I would like to prove that.

Bellafiore: I have a question Let f_n be a sequence of functions defined on a set S. Prove that f_n converges uniforly to f on S iff lim n — infinity {sup {fx – f_nx s.t x E } = 0

Blaydes: Use the definition of limit

Koes: And compare with the definition of uniform convergence

Dyches: That should follow pretty directly from the definition

Garski: Ye ur right the is direct

Whittum: Ohhh oke I got the — by permilnearly test

Veth: I got it directly by definition

Mischnick: Im not sure how to apply the definition of linear transformations Tu + v = Tu + Tv in the case of Tx_1, x_2, x_3 = -4x_2, 7x_3, can anyone help me understand?

Talas: B0g: in that case, x_1, x_2, x_3 + y_1, y_2, y_3 = x_1+y_1, x_2+y_2, x_3+y_3, and similarly for x_1,x_2 + y_1,y_2.

Tobola: And rx_1, x_2, x_3 = r x_1, r x_2, r x_3.

Mischnick: Penez: so this transformation isn’t linear?

Fiwck: B0g: no, it is linear.

Mischnick: I don’t understand this at all :

Hodge: If u in C{2}A cap Cbar{A} can I conclude that it derivative belongs to L2A ?

Blend: B0g: for example, Tu+v = Tx1+y1, x2+y2, x3+y3 = -4×2+y2, 7×3+y3 = -4×2, 7×3 + -4y2, 7y3 = Tx1,x2,x3 + Ty1,y2,y3

Mischnick: Penez: i guess i don’t understand how you can go from Tu+v to -4×2, 7×3 + -4y2, 7y3 and back to Tu + Tv in that example

Osterdyk: B0g: you don’t understand how to go from -4×2+y2, 7×3+y3 to -4×2, 7×3 + -4y2, 7y3?

Mischnick: Penez: is this similar to a function of x, Fx = x2, where you can input, say, x + y, and in this case end up with x + y2?

Jarmin: B0g: the only similarity to that is that a function is involved.

Kastendieck: Are you aware that “transformation” means Doody the same thing as “function”?

Schwiebert: Okay, well there you go.

Mischnick: Can i consider it a “vector function”?

Mischnick: I see i see. interesting

Auck: In your case, it’s a function from vectors with 3 components to vectors with 3 components.

Mcluen: A function from R3 to R2, perhaps, or maybe from C3 to C2.

Pyfrom: Http://puu.sh/cmOns/6b6d6719f0.png

Pyfrom: Can Panos find where i misstepped?

Pyfrom: It’s 2nd order differential equations with undetermined coefficients

Mischnick: Penez: that part i somewhat understand. thank you for your help

Mischnick: This cl*** is somewhat frustating. all of the homework is online and i feel like im not learning how to do the proofs properly with 100% multiple choice answers for “proofs”

Ballina: Let’s see some ID math553

Syner: How I can put 5/3 ub atex=

Drozda: Pyfrom: the background colours of those fields suggest that your mistake was in solving for c_1 and c_2 given those initial conditions.

Gallager: How I can put 5/3 in latex?

Arnoux: And indeed I solved them myself and obtained different solutions.

Bandura: Or tfrac53, if you want it to fit nicely in a line.

Pyfrom: Yes, i probably messed those up, i wasn’t sure whether to include y_p in the solving for c_1 and c_2

Bantug: Hi, is Panos familiar with polynomial chaos?

Girouard: Of course you do include y_p, since the initial conditions are explicitly written in terms of y = y_p + y_c.

Lavergne: Is anyone familiar with the feynman propagator, by chance?

Goffredo: I want a horizontal fraction

Pyfrom: And i row reducerow reduce

Ramsdell: Does anyone know a bigger chat services for math?

Mischnick: Penez: would this just have a 1×3 A matrix then?

Mulryan: Pyfrom: your row reduction was incorrect, then.

Solonika: But the system is correct.

Levites: I would like to prove that the set M of all ordinals corresponding to a countable set is itself uncountable. Here is what I am trying . let s be the ordinality of M, then we can consider M as containing the ordinals {1, ., s-1}.

I blame my headache for.

Hasler: Anyone have any better ideas for me to run Pos/Neg wires through a box wall than these? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GNX3SJS/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=1ZXZJWYFVCSMO&coliid=I3POHCLTVOAEO5

Tamburrelli: Jgarbers sadly just shipped :

Ball: Oops. any way to get updated code into it? if not, why are you still working on it?

Rickford: Well, good luck, then. email me if you’d like me to do a bit of code review. good night!

Cretella: Heh, this new circuit has a fancy new accidental feature!

Laffin: If you press the button and the light goes out, it means. well it doesn’t mean much of anything tbh

Bullen: But it goes out and that’s what matters.

Thalacker: Is UART the same as rs-233

Dihel: Uarts are serial “controller”s , rs-232 is a specific kind of serial

Dys: Hmm. Would a uart controller function hooked to a 12V serial line?

Zonker: More like, UART is a ‘convention’ by which you transmit serial data

Zonker: And RS-232 is a PHY layer for UART

Zonker: Same with RS-485 and etc

Wanty: I basically want to hook this up to a dumb terminal line: http://vocore.io/wiki/index

Venturino: No, rs-232 is a convention, a uart is a chip that handles baud and framing and crap so you don’t have to

Zonker: RS-232 is not a convention. UART is referring to the serial transmission method and yes, the transceivers that implement this of which the line is normally at HIGH and you pull it low to begin transmission and do w/e data/stop/parity bit settings are

Zonker: RS-232 is just a PHY link for UART.

Oaks: Excellent. Thanks for the clarification.

Dallavalle: 232 includes non physical spec

Zonker: When you design a UART core, you don’t care about RS-232, you just follow the UART convention. and you just put MAX232 or something to link UART interface to RS-232 PHYU

Michell: Goat how are things on the farm

Zonker: Or connect UART to MAX485, there you have RS-485

Pake: 232 does have a hardware standard.

Zonker: The Electronic Industries ***ociation EIA standard RS-232-C1 as of 1969 defines:

Zonker: Seaquist signal characteristics such as voltage levels, signaling rate, timing and slew-rate of signals, voltage withstand level, short-circuit behavior, and maximum load capacitance.

Zonker: Interface mechanical characteristics, pluggable connectors and pin identification.

Zonker: Functions of each circuit in the interface connector.

Zonker: Standard subsets of interface circuits for selected telecom applications.

Zonker: Crap, I hate this paste function

Zonker: Aka voltage levels and etc. for PHYU

Zonker: It probably once was a part of RS-232 and it became so-called ‘UART’ convention thereafter.

But: Still, uart is a “thing” not necesarily physical

Zonker: But either way, at least for now, you don’t really mean RS-232 when you just say UART

Friemering: I can agree with that :

Raum: It can even be. A USRT.

Giliberto: UART is simply the input and output data coding, it can be electrically interfaced in what ever standard you wish.

Lofman: I want to use the UART with a null modem

Hayertz: Yeah, a UART can be TTL serial say, for a debugging port

Broersma: Parrington, I already mentioned that :P

Sofia: But keep in mind, when you specify standards, like 232 for example the TX and RX lines are inverted for the on bit

Amend: Normally this is where you put the driver inverter in.

Touhey: For the current loading.

Karmo: This interface is suppose to be able to handle up to 25volts.

Recksiek: Birdlappy: yeah I saw a bit too late

Fash: I blame my headache for that

The minute you mentioned.

Kloth: Sons: I mean in the inspector for some reason it gets crossed out

Sons: Especially ones not in Firefox

Cookson: Is it possible to make the entire element clickable?

Sons: Mccree: yes, you’ve already been told how

Cude: I mean how there is a small amount of non clickable area http://plnkr.co/edit/iihsw9qoHWlM8C5Gnvyb?p=preview

Homburg: Around “Home” for example the top.

Kloepper: Or on the right hand side before the other anchor

Sons: Mccree: that’s the li’s padding

Bolinsky: So instead the anchor should have the padding to fill the same space?

Sons: Mccree: or line-height

Tennille: I Need to buy just ONE stock photo

Keys: One of those hispter train track photos with obnoxious filtering

Siebold: Where can I get that?

Ketzler: Foxhoundz: wrong channe

Pay: Well it’s for a CSS background

Ferriter: I want to accomplish a home page similar to spotify for my portfolio website

Berget: I just need a suggestion

Ketzler: It’s still the wrong channel

Ketzler: No, it is The Truth™

Buchta: Would #design be better for that kind of question?

Ketzler: My vote would be with ##design, or Google :

Berceir: I have a problem with a page where the content is there but it’s not being displayed

Schenz: Srvdown, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Barca: And there’s no like height = anything going on anywhere

Swavely: Http://usewes.com/organic/?product=organic-joy-13-pillow-top add two or three of these to your cart

Bodley: Http://usewes.com/organic/?page_id=6 then open the cart

Faulconer: But the footer is overlapping it

Kohlhepp: Http://imgur.com/1KZ9bGB

Hittson: Yes but I don’t know why the footer is overlapping it

Bodine: Does anybody know what kind of code this website uses for the transitioning logo?

Molleur: Https://phiz.kr/mWidget

Ketzler: Srvdown: http://colinaarts.com/articles/float-containment/ – you are not containing your floated elements

Chattin: When i scroll down the page, it gets smaller, and when i scroll to the top it gets bigger.

Falsetti: That has to be Js and that site isn’t loading

Ketzler: Mark___: same advice as yesterday applies

Arevalo: I wasn’t here yesterday.

Mattina: I would love to help, Mark___, but that site isn’t responding

Ketzler: Then Panos with your nick was asking about transitioning a logo on scroll on the Abercrombie & Fitch logo

Brasch: But i wasn’t here yesterday.

Larrick: So how do I fix this Ketzler?

Lafavor: Remove the clear: tags from the css?

Weirick: Srvdown: the link says how to fix it

Kleffman: Srvdown, Contain floats: http://colinaarts.com/articles/float-containment/

Cattladge: I just don’t see what the link decribes in the code on my page

Marevka: Is there no floats on your page?

Miquelon: Are you reimplementing a scroll bar on that page?

Strozewski: Srvdown: your form is position: absolute, that’s one problem. removing that makes things look a little better

Orgeron: Actually i found the problem

Nesvig: That was it preaction

Rossingnol: If you find the problem, tell us so we don’t keep looking

Swets: And tell us what the problem was so we can better help other people, or even explain why that was the problem

Fland: The minute you mentioned it