Vaillancourt: where you.

Arntz: Sac: The files are on the left most pane,

Swiatek: How will u see my code

Stpierre: Click the second to bottom icon on the right side two arrows in a square and put it in collaboration mode.

Winkenwerder: Or you can also press “Fork” and then Save it it requires you to signin with GitHub account

Swiatek: Is compulsary to sign in first

Quitedo: Maybe Spot__ will put it in collab mode for you if you don’t want to sign up?

Swarb: Http://

Riviere: There’s the collab link

Szumny: I forked also that as a public plunk

Landen: So it’ll be found on the search index

Hodos: I am ***uming a few people have used mailchimp to design emails.

Schumann: I need to develop a similar editor

Asenjo: Would you say AngularJS is not the right library to use it for something like this?

Junior: It’s probably a good fit

Shapino: Guy: You should look already if there’s some good module you could use,

Plesha: I made a email editor type thing in angular recently

Segonia: Do angular components have to be defined before injecting module into another module?

Swiatek: First thanks for help

Mincks: Spot__: WSYIWYG is just a small component of the mailchimp editor.

Swiatek: I know it can u tell me for cascading dropdowns

Strunk: I’ve been using many wysiwyg editors together with SendGrid API, very easy to use mailing solution :

Segonia: Like if i can do: angular.module’a’,; angular.module’b’,’a'; angular.module’a’.value’v’, {};

Swiatek: Thanks fora very nice help to u all guys

Behrman: Damn, sendgrid is expensive

Swiatek: Can u do it for cascading dropdowns

Mccraven: Bd-: It depends how many mails you need to send monthly

Khatcherian: Sac: ‘cascading dropdowns’ is where the choice in the first dropdown affects the options in the second dropdown?

Martorell: Yea, i send quite a lot i guess

Gelger: Bd-: With the free plan, you can get 400 emails per day

Filarecki: Sac: So you need to structure your data object so that you can take the model bound to the first and use it as a filter on the second.

Hookano: Yea, i send at least ~250k/mo

Brimfield: Much cheaper to just rent a server to do it

Sergio: Bd-: Then sendgrid would rob you clean :P

Vranes: Bd-: Then you would be best served with

Swiatek: Spot can u do it for cascading select options

Verling: I can’t get s*** sourcemaps working

Wakins: Hi, noob question; i’m looking to build a catalog/content site, and plan to go with server routing for easy seo; however i’d like a lot of intrapage spa-like features. is angular well suited for that admittedly ***ue project description? :P

Ruts: Ruzu: Do either server side OR angular. Trying to mix them will hurt you. There are other SEO options google them

Ghent: Chicon, I had to go away on a meeting. did you succeed ?

Stephano: Sac:

Menon: Sac: There was already a good example there

Swiatek: I want to show u smthing

Jocoy: Is there a directive to put and modal box on top of another element instead of obscuring the whole window?

Dale: Yep, that’s the easiest approach

Pomfret: But it would take less than minute to make such directive yourself

Swiatek: Http://

Swiatek: Lookit and i try to bind without $watch

Bonifay: Vaillancourt: where you talking to me? yeah, i’m just writing it myself

So if a user isn’t given.

Judkins: Maniako: by using a function like mysqli_multi_query or allowing multiple statements in some other way in other APIs

Delinois: Maniako: so if you inject to SELECT, you can only select, but you can select from other tables

Frase: If you inject to INSERT, you can only add some unexpected values or data from other tables to the table that the original insert is inserting to

Voisinet: So does that answer my question?

Perino: Read what I wrote above

Iffert: You can’t inject INSERT to SELECT unless developer in idiot

Caudel: So just to confirm . if the user doesn’t have “drop” privilege. injecting “drop” statements on behalf of that user will not work

Abdulmateen: You can’t inject drop statement unless

Hoversten: Hengl: 1 more thing. table user_submissions wouldn’t have unqiue key wouldn’t the query to find all users listing that item be slow just using non unique submission ids?

Quatrevingt: Nakti are u ****in drunk?

Hengl: Kmand: Add a key for user_id and a key for submission_id on user tables, and no those indexes would be very fast.

Hengl: On the user_submissions table*

Hoversten: Hengl: i could add unique key in user’s table and submission table but can’t add unique to user submission because as you said there would be multiple submission ids and multiple users. example: 775, user 1 and 775, user2

Hengl: Kmand: Then add the index user_id, submission_id to user_submissions. Keys can have more than one column.

Duenwald: Maniako: have you ever injected anything to mysql?

Hoversten: Hengl: so add unique index for columns user_id and submission_id in user_submissions?

Hengl: Kmand: CREATE INDEX idx_user_id_submission_id ON user_submissionsuser_id, submission_id

Hoversten: Hengl: yeah but that wouldn’t be unique index

Hengl: Kmand: Yes it would? How can a user submit the same submission_id twice

Hoversten: Hengl: i mean it would be unique because of my side but not in the table. but I get what you mean.


Hoversten: Hengl: but wouldn’t it be better just to seperate the indexes submission_id and user_id. so a query can be run to return all users from specific submission_id?

Hengl: Kmand: I would probably put indexes on user_id, submission_id and submission_id on that table.

Molony: Does privilege prevent sql injection to some significant degree?

Bratton: Kmand: is there a submission table?

Hengl: Maniako: Your question is stupid and malformed and repeating it won’t magically give you some useful answer.

Soriano: Submission has only one user, right? add user_id field to submission table

Tai: Hengl go to sleep ***got

Hengl: Maniako: Sanitizing inputs prevents SQL injection, not privileges.

Hoversten: Hengl: also what if user is no longer authoring that item. just remove where user_id=user from user_submissions?

Hengl: Paarmann: No, Submissions – Users is a many-many relationship

Hengl: Paarmann: I’m trying to explain how to use a junction table for it.

Muchler: Does privilege prevent sql injection to some significant degree?

Selic: If i was informed i wouldn’t be asking this question

Hoversten: Hengl: Paarmann there is a submission table

Hoversten: The tables as you have said are users, submissions, user_submissions

Lehigh: You do not need linking table for one to many relation

Shauer: Having trouble starting a slave db, pastie here

Hengl: Kmand: If a user is no longer authoring an item, you need to do WHERE user_id = x and submission_id = y, just doing user_id = x will remove them from all submissions.

Kraska: So if a user isn’t given the right to “create” , injecting create statements would not work right?

Depends o the application.

Browley: Nmap -p 0-2000 a.b.c.d

Reinert: Laudeman: Twain and Minette are generally good reads, tho Minette is not so easy, he tends to do things to the English language that some folks cannot enjoy. If you want light reading, Hi***en and Pratchett are good fun.

Meigel: If it needs to be from the free public domain part i’d go for HG Wells or so instead of twain

Lajara: P0g0_: I had been meaning to start discworld, actually.

Stary: Will look into the other ones :

Slowey: I was disappointed the game wants 386 :p

Schrumpf: Wells is OK, tells a good story. He doesn’t touch any of the human condition stuff that Twain or Minette do tho. I have, fwiw, climbed Mt. Sneffles.

Milnes: Im not into human condition stuff:p

Dilan: Being a human, you might want to reconsider that.

Eveleth: That would require naval gazing.

Kilman: Somewhere in there is an insight or two that might serve you well.

Thamann: No it don’t have a co-processor.

Shifferd: But it does not matter, linux have software co-processor.

Ganley: Sanzilla: and a VM so you could just emulate that 386

Kol: Can you do electronic suff with VM?

Verrelli: Sanzilla: you want a copy of MS win3.1 for that 386?

Bartram: Sanzilla: well, I just read a comment about using a VM with wireless NICS, so in some cases, yes you can do some electronic-like stuff with a VM.

Fought: First I use dos-box to program. But finally when I need to play with ISA , I ask for donations. Some IT manager guy have donate me a old 386.

Cantwell: The whole rig- a motherboard, RAM, etc?

Traber: Ya with old green monitor.

Wosher: Ohh, steam-punk almost.

Kreidler: He is thanking me about taking that home.

Delmonaco: One man’s rubbish is another man’s gold.

Maynard: Very little gold in that 386

Kaeding: I got a AMD c50 processor with registered microsoft windows 7, this is where I’m typing this msg.

Ancar: P0g0_ : for gold harvesting you better order a motherboard lot on ebay.

Gard: Sanzilla: I’ll stick to panning the creeks of Placer County.

Delmonaco: C50, how it is performing?

Zurich: Does anybody try gold harvesting ? I think it’s profitable , but it’s chemically Weissgerber job. I can earn money money by doing screen printing.

Merritts: C50 is good for what I’m doing.

Brezina: Only 9W of energy to my laptop.

Tilton: Where energy have a price here.

Bakios: Sanzilla: usually there is a lot of Frenzel involved in gold recovery, and from the old motherboards, smelting some noxious stufff.

Delmonaco: All the carcinogens on the old equipments.yuckkyyy.

Harders: Sanzilla: I’d stick with screen printing. You might even find a client here that wants a circuit board screened.

Reddig: Ya. That’s why I told screen printing is more healthy job than gold mining from motherboards.

Vinup: Last time we did a PCB is in April. But what we do is for politics. It’s hot these days.

Tirpak: Is there anything “fixed” that dictates how much current something draws?

Delmonaco: Fixed voltage and fixed Rload = fixed current :-/

Tannery: Delmonaco: Rload? I have a feeling resistance is very much involved here

Caradonna: Cardiff-, the speed of light?

Buchert: Open ended question there

Foret: The available coulombs.

Crytzer: Shrdlu-: lulz. I’m very tired and try to wrap my head around electrons and their ways.

Tarbox: I guess my question can be summed up as “how long is a rope?”

Dygert: Cardiff-, values like charge are literally based on the speed of light

Gauze: Depends o the application used