Yes my name is, hellashibe mcgruder,.

Viscome: Two g’s in tigger, that’s right.

Varda: Yeah but g are traigger so call it ‘trigers’ plos.

Bava: Big ultrasoak coming?

Mieras: The doge shall provide.

Cipkowski: Half life 3 confirmed.

Demichele: Half life 3. 00m soak confirmed.

Varda: Demichele, fix it fix it fix it.

Mudgett: Moonshiners on the moon, brewing illegal Vilca on the dark side of the moon.

Dornan: Oh my *** is swelling up like a teki torch, chicken u feel so good.

Dornan: Oh goat sim, u make me want to go to pluto, leave them ***** on the goat, i want to tender piece!

Clearwater: Wow m8 hay m8 wow hi.

Kempler: Smallin i havent seen you b4!

Okerson: Yah i kinda just got back today from a 3 month haitus.

Smoots: If thats how u spell haitus.

Trobough: Back to doge all together.

Matson: But also sorta doge, i havent been keeping up much with doge.

Iulianetti: This spring i did something similar.

Tetley: Life gets in the way of our circlejerk!

Krug: But things are in full swing again for me thahandyman, just finished 3d printing a doge.

Ground: Varda say what hermano?

Daudier: Smallin nice! Mapa, metal?

Hildenbrand: Why do i have 3 million ff tabs open?

Baudoin: I thought about getting shibe mint coins with my doge.

Lazard: I currently have approx. 7 1200 doge 14 soaking in approx. 7 4hrs 43mins.

Eheler: Such Pl***man tipped much Ɖ1 to Snapp! To claim msg doger help 5ef693ea.

Wyse: Thanks4 Pl***man for the4 Ɖ1, this will be soaked soon! This decreased the time until the soak by 13secs! ×13.

Flohr: But the silver is about $16 more expensive than a providence metals oz. That i can buy with doge, so.

Breitenfeldt: Such Smallin tipped much Ɖ200 to Snapp! To claim msg doger help fdb3278e.

Thramer: Thanks4 Smallin for the4 Ɖ200, this will be soaked soon! This decreased the time until the soak by 26mins 15secs! ×7. 875.

Korzep: Such Smallin tipped much Ɖ51 to Snapp! To claim msg doger help bb5d1bd8.

Logemann: Thanks4 Smallin for the4 Ɖ51, this will be soaked soon! This decreased the time until the soak by 31secs! ×0. 625.

Brezee: Ok i can’t stay awake longer.

Almsteadt: It is the end of times.

Suber: Sleep well with your large rat, Risien.

Goatley: Greetings shibes, i’m the cdo of dogemerican industries.

Ster: Happy birthday and goodnight.

Olores: As the cdo of dogemericore, it’s a pleasure to shibe here.

Worn: Do you want music to amaze your friends?

Lashway: My balance is less than 25% of the goal.

Varda: Is this club such use.

Colar: You can use it anywhere.

Barchacky: You can use it anywhere.

Marentis: My bedroom is a club.

Obhof: Its the most epic drop in electronic music’s history.

Schwertfager: The common area is not.

Kolakowski: Good morning everyone, hue to you all!

Harmann: Goodness, are lawyers webmanagers now?

Beesley: Soundcloud uses cookies. By using our services, you’re agreeing to our cookie policy. We have updated our privacy policy, effective as of 21 august 2014. By using our services you’re agreeing to the updated policy.

Rouleau: Hellashibe mcgruder, jr. , at your service son.

Rocke: Every site usually has a privacy policy.

Rocke: I have one on my site just for adsense purposes.

Sooy: I’m all about crashing memory dumps on ddr2.

Paysen: Yes my name is, hellashibe mcgruder, scotchterrier.

Or more like in disbelief but would.

Schweizer: Like i get it better now and experience less problems with it but every now and then i get scope creep or i guess in proper terms execution context creep.

Schweizer: Idk higher order functions are hard to deal with imho.

Schweizer: Me too which is unusual i guess seeing as all my friends whom are studying kernel hate it.

Parmenter: Well, i mostly like c too.

Campbell: I like small languages.

Schweizer: Me too i dislike c for the reason its just too monstrous.

Tempesta: Then again, i guess i like some big languages too cuz i like ruby.

Guittar: Well, i think c would be awesome if it had namespacing.

Schweizer: Agreed but you can just be a c programmer using c.

Schweizer: Haha thats what i do almost exclusively for namespacing and a couple of other nifty features in c.

Schweizer: Like there advanced math libraries are much better in c.

Bardsley: I don’t really know c.

Schweizer: Never found an inverse kinematics library in c at least i haven’t there may be one.

Schweizer: There is actually a node. Js inverse kinematics library interestingly enough.

Roaf: Didn’t rockbot write that?

Ravert: She’s pretty much a total bad***.

Schweizer: She is absolutely a total bad*** inverse kinematics is not easy math.

Schweizer: Although i found it to be incomplete i guess my use case was a bit out of scope of her library unfortunately.

Schweizer: But its for production code that is going to be patented or possibly not idk anymore we will see if njit continues the process.

Schweizer: Its not just my interest at stake unfortunately as soon as i did research at the university they want like 45% of the commercial application of whatever your research is about.

Schweizer: They may get mad if i just release schematics and source code although once i graduate i think i may do that cause i think someone else could totally run away with that project and make it awesome.

Anzai: There are loads of ik libs for cc.

Schweizer: Ive lost motivation quaternions are hard and 9 dof quaternions are next to unbearably complex.

Anzai: They’re mostly unnecessary though since ik implementations are all pretty well do***ented and all you need is a well featured linear algebra lib.

Anzai: Ik is one of those things you usually just end up rolling your own of if you’re not using a toolchain or engine that has builtin support.

Anzai: So you have no available source for this lib?

Anzai: Do you offer some kind of exceptionally efficient solver or something?

Schweizer: No its a privately used library for a very specific use case.

Schweizer: Its not supposed to be a generally usable ik solver.

Schweizer: Why would i write one of those when 4 already exist?

Anzai: There are considerably more than 4 solvers. There are more than 4 categories of ik solver.

Schweizer: Just get in matlab you can do what you need in there.

Schweizer: There are like 4 robotic platform libraries that are all accessible to making calls in cc.

Schweizer: Major sure i am sure everyone who wrote one of their own but there are typically used libraries for this sort of thing.

Schweizer: And yes lots of doctoral work is based in matlab as scary as that is.

Schweizer: I don’t see why you wouldn’t write it in c and then just make a matlab wrapper function but i guess thats why they are bme doctors and i am not.

Anzai: Wha? There are acmieee whitepapers like every year dedicated towards refining ik algorithms.

Schweizer: That ive never seen a php ik solver?

Blind: Not a php ik solver haha.

Rossing: A lot of people use php.

Schweizer: Oh okay i was like wow i am impressed.

Schweizer: Or more like in disbelief but would be impressive how bad it would be.

I would save a bunch of money that way.

Medeiras: Why be seperate from the computer at all?

Rippee: A microsd isn’t exactly the most reliable thing.

Shub: How do i calculate the snubber for a relay driving a transformer.

Shub: And like double it and use that as the cutoff frequency for rc?

Mccroskey: Yeahhhh! I think i did it!

Bentzinger: I can’t clean all the flux up. Sue me.

Rocray: But i rejoined the traces.

Vinal: The bottom one doesn’t seem fixed.

Clardy: The bottom one is ground.

Bonnoitt: And is still connected on the other layer.

Canniff: I grabbed your board.

Canniff: So i am going to sue!

Moenius: It was so difficult to do.

Tsukamoto: To the sticky flux on the board.

Ramsfield: It looks easy with the magnification.

Tsukamoto: And Canniff pulled me to the floor too.

Hitt: If only my eyes could see what that camera could see.

Canniff: I expect $30,000 in my paypal account by tommorow morning Rank.

Tsukamoto: So i’m suing both of you.

Tsukamoto: I’ll take 25% of that, Canniff.

Sebold: I wonder if digi will one day regret having only 4 billion unique addresses for xbees. Maybe they figure if and when that happens they’ll have moved on to something completely different.

Canniff: I used a #4 but my cousin is obsessed with the #2.

Sebold: It’ll never happen anyway, i think i fail to realize how big 4 billion really is. I mean hell, we’ve survived a long time with 32 bit ip addresses, after all.

Canniff: Anything called a #2 he’ll use for anything and everything.

Lifland: It’s barely above half the number of people on earth.

Sebold: Well if an xbee could be used for ultracheap computing for developing countries then they’re *****ed.

Sebold: What the heck is this #1,2,3,4 business.

Canniff: Anyway tawr i took a #1 comb to my face.

Canniff: Now my goatee is nice and small.

Tsukamoto: Middle is around 4″ maybe 5 in certian places.

Sebold: 5 in certain places, including pubes?

Canniff: Admit it, you’d look funny with #2 clippered hair.

Sebold: I need a personal weather station.

Shub: Check out mine hjf. Bot. Nu 5555graph. Htm.

Canniff: Note Matley is plotting my death right now.

Shub: The black paint makes it so nice.

Shub: And the gold connector makes it so awesome.

Sebold: Did you built it from scratch or buy a kit?

Sebold: I probably will just buy a premade kit to make life easier.

Loghry: I used a tiny piece of magnet wire on the middle trace.

Sebold: Only problem is getting an anemometer up in such a way that neighbors don’t cry about it.

Styer: Just enough to bridge both sides of the trace.

Shub: I bought all the sensors off ebay then made a pcb with a pic.

Shub: This the mod i made to my tv.

Shub: Spdif output from the hdmi receiver ic.

Sebold: Doesn’t look like you are capturing wind speed.

Shub: No, i built an anemometer but i never got to calculate it.

Sebold: That’s the most painful part and i think for the most part we can live without wind speeddirection.

Shub: Another thing i’d like is a rain gauge.

Sebold: Yes, that actually is something i have to have.

Shub: I have one i bought for $20, wireless. Very nice.

Sebold: So i can control my sprinklers by hacking the control panel in some way.

Shub: Batteries been in it for 4 years and it still works.

Sebold: I would save a bunch of money that way.