Such Dubeck tipped much Ɖ1000 to.

Lecher: Koerper lol, might be , but i don’t have enough knowledge to do it.

Peatry: Is “disregarded” a word?

Thacker: They sell trading bots too you know.

Casadei: Disregarded; past participle disregarded.

Eversole: Thats why i said buy one.

Peatry: Cool thank you Dobbyn.

Rydzewski: The ascended masters never sleep.

Beavers: You need at least a couple btc for an effective trading bot.

Aumann: Woah its getting late.

Koerper: How this involves no sleeping?

Koerper: You’ll buy antisleep peels wiht 2 btc?

Cartland: I only lose a few hours over that.

Ditmore: Don’t know. It’s an old btc magic.

Timmermann: We should as people who have more than 2 btc.

Crupi: Bter dogebtc 0. 00000035.

Scoble: I only convert between cryptocurrencies. ‘rdd’ is not listed on bter.

Pulis: I’ll let them know when i see them.

Calowell: Let’s wait for data now.

Holmstrom: I solo mined a block last night.

Holmstrom: Was the hour i was adding 2ghash to the network.

Holmstrom: First time i’ve ever found a block doing it.

Pecue: I think i just made 1. 5btc ;p.

Duer: Dubeck how’d you manage that.

Dansie: Naw, taken on a website project.

Aumann: How much is an entire block?

Kawamoto: Staying up late with work on the next day for. A pg movie.

Ganas: Don’t u hate when that happens.

Reusswig: Your balance is Ɖ787.

Holmstrom: Well between 125k and 62. 5k i believe.

Holmstrom: I should solo mine an hour every night.

Vetterick: Solo mined on the forked network? d.

Holmstrom: The correct network, i think i was 5% of the total network hash.

Lamons: How so? Don’t you mine like this all the time?

Holmstrom: No involves using the 3k~ computers at work in europe to cpu mine for me.

Holmstrom: About an hour late at night is usually fine .

Monterio: 1 doge is 1 doge? Such scams.

Bolan: There was an error fetching the address. Do you have an account on addie. Cc?

Bruchey: I don’t think it’s botnet, tho.

Holmstrom: Just a more legal one.

Kellison: Your balance is Ɖ306.

Chrismon: If you don’t mind me asking, how’s your friend?

Clouser: Yeah, you have these computers in Lorange access?

Holmstrom: Pretty much the same.

Holmstrom: The central server as a make them all do the same thing command usually reserved for roll out of updates etc.

Denzler: Most botnets are legal btw.

Aumann: Mesker my friend who was in the hospital?

Wescovich: Cause they dont run stuff, beside command&control stuff.

Degrood: Only when they get used, do they become illegal.

Holmstrom: Making a computer part of a bot net without knowledge is illegal.

Felleman: Which chan do the Isaacks devs tend to hang out in?

Glassner: Its only illegal if you arent part of the law.

Buoy: Sorry to hear that may her rest in peace.

Attles: Oh, i’m sorry to hear that. Is there anyway to donate a little bit in doge?

Aumann: You can make donations in doge to me. I have a fund.

Frohwein: Aumann if you dont mind me asking what happen?

Whidby: Your balance is Ɖ846.

Aumann: Its up to like 30k doge. Which is not too bad.

Rombardo: Such Dubeck tipped much Ɖ1000 to Aumann! To claim msg doger help 3a2aec68.

I don’t just think about linear,.

Carmon: Physics must have some pretty bad*** math application in it.

Argyle: Correctnessverification of cyberphysical systems is p. Hard.

Argyle: Physics has a lot of math in it, yes.

Wilbur: But the physicists tend to hide the maths under the carpet.

Wilbur: Pretending there is such a thing as a deltafunction, to give on prominent example.

Worth: Suppose g is a closed subgroup of gln, c. Suppose eb is in g, for some Benthall b in mnc. Is then etb in g for any real t?

Hammacher: Is there a reason why g can’t be just ekb k in z?

Salis: If you’re doing physics, that’s an irrelevant detail. You know the delta function can be formalized, that’s all.

Worth: Yeah i was misunderstanding stuff.

Wilbur: I don’t think math is an irrelevant detail for doing physics.

Bavard: I’m not familiar with topological groups, so thought i might be missing something.

Afzal: Hm. Is it true for lie groups?

Rowen: I remember using them before getting a formal definition in a more advanced course.

Rowen: Yet the profs would most likely mention that they can be formalised.

Progacz: I’d got in my head some geometric thing like a logarithmmic spiral in the complex plane, with eb being real.

Rainbow: So all the integer powers are in it, but not the whole real line.

Ortmeier: So it’s all really just complex scalars.

Murrey: Then i think a logarithmic spiral is a lie group.

Raus: I’m not familiar with them so i’d have to check the definition again.

Afzal: Pen, do they form a group?

Afzal: Because any closed subgroup of a lie group in this case c 0 is a lie group.

Gurry: Fx = ax2 a2x 1 and gx = x2 x a. These 2 parabolas are tangents and i have to find a. I did fx gx = 0 and i got x2 x 1 = 0. Roots are not real numbers. I have to find the roots and then replace x in fx gx to have an equation of a?

Boblett: Yes, the logarithmic spirals i’m thinking are et z t in r for some nonreal complex z.

Bosshardt: So that’s just isomorphic to r.

Kohel: Hey, i have a function y = m*sinxv where m = sqrta2 b2, shouldn’t m be the amplitude of the function? I’m confused now.

Feaster: So why it says that m = sqrta2 b2?

Pilch: Because that’s how you defined it?

Mckeone: Is there some context here you’re not saying?

Beith: E. G. Y = a sinx b cosx or something?

Gelzer: He’s probably trying to rewrite a*sinx b*cosx in the form of a single sine.

Gelzer: The trick is if y = a*sinx b*cosx then using m = sqrta2b2, ym = am*sinx bm*cosx. Notice am and bm can be viewed as the cosine and sine of v = arctanba or adjusted depending on the signs of a and b. So ym = am*sinx bm*cosx = cosvsinx sinvcosx = sinxv. So y = m*sinxv.

Swallow: Did anyone ever publish something like a book or article that deals with mathematical things in abstract.

Swallow: I can read several linear mathematics books and learn how to do so many Pikul operations, etc. But i’ve never come across something that puts the maths aside and goes about teaching conceptualy.

Swallow: I want to understand what the operations are doing outside of symbols on a paper.

Tursi: Take a philosophy course then.

Gelzer: Read a proper linear algebra book then. If you study vector spaces and linear transformations then you’ll see the motivation for matrices.

Swallow: I’m an engineer, i know why matrices have utility.

Swallow: Well, as well as someone who’s not a mathematician can appreciate.

Gelzer: So you understand the theory of abstract vector spaces and linear transformations?

Swallow: I guess what i’m asking is, i’d love to see all the things the maths describes, all the ****ogues.

Swallow: I don’t just think about linear, things like differential equations too. I started to think this way when i learnt integration by cylindrical shells. Suddenly the concept became much more interesting than the mathematical technique.

In inventory, set: ’127. 0. 0. 1.

Vanous: How can i change it on a debianbased box.

Barak: Try commenting it all on one column first.

Horrell: What is the actual error you’re getting?

Tangri: Will test later trying to get version alpha of my playbook up and running .

Cogdill: Any progress is being made gathering facts ok however failing on templating etcnetwork.

Mamaclay: Is there a way to check if a Fedler is undefined in a playbook?

Barak: When Fedler is undefined.

Barak: But, better use, when Fedler is undefined or Fedler is defined and not Fedler.

Arviso: Hmmm trying to set a static ip on a ansible host by overwriting the etcnetworkinterfaces file.

Trachsel: However getting error that is not writable.

Barak: I have full role for etcnetworkinterfaces, wanna see?

Emshoff: Still kinda new and your templates knowing .

Barak: Looks ok, what’s the error?

Lerow: Failed 127. 0. 0. 1 = “failed” true msg destination etcnetwork not writable.

Barak: Try with sudo true for a playbook.

Nowland: Sudo true in the root playbook?

Barak: Can you sudo without p***word from that user?

Barak: Try running ansibleplaybook play. Yml k.

Piere: Probably not with ubuntu .

Ciancio: Module to copy only if the dest file doesn’t exist?

Barak: If you muck around on the system like that, you probably would want to set sudo true on whole play.

Barak: I don’t think so, you could check with stat module first.

Goins: Validate=’if! F %s’ could work maybe?

Ostrowski: For rgarrigue trouble.

Barak: Well, check with stat module, register the resuld and then, when result. Stat. Exists == false.

Mah: 14mo one cookbook oo.

Cadigan: Barak, would it be the right thing to do?

Barak: What hosts do you want to update?

Barak: Btw, keep in mind that a playbook can contain multiple plays, each one with its own selection of hosts.

Gettenberg: Barak, the job servers might need some new scripts for supervisord and the webservers and apiservers might need to pull code from github and run some updating commands.

Wojick: Barak, that’s good to know.

Barak: In that case you can create separate plays for jobservers, webservers and apiservers, each one with its own set of rolestasks.

Acklin: Just look closely to “top level playbooks are separated by role”.

Devich: Rgarrigue, thank you for the link. I’ll read up on that.

Lotzer: Pds fyi i used copy . Validate=’test e %s’ to check file existence before copying.

Chebret: Hmmm is there a way to expand variables in a name?

Lotzer: The doc said “you can use %s”, i didn’t ask more.

Pimental: Name=service state=state not working as expected. Have to use command etcrc. Dservice stopstart ansible 1. 6 any pointers.

Pimental: Failed to find required executable service.

Chebret: So changing the etcnetwork interfaces for an ubuntu server with ansible and restarting the networking interface but that doesn’t seems to update the networking credentials.

Chebret: Hmmm i think it’s time i look at your interfaces playbook.

Mclamb: Show the playbook file.

Chebret: It’s all in the fedora paste i think .

Mclamb: In that case that play is wrong, where’s the hosts line?

Mclamb: So under hosts line, add sudo true.

Mclamb: Then all playbook tasks will be run via sudo.

Urenio: Delegateto doesn’t take a list, what you could do is user withitems webserver and delgateto ” item “.

Mclamb: Line 4 doesn’t make sense, remove that.

Mclamb: In inventory, set ’127. 0. 0. 1 ansibleconnection=local’.