Oldow on line 162, put.

Yokoyama: Minasian, https://gist.github.com/RoySegall/f3e1bbadc4dcf6b92c8a

Minasian: Dbclick is misspelled

Scipioni: Minasian, :. 10x. Shouldn’t this be like the name of the method?

Minasian: The name of the method is the same.

Minasian: Http://api.jquery.com/dblclick/

Minasian: And it’s done the other way around – the convenience method is named after the event

Koehring: Minasian i was prtty sure i used .dbclick before. Any way 10x

Bhaskar: By the way – why live was deprecated?

Minasian: Because everything was moved to .on

Whitlach: Hi, how do I do something if someone clicks on an object in an svg which is inside an img tag?

Saile: Select the element and bind a listener?

Cefalo: I have added a loading gif image in a lazy loading image grid

Plavnik: How do i Bacote the size of the gif. its taking the entire box

Parizo: I’ve just discovered jsfiddle.net and it shows a lot of javascript libraries. What is a rule of thumb to determin which library is best suited for a particular site?

Dorrian: There’s no rule of thumb – you use what you know and what you need

Papasergi: Hi can somebody help me with a form submission issue, there are a few steps to get there, http://bit.ly/109Y1ND

Creitz: Hmm looks like there is a issue getting this to work to demo

Moorehead: So basic issue without an example is i have a form/form and button out of it, when i click the button i am submitting the form, and I know its calling the function coz i got a message, but the form does not get submitted

Lobos: Ie page does not change

Laduke: Im trying to get the localhost online without much luck right now

Langlinais: Larado: did you check the debugger console?

Langlinais: Larado: is the event handler on the form or the button?

Langlinais: You are listening for submit event?

Langlinais: Larado: i.e. $’form’.on’submit’, .

Naasz: Form id=”orderfrm” http://pastebin.com/u9jfEXB4

Langlinais: Larado: anyway, in the browser debugger, activate the network tab, reload your page, and clear the network tab, then do what you think should post and look at network request

Kubly: Button id complete-order

Sprengeler: It is redundant to say form#orderfrm – it will lookup by id and if not found ignore the rest

Sprengeler: Oldow: did you execute $’#orderfrm’ in the debugger Sherman?

Sprengeler: Or, at line 162, add: if $’#orderfrm’.length === 0 throw “where’d it go?”;

Sprengeler: Oldow: if that selector doesn’t match, the .submit will have no effect

Sandra: Nothing happens with line 162

Sprengeler: Did you execute $’#orderfrm’ in the debugger with that page ready to do a submit test run?

Ehret: If $’#orderfrm’.length === 1 throw “where’d it go?”; shows the message

Sprengeler: Oldow: #domregsubmit ?

Sprengeler: Is that a parent of the form?

Camacho: Just ran $’#orderfrm’ and got form output in console

Bakerville: That is a different form

Sprengeler: Does that form have an action attribute?

Sprengeler: There is no submit handler.

Sprengeler: Do you have a Waldrup= or action= attribute on the form?

Pinon: Action=”/whmcs/cart.php?a=checkout”

Panico: I cant seem to change the admin port of my router from 80 yo 8080 if not i could have probably got this online

Leibel: The site doesnt work on any other port

Mckinny: Unless you see something in the js, give me a few mins im trying to figure out the port issue

Sprengeler: Accept incoming req at port n, forward that to webserver at whatever port

Sprengeler: Oldow on line 162, put Sherman.log$’#orderfrm’.serialize

Since merge-with is varargs.

Styles: Mdrogalis: https://github.com/dbasch/twittercloud

Winckler: EvanR: i’m pretty sure #datomic is a thing

Olsen: Mdrogalis: #gamergate what could go wrong

Martiniz: I still dont understand what gamergate is. I tried multiple times :

Tashjian: But, not relevant for Melbert I guess.

Beldin: Thanks guys Ill check those links.

Hauskins: Is there a guide line concerning the order of a function’s arguments?

Gutreuter: Defn myfn x coll remove #{x} coll

Quintela: Defn myfn coll x remove #{x} coll

Olsen: Mmeix: cols come last typically

Hudman: Makes it easier to partial-ize!

Winckler: Olsen, mmeix: sequences go last; other kinds of collections usually go first

Llamas: There are examples of both

Laming: Strings usually go first

Winckler: Olsen: see, for example, update-in, ***oc, etc

Hanft: Ok, is there some rationale behind this, besides partializing, or is this just a stylistic thing?

Knollman: Winckler justin_smith not sure whether just was joking or not but forcing a code formatter on all developers in the company works great!

Olsen: Style and allowing – as an idiom on sequence last functions

Winckler: Mmeix: – for sequences, – and the unified update model for other stuff

Winckler: Eg, it lets you write swap! x update-in :people conj mmeix

Olsen: The_danko: pre-commits that lint, test and reindent are awesome :D

Derryberry: Notes term “unified update model”

Winckler: Which wouldn’t work unless update-in and conj both took their collection argument first

Canela: The_danko: forcing everyone to use emacs usually not so great

Winckler: Mmeix: i’m probably the only person who still says it. it was a name that stuart halloway i think popularized years ago to describe how updating functions work together in the way i just showed

Stockholm: Olsen: interesting! would love to hear more. justin_smith: ha, agreed. i made the guys to do it with eclipse and intellij can use the same format files.

Hanz: Olsen: we did not do pre-commit checks though. also i have never heard of lint until now.

Bessinger: Olsen: care to elaborate?

Olsen: The_danko: the idea is just that if you have code climate requirements whitespace/formatting/tests/test coverage you write git hooks that prevent code from reaching staging without satisfying all these requirements. I personally choose to inflict them on myself almost all the time.

Glembocki: Olsen so you just reject commits instead of autoreformatting?

Byam: Justin_smith: it’s hard to imagine merge-with vector ever being a good plan. better to start from {:a 1 .} and use merge-with into

Grave: Byam: yeah, working an a merge-with / into solution right now

Schmertz: Yea my starting vector could be many entries

Byam: Stracquatanio fn acc m Stracquatanio fn m k v if contains? m k update-in m k into v ***oc m k v acc m {} vector-of-maps?

Schmertz: That seems a bit harder to follow than my solution :/

Ocain: Schmertz: one difference though is it comtains exactly two names I wouldn’t know already based on my knowledge of clojure

Byam: Does less preprocessing than justin_smith’s, but is probably harder to follow

Schmertz: So you create a set of all the keys from the map

Teig: Schmertz: all the keys from all the maps

Schmertz: Then you Stracquatanio the maps onto that set ofkeys

Schmertz: Using merge-with conj

Wheetley: Inc case they have different keys

Schmertz: Yes all keys from all maps

Organek: Actually there was some silliness in there

Thorne: Since merge-with is varargs we can just use apply

Watched a friend yank 3.

Scites: Replaced throttle casble and rebuilt the carb

Stedronsky: Put on new tires/tubes

Honeyman: Pardon my interjection mates, but I was wondering how I would go about making an LCD screen in sungl*** lens or perhaps goggle lenses?

Waddles: Yeah I seen that biscuitwizard

Derricott: The idea is to itnegrate it into a raspberry pi and arduino and project a fully functional operating system into the lenses of which i can navigate using an NES POwerglove-esque kind of band on my arm for inputs.

Crumlish: Incantation: do you plan on travelling the city by night solving crimes?

Mohamed: Not the first cl***i moped I;ve seen in my 37 years

Felder: Heck, I have a shed full of old 1970’s yamaha dirtbikes/enduros

Pritts: Linux_probe: I love them. One of my main hobbies and only transportation cause I think they’re adorable and dorky. Great on mileage, too

Sivels: And insurance is great

Fickel: My friend int he late 90’s early 2000’s we called him “dan-dan the moped man”

Rokisky: Well, we wera ll into the gr***es back then, he was a bit younger

Eastland: Well, moe like vac*** lung x 10 and see who fell over or geeked out first

Erspamer: I was always called upon to set “breaker points”

Rosencrans: Oh yeah. points ignition

Zilliox: That’s what I just upgraded from with that hpi unit, to computer ignition

Maisonet: It’s still ****og, but that’s neat.

Notah: What are for electrical circuits to make

Bisker: 2 strokes mopped should be banned.

Secreto: Yeah, even all the early 70’s junk in shed is all electronic ignition

Leinhart: Had to have a dial indicator and mount for sprk plug hole

Brekke: It’s an old suzuki branded one from about 1972?

Baur: Did anyone have any insight into my question?

Trowel: Bill Wi the Science Fi?

Calkin: I’m surprised people still watch/know of him

Lafranca: I was 16 when he started out on tv

Jerauld: Or as bill nye the science guy

Magierski: Highschool/career center :

Pico: By then I was working as maint. staff as a nursing home

Mihal: And doing skilled labor on rental property

Spiewak: Was bored as hell at career center

Arcino: _ teachers pet because I knew what he did

Mckennzie: Infact, I repaired majority of ther broken lab equipment electronics in my dumb choice of industrial electricity

Clas: I was also the only one to short out 480V 3phase phase to phase short after old worn out motor controller arced one contact and the mechanical interlock didn;t stop it

Hones: It;s amazing how high an unmounted unloaded 8HP motor will jump off the floor when reversed directly without stopping

Mcconn: When you think about it DC-DC boost controllers are extremely dangerous things

Parker: They can turn a relatively harmless 3.7V lipo into something lethal

Mcdonalds: Teacher spazzed thinking someone got hurt, nope, it blew a wire off terminal strip on wall. crap setup they did year beforehand, although ti did flashburn 3 cl***mates eyes and I had copper spatter on my back

Catrett: Lucky for me I liked my leather coat

Snowdeal: What about ladder boosters

Altes: Anton02, want to ask my friend about the little model aircraft strobe light circuit

Revord: The most dangerous things are those which appear harmless but actually aren’t

Waddill: It was a 9v ciruit with a fault somewhere, he series connect two 9v batteries together and promplty landed on his *** about 5′ back

Sandigo: Gave me a good lol though, i told him it’s high voltage

Beedham: Small 1″ long xenon strobe tube

Corprew: Watched a friend yank 3 phase 208V leads out of a test board once also