I wouldn’t say thay fapping is bad,.

Shular: The felling is quite a bit “enjoyable”.

Feltz: Soo who gives a flying ****.

Josten: Nor would i have any idea how long one could really discuss cats.

Handelsman: Nahhh it wouldn’t be all about cats.

Shreves: My head feels so dizzy.

Canfield: Maybe its my ****ty diet.

Crabb: Girl, try to forget you have a head.

Senavanh: Yeah good suggestion.

Brient: Get some h2o in your body.

Marcoline: Ill make myself some tea.

Seagrave: Rainrare did you ever heard of the practice of nofap?

Scheuers: Reddit. Comrnofap is a good place for achieving inner peace.

Hartquist: Don’t they recommend fapping for release purposes?

Hartquist: I never understood that practice. What are the benefits?

Roffman: Is it just me, or are most ‘selfimprovement’ subreddits like that more full of crap than an Elfers septic tank?

Hartquist: God forbid you should think relationshipadvice has relationship advice.

Hartquist: I asked a question in askcarssales.

Hartquist: Like, 500 karma. Straight circlejerk.

Hartquist: Why are they telling you about nofap?

Rubner: The benefetis are plenty.

Stillman: There is no reason to discuss about them, try it and see for yourself.

Bendas: Your whole being shifts.

Cabido: Discussion is always a great.

Bringard: Hormons are a hell of a drug.

Covitt: You can’t handle the truth!

Monsegur: The way you think, feel and act.

Sarlo: Go onto the subreddit once a day and create a badge.

Swade: Stop fapping for a month.

Ramone: But youll start to see changes within a week.

Hartquist: Wouldn’t you be all bottled up and tense?

Drabek: But wait there’s more.

Floros: From the way your skin looks to the way your mood improves.

Hartquist: Lmfao rnofap says “if you stop jerking off, music sounds better”.

Horgen: The process of rewiring takes a lot longer.

Hartquist: Get the **** out of here.

Grabski: Geez bros calm the **** down.

Cicalese: Does having actual sex counts as fapping?

Hartquist: Everytime i’d get a pimple my executive chef would tell me i wasn’t getting any ***** and i was letting the sour batch plague my skin.

Mawhinney: Its more about the frequency.

Cantoni: I thought fap was a 20s slang term.

Caspersen: No reason for a discussion.

Sarli: Try it and see for yourself.

Markson: There is a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

Hartquist: Even your advice reads like brainwash.

Rafel: Its about riskmanagement.

Rauen: Hostility is here again.

Hartquist: Risk? What risk are you managing?

Waisner: Actually, there’s something in it.

Stepter: People are far too judgemental.

Hartquist: So the guys at no fap think the wolf of wall street scene where they say to jerk off seven times a day has no truthful basis?

Nyhan: I’m on antidepressants for some time and since i started taking them, i dont feel the need to fap anymore. So i dont.

Ducat: But then, i do have sex from time to time.

Keitel: And guess what my orgasms fell more powerful without fapping.

Horne: Fapping drains out your p***ion out of your life.

Salton: You become less driven in any aspect of your life.

Bailiff: I wouldn’t say thay fapping is bad, but it makes orgasms more routine and less, hm, fun.

They just need to show up to your.

Smee: At the same time, let it be a lesson to everyone.

Mowers: Lol Comber that was a hoot when i read it.

Condry: Such Neiswender tipped much Ɖ10 to Kroeze! To claim msg doger help 104abd82.

Comber: Immediately afterward, apple changed the retries to 5 instead of infinite.

Ceroni: You all heard of 2fa well there’s also 3fa, what you know, what you have, what you are.

Mcfadin: Give it a little time & no lessons will be learned from this.

Phillians: Are there a celeb reactions to this, maybe funny ones?

Kohles: I still don’t understand why anyone would ever immortalize their naked bodies unless they were npd.

Descamps: Does 3fa involve swallowing an rsa chip.

Mandala: Narcissistic personality disorder.

Ceroni: 3fa includes like retina scan, etc.

Neiswender: Then you’re an idiot.

Gregston: Love the celebrity nudes leak.

Neiswender: And also i’m sad you’ve never been in a relationship like that.

Lierman: That supposed to surprise us Maletz lol.

Wenthold: Where can i find the latest sgminer?

Kerzer: Still wouldn’t send nudes over txt.

Comber: I still think it’s only fear that makes us feel these things. Social shaming and such. The naked human body is no different than any animal in the animal kingdom. But we aren’t shocked when dogs or cats walk around naked.

Beaudoin: Wouldn’t think it’s a good idea for my girl either.

Neiswender: Txt is actually more secure.

Mohrmann: If you get in an argument?

Psuik: Bbbut. They have fur!

Neiswender: Than icloud email? Yeah.

Bourjolly: And your ex hates you.

Rosales: Digital copies all over the web.

Neiswender: Revenge **** is sexual violence.

Comber: There are hairless cats. And many other animals without fur.

Vanosdel: Such Neiswender tipped much Ɖ10 to Comber! To claim msg doger help 7e3e4cb0.

Hudec: Still, you know how you prevent digital copies of nudes ever from spreading?

Mentzel: Don’t take ****ing nude digital pics.

Comber: If we weren’t hung up on this, it would be no big deal.

Gerken: Yeah, that’s always been my rule lol.

Comber: But i agree, don’t take nude digital pics. All these celebs should invest in something called polaroid.

Pothoven: And i love nudity also.

Ceroni: Or don’t hack peoples accounts, how hard is that?

Debrae: Why are you blaming the women?

Neiswender: To that end, why are dude ******* okay but lady ******* not okay?

Vormwald: Again people are blinded by celeb ****s & forgetting the true message from this. Don’t trust cloud!

Ceroni: 4chan just needs to be shutdown, let the anontards go be annoying somewhere else.

Dolinsky: Hackers are like the white blood cells of the internet.

Jimerez: Given current societal trends, regardless of how much sense your approach makes, i wouldn’t count on it .

Comber: In new york women can walk around topless now, was a big deal for a few weeks, now nobody cares.

Gitlin: I’m sure there’s a bunch of male celebs with **** pics floating around too.

Neiswender: Wrong. True message is that this is sexual violence. Security comes second.

Politis: Or Matton like a monster before popping anything onto the cloud.

Comber: Ya’ll need to quit judging other people. That’s the solution.

Neiswender: I meant societally, not legally.

Shockey: Some moron starts punching in their ss# online cuz they think they won the lottery.

Ceroni: They just need to show up to your house with a bat or something.

That said, yeah, it’s sad their.

Dietze: Of course after they saw them.

Goshorn: They did make a mistake in trusting a service that automatically uploads every photo to places unknown tho.

Bentley: Sheesh, hope i don’t already have it p.

Dolinsky: I bet nsa has traded those pics around for the last 2 years.

Ipock: Why Gapinski what could go wrong?

Dismang: Still think you’re a ****ing moron if you put anything online and don’t ever expect to be hacked.

Outwater: Hacks are inevitable.

Creekmur: Yeah, the reason they haven’t smothered reddit4chan for this already is because they’ve been fapping to them for the last 6 months p.

Burget: It’s entirely automated too.

Dolinsky: Their privacy invasion is collateral damage.

Bindrup: The cloud will be hacked for your nudes.

Reitter: Bots scavenging the internet with dictionary attacks.

Slifko: The one thing i wonder is why the **** they all take nude pictures of themselves, then sook when it gets hacked off their insecure apple ****.

Dolinsky: The hackers are just fixing hte internet.

Bruch: I was an early adopter, had the first sidekick when it came out.

Gerringer: And it tried to do the whole ‘autosync’ everything.

Loepp: Before android and ios were really a thing.

Dolinsky: And i was like, wait, what??

Gocek: It’s like printing 1,000,000 copies of you in a centerfold pic and placing them on a table out in the open with a note that says “don’t look”.

Ceroni: Trusting anything apple is ridiculous.

Miltner: Thinking “p***word” is secure is ridiculous.

Maschio: It’s not people guessing.

Neiswender: To that end trusting anything anything is ridiculous mdev.

Shuster: It’s a computer guessing.

Marceaux: Trusting anything you don’t undertstand with your most valuable data is also ridiculous.

Vormwald: Just buy a damn camera lol.

Neiswender: What are people who don’t understand tech supposed to do?

Neiswender: It’s the responsibility of technologists to do a better goddamn job.

Agnello: Not use digital cameras for incriminating or nude photos.

Stremlow: That don’t automatically upload your photos via the itnernet.

Pineda: It’s the convenience. That & being lazy.

Siu: When there’s a will, there’s a way.

Poyner: Meaning no system is 100% secure.

Tagalog: Right, but it’s like the same thing with online wallets, ***le, bitcoin, whatever.

Omullan: The people who design these things are just thinking “$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! ” not privacy, security, etc.

Ceroni: You can make a system 100% secure.

Perruzza: It will always be safer to have a secure offline wallet.

Neiswender: My mom’s a programmer, but my stepdad isn’t technologically inclined.

Mccullon: Cryptsy dogeltc 0. 00002630 dogeusd 0. 00013715 dogebtc 0. 00000027.

Neiswender: Does that mean he doesn’t get to use online banking?

Czapski: I post pics of me taking bong rips on my facebook publicly and don’t understand why i can’t get a job?

Neiswender: We can only teach so much.

You: Can but then some people complain.

Barket: Just like your nude photos will always be safer when not automatically uploaded to another computer, the location of which you are not allowed to know.

Beine: Elfers joe doesn;t understand tech.

Dolinsky: You gotta replace the “s”‘s with “dollar signs”.

Comber: Icloud allowed unlimited p***word guessing on accounts without any rate limiting or blocking of repeated attempts. The script uploaded to github a few days ago did all the work.

Gauntner: That said, yeah, it’s sad their privacy was invaded.