uming that it would be no different from a normal method call from the persepctive of the caller

Sachez: Colsch: I haven’t seen any special handling of native methods anywhere so I don’t think there should be any difference

Colsch: Bronsa: k, that’s basically what i expected. thanks

Rouw: Mi6x3m: care to describe what the actual issue is then?

Shubrick: Justin_smith: Because I fail to locate license information for I am writing my own version. Also, the gist version has an unfixed bug

Lasser: But my solution is a loop / recur loop

Ruminski: Mi6x3m: which part ends up looping?

Armant: Justin_smith: well, you have to check every expression in the bindings vector individually and build up the vector step by step

Oriti: Oh wait, instead of try-let it’s try-loop then?

Pleas: Suppose you have try-let x 1 y 2 z throw blabla.

Chatelain: In your catch clause you want x = 1 and y = 2

Cromeens: To perform some clean-up

Kutchera: The gist macro does that by unrolling a large number of bindings

Farace: I do it by using a simple vector and a loop / recur to build up the binding value

Venzon: Will upload the first version in a second

Vigue: Mi6x3m: I wonder if it would be simpler with local vars but then you would take on the issue of potentially not-yet-bound vars being referenced in the catch block

Dowey: Oh, and they require using deref explicitly, so you may as well use delay or promise which have the same deref issue

Klepchick: Justin_smith: nah, you don’t need all this

Albanese: If a part of a lazy seq throws an exception

Whorton: Why is it thrown every other time?

Wolchesky: That thing of when you start by trying to “improve” c.c/range but end up modifying the compiler too

Carrothers: If anybody is involved with cljs bug tracking, can you make an issue that points out that js-clj x {:keywordize-keys false} should be js-clj x :keywordize-keys false?

Blechman: Mi6x3m: you were asking about that?

Blechman: I remember looking at that in and there didn’t seem to be any way around that without extra checks that would slow things down

Dally: My mind just blown with this bot evaling clojure

Siebold: Hi, I’m working on a problem that involves a graph. I’ve chosen to represent the graph as a map, where the keys are values, mapped to a set of its neighbors.

Adjutant: So, for example, a simple map would be {:1 #{:3 :2}, :2 #{:3}, :3 #{:1 :2}}

Hysinger: So, let’s say I have a node that has these neighbors: #{:60 :89 :37 :59 :40 :18 :11 :24 :10 :73 :61 :66 :30 :4 :57 :98 :1 :50 :22 :47 :20 :46 :69 :41 :15 :3 :54 :80 :34}

Lorion: The map would return a lazyseq of sets.

Turman: How do I merge these sets?

Allanson: I’m reading but not sure where to put META-INF/resources for a leiningen project

Allanson: Perhaps simply PROJECT-ROOT/resources?

Iraheta: Aw, I meant to tell mateus that he could use reduce

Lovvorn: Rich discusses transducers as taking a single input stream and producing a single output stream. Looking at the definition though, it seems like one could also construct mult-input transducers.

Carangelo: Nevermind, it wouldn’t work

Balzarine: Man i went down the rabbit hole today

I was thinking maybe 2mm.

Riggan: Is it broken? the typical killer of cb radios here is rednecks “tuning them up” or doing mods

Garstka: Namisnak, yeah I know. TTL mods and stuff. its not broken, just stored in its box

Vanweelden: Probably it works fine then

Aukamp: If not, it’s a very simple radio and there are drawings and service manual on the internet

Golombecki: Namisnak, i just dont have a good PSU for it atm. Will try it with a PC PSU just to get started

Talentino: Its main selector is not that good

Richoux: Ah the “40 channel switch” i hate it

Ring: Yeah. thats not too “durable”

Breitmeyer: And I guess it will be a pain to find it to replace If i go to it

Pozzuoli: It may be easily found, Vizcaino has to sell it

Tulloch: But, the problem radio has in the selector, it doesnt work sometimes, cant fix on channels sometimes etc

Isaman: Tired of n i g g e r s?

Emile: Sick of their m o n k e y sh i n e s?

Bischke: Join c h i m p o u t fo rum!

Governale: H t t p : // www . chimp out . c om / forum

Lubben: Spambot please ignore :P

Sawyers: At c h im po ut, we are NOT white supremacists!

Benno: I myself am a me xican!

Deever: If you are NOT A N I G G ER, AND YOU HATE N I G G ERS

Boria: Is dis real

Jameson: We welcome you with open arms!

Straube: Join c h i m p o u t . c o m / f o r um

Steimle: DoYouKnow, thats so simple. Pick something to hack, hack it

Bender: I hacked a banana once

Parrotta: Anton02:

Juedes: Thats the old trick that inspired all the Guider fakes :P

Stebe: But not all that useful – button cells arent really $4.99 each

Lie: You can usually get a card of 20+ for taht

Swanton: I wonder if DVB-S2 cards can be used as an SDR

Frechette: They are kind of pricey

Caroli: But this one does up to 40 Msps

Dillabough: If you can find the undo***ented debug mode for it

Kilker: Hmmm, Benefit

Hilvers: As was the case for the realtek sdr

Modesto: Going to buy this multimeter.

Modesto: And this starter e-tool kit.

Demmon: I’ve got a fluke 27 II but im starting to think the low-dollar multimeters do 99.9% of what everyone needs


Askam: It is time for conservative Republicans to stop being retards about abortion. ******s get abortions at a rate that is greater their share of the population. It is in our interest to not only tolerate abortion but to promote taxpayer funded abortion on demand! Prolife = ******lover Stop please!

Modesto: Can we ban ebolajackson ?

Ertzbischoff: It is amazing what a modest donation to staffers

Mcspirit: Ebolajackson, buys what

Sirls: Ebolajackson: 0/10 try harder next time

Sarnosky: I have this board with a dead SMD lm358 ship. Will try to bend a DIP lm358 legs to fit in place

Ishii: Power supply noise:

Staton: What size do you think these pin headers are?

Albani: They’re not quite 0.1″

Minerich: I was thinking maybe 2mm?

How long does a snapshot.

Rouw: If the server is trusted, then there’s no tangible benefit

Repenning: I’m thinking the people that would have access to owncloud on that server would a be trusted btrust the server c only use owncloud for “work” related files anyway

Gallik: Idk if im missing something

Tehan: Doing client side encryption also makes it harder to “view” files on other devices. But seems to solve that pretty transparrently.

Morguson: Hi, Any one knows a free hosting with python support?

Harne: How is that relavent to DigitalOcean O.o


Paye: Aww it’s real. Maybe that’s a business oppotunity.

Mathony: DigitalOcean Community Questions refinerycms installed on droplet help –

Calowell: What do I do if when I try to get console access and I get the error “Failed to establish a connection to the console. Please reload.”

Calowell: I’ve reloaded the page like 10 times

Raoof: Naval: there is always a repo

Staffeld: My app was declined to Cadbury

Cunanan: 87.2 MB/s off CloudFront on NYC2

Rasool: Http://

Besarra: Zachary_DuBois, favorite open source code license?

Sprole: OMG! This could NOT happen! Free $10 credit!

Wolkowiecki: Ewig MIT but soon to be my own

Doten: Pikaren please don’t spam referral links, etc.

Lie: Zachary_DuBois what’s the benefit of your license?

Schoenhals: Ewig, I guess it’s to do with more control.

Seier: Ewig Simple, Basically MIT, except you need to keep the attributes visible in the end product

Wasmuth: Aka, viable online if it is a site


Kirwan: I’ve had it made forever

Lorson: Http://

Londo: That’s what I have as an outline so far, still need to get the legal stuff down

Helgeson: Zachary_DuBois: do you like the celtics

Gradford: Are prohibited from removing any attribution from the software.”

Grasso: Http://

Tirk: The changes I want made to Creative Commons are bigger though – to prevent content farms and competitors from stealing content

Roseum: Zachary_DuBois: i thought you study in mit but just realized youre talking about the license :p

Pinkston: I will never get into MIT

Permann: If you act cute in front of the admissions officer.

Drozdowicz: Anyone know where to look for gandi promo codes?

Wallaker: Zachary_DuBois: Gandi Coupons: Get 50% Discount, Coupon Codes for October 2014 –

Donate: Kamal_ disabled that one :

Drozdowicz: 50% off hosting, looking for anything pertinent to domain registration

Pietrok: Google domains, namecheap

Chabbez: Isnt gandi one of the more expensive ones

Drozdowicz: Im not in need of a promo code, just saw the box and figured id ask, thanks for the help though

Skarda: Hi everyone. Looks like I should upgrde my Ubuntu v13 to somethign a bit newer. Is it safe enough to just run the do-release-upgrade normally?

Loyed: Taking a backup first of course

Kiebler: Nomad411: just did exactly that the other day – no issues

Maendel: Ohh I guess I take a snapshot and not a backup right?

Dramis: Looking for a hosted helpdesk, other than os ticket, does anybody here use anything else?

Cashmer: How long does a snapshot take normally, on a 30G drive with maybe 3-4G free?