I love my Windows 7 &.

Andrino: Custom recovery cd to reload the system, however I don’t want to use such a CD because it will no doubt load a bunch of crapware on the system, never mind the fact I would have to reload the OS. Surely there is a way around this short of cracking the system?

Broward: Entelin, do you know how I can find the same tool you used to read the code from bios

Lamott: RWEverything, ACPI tab – MSDM tab its on the bottom

Lusk: Me llamo tengo Windows 7

Carualho: Porto no gustan BSOD?

Willbanks: H4MZA, this is primarly a english speaking channel

Kryst: H4MZA, I could try translating for you of course but that would be slow

Garthwaite: I came here for no reason

Liedberg: Im ignoring you for no reason :

Echegoyen: Btw if anyone recalled me mumbling about some software that didnt work in IE after a profile Weatherly, well it works once then went wrong

Kietzer: I fixed it for this 1 user

Stavsvick: I did a gupdate force/ and sfc .scannow , removed and readded IE through programs and features, znd randa chkdsk , god knows what actually fixed the fault, obviously deleted the profile 1 more time

Frutos: Yet ironically i did the same thing on the other 2 users computers and it hasnt fixed the issue

Glosser: So im just blown away

Hockenberry: Im fairly sure i did everything in the same order

Hollway: Why something works once in IE 11 then goes wrong the 2nd time the user does it, just boggles my mind

Sahady: How do I control my desktop win 7 from my Win 8/1 Mob?

Mctighe: I notice that even if I check the “remember my credentials” box when in the “map network drive” section of explorer, this doesn’t not in fact happenh; whenever I reboot the drives do not reconnect. fixes? This is win7.

Frohock: CLG: I just got here. What is your question?

Mittlestadt: Ok what the flying f–k

Chrest: You cant clone Windows 8.1 i guess

Hizkiya: I just did w. clonezoller

Vanscoter: The cloned ones w/ legal keys via sysprep are giving me BSOD

Frankina: Same hardware!, all 3 are the same

Trivedi: Then why am i getting the error

Cauthron: The master works fine

Kaucher: S_subzero: my question is

Maybee: The 2 clones givng me the error on startup

Govindeisami: How do I control my desktop win 7 from my Win 8/1 Mob?

Madaras: It worked fine when not cloned

Flaim: You restored the clone to the original pc it was cloned from and it works

Conkrite: The hardwaere is fine on all 3

Fehr: The other 2 had XP on them

Teuteberg: Oh great we have linus torvald II here

Tesreau: I have no idea i dont play with any hand held objects

Flaim: I dont have any idaes

Lockmiller: Great to meet you all of you

Agin: Hi clg hows it hangin man

Alier: I am CLG, a dude from the internet

Bethurum: Doing some mainetance on my Win 7 pro x64

Howser: And setting up my new Win 8.1 phone =

Mantooth: I’m CLG – a Windows evangelist

Nardo: CLG comes from CALIGULA

Alderton: But sometimes I find Nero to be more amusing :D

Flaim: Brosco could it be something with AHCI or legacy modes

Aceret: Or the warrior and leaders like Julius Caesar and AugustusOctavian

Elhaj: Yes, thank you, Let’s stay on topic

Flaim: When i used to clone xp i had to switch between modes to use restore softare, and switch mode to boot into xp again

Gian: Kothari, what can i do to fix?

Jethva: These are Acer Aspire Revo R4700

Krom: I love my Windows 7 & 8/1

Da***inkXXXX: there’s.

Paschal: Make sure you got the polarity right ok?

Lapitan: Like plus to plus and minus to minus

Pohlman: If you get that backwards that has made a LOT of people sad over the ages

Lookabaugh: But thans for the warning

Stanert: But but opposites attract

Gumaer: And off pingo goes to blow it up :

Mattila: Http://i.imgur.com/5UQoGQY.jpg

Manalang: Http://fhs-consulting.com/aa1tj/Diamp.html – amplifier using only diodes

Brister: I will have to read that Dianora

Drude: What’s the best way to disconnect my battery when the voltage drops too low

Sheneman: Um. huge wire cutters

Drude: JoeLlama: thanks for trying

Bigio: Hello, four hundred and eighth guest

Bigio: I am a little tired; otherwise good

Hind: You don’t wanna know what he did to the 407th

Bigio: No need to make small talk if you have a question

Fellenbaum: The Benckendorf of oz lion outfit went for a cool 3mil

Bigio: 3mil is pretty tight spacing

Drymon: Well, i’m an electronics noob.

Drude: Redryder: what are you going to do with it?

Bigio: So am i, sometimes i just feel like i know more

Bigio: 3 mil is 0.08mm or so

Bigio: Most pcb processes can’t even handle that!

Drymon: Ok. Maybe you can help me. How do I convert a 5V output without AC to lets say 250 volts?

Bigio: You make it into AC anyway, basically

Drymon: Knowing my output has 40mA.

Drude: Would i want my low voltage disconnct to be before or after my regulator

Bigio: The usual way is a boost converter or flyback converter

Bigio: Drude: i’d think before, otherwise you have the quiescent current from the regulator still draining the battery

Drymon: A transformer right? I’ve seen some circuits flying around on the internet. What I think I need is a capacitator and a transformer. But which? there are so many with so many specs.

Bigio: Drymon: you need more than that

Bigio: Drymon: transformers only work with AC

Drude: I entered this circuit into ltspice including creating a few models for the mosfet and the reference but it still shows 1V at the output when the input is 1V

Drymon: So what more Do I need?

Bigio: Drymon: a boost or flyback converter, basically, have a switch, a coil or transformer, a diode and a capacitor

Drude: Http://electronicdesign.com/site-files/electronicdesign.com/files/archive/electronicdesign.com/files/29/6403/figure_01.gif

Bigio: Drymon: the switch is usually a transistor

Bigio: Drymon: but you also need something that makes a control signal for the transistor

Bigio: Drymon: practically, you use a chip that will turn on the switch at the right times. it might also have the switch and maybe even the diode built in

Bigio: Drymon: but it’s not an easy project

Bigio: Drymon: what’s it for?

Drymon: I’m using an arduino.

Bigio: What do you need the 250V for

Drymon: First, your name is red so I guess you are whispering to me? how do I do that here?

Merli: Is it bad to turn IC on and off really fast

Larmore: This is so embarr***ing. I asked if someone knew a good cheap board with wifi, and someone linked me a nice $20 board on a chip, about the size of a thumb, but I Fire what it’s called. Anyone know what it was?

Drymon: I’m trying to immitate a Loosier Musle System.

Bigio: Drymon: i am saying your nickname in my mesages

Bigio: It’s called highlighting

Bigio: Da***inkXXXX: there’s cheaper ones, depending on what you need

Sorry, I’m just glancing.

Heard: I must have been busy making a fool of myself

Stagger: Why would that be google’s responsibility

Heard: Because im talking about their employees and the work they’re putting them through

Bundette: Going back to my statement of KNOWING what they are getting themselves into, obviously google’s going to make them sign a waiver

Heard: I’d compare with ptsd but you’ll probably come up with some bs reason why it doesn’t apply

Holderman: Well, has any of these folks been formally diagnosed with ptsd

Heard: You don’t know what ptsd is. :

Heard: This is a useless discussion I think reynir

Brelsford: You have no clue who you are talking to

Bairo: When it comes to trauma and ptsd

Heard: Google employees are usually not subject to traumatic physical harm

Heard: So I doubt any of them have been diagnosed a condition that pretty much can’t occur during their employment

Chessor: I’m drinking tea again

Nill: Is this something new?

Marevka: A Lachut is something that causes an individual to have a ptsd episode

Smucker: Which was acquired by tumblr to mean anything that the user doesn’t like

Heard: It’s also a tool to censor -. that

Schouweiler: I was thinking of another type of trigger

Hannaman: Which is a seperate issue entirely

Chessor: I need more friends that drink coffee

Chessor: It’s important to my identity


Conners: Seems i need spam stuff for my mails now

Conners: I’m finally getting about 4 spam mails a day

Santerre: Http://www.postfix.org/POSTSCREEN_README.html

Conners: Yeah i know how to do it quite well

Conners: 16:27 Conners i’m just lazy

Conners: Well actually i get two spams a day, but they’re doubles

Conners: I think i’ve had this mail server going for 8 months or so

Beckley: DigitalOcean Community Questions Ubuntu 14.04 LAMP Root Directory Incorrect – https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/ubuntu-14-04-lamp-root-directory-incorrect

Paluk: DigitalOcean Community Questions Droplet running WP and Exim won’t email local FQDN – https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/droplet-running-wp-and-exim-won-t-email-local-fqdn

Lovaglio: DigitalOcean Community Questions MySQL Port Listening with Consideration to Virtual Hosts – https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/mysql-port-listening-with-consideration-to-virtual-hosts

Shandley: DigitalOcean Community Questions SPF and DKIM is fine. Still emails go to spam folders. – https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/spf-and-dkim-is-fine-still-emails-go-to-spam-folders

Runkel: How do you watch gravity?

Chandier: Heh, I fall for that every time!

Buchmann: I mean, you can look at the effects for gravity

Kaan: But thats not the same

Lebedeff: C***ini: please explain in great detail

Polselli: Stop playing with your food kids.

Tinson: Hellenbrand Sorry, didn’t get a notification

Veles: Hellenbrand Do you have swap managed in Salt?

Horsford: If there is a salt module for it, do that

Zollicoffer: Otherwise use cmd.run with the unless parameter

Dembo: So, you guys that use Puppet, the trial is free for 10 hosts, is that unlimited time frame?

Marando: That’s for the enterprise version

Beerling: And yes afaik it’s unlimited

Senatore: So there’s a free version then?

Zarn: The 10 host one is for if you want that web UI thing

Ozga: Sorry, I’m just glancing around their website while doing other things.