Anyone recognize the symbol.

Lieser: I’m getting that itch, i wanna kill something. i’m gettin that itch, i wanna shoot something with my trigger finger

Harshfield: Stingers = anti aircraft shoulder fired missile thingies, they use FLIR, heat seeking and the UV-shadow the airplane casts from the suns radiation to lock on to the target, pretty effective

Adrion: Army made me scared of explosives, I hate new years eve, people have no respect for exploding crap

Alesse: It’s funny looking at someone taking a **** throug a thermal imaging device

Boards: Yeah i really want one

Chadsey: X-fak: I read recently that some tinnitus can be treated by changing facial muscles, by surgery, drugs, training, etc.

Payamps: I might save up 1k for a decent one

Lieser: Last person i killed was through a starlight scope. never shot anyone through thermal

Molin: They’re neat, but I’d get night vision goggles instead, them propers flirs require some cooling for the electronics, at least the ones I used

Liska: Well i dont want it for night vision.

Creque: I want it for engineering stuff

Magliocco: They’re great for that

Lex: Im thinking i could charge for it :p

Delisle: Maybe install insulation too

Buen: Some crap for your iphone probably isn’t that precise

Barwell: You can mod them to be an e8 easily

Durnan: I only have NVG, know little about thermal imaging : 9

Ayhens: Shaun414: 1. Take out a small loan & buy it 2. use it/ charge it out etc. 3. Sell it on eBay and get most of your $$ back. Done!

Chura: Lease that ****, tax is better for that, if you have a company, at least here, at the end of the lease you buy it for a low scrap value, sell it to someone and buy it back, reduct that **** twice

Lieser: I love this ****. angry rap

Lieser: Mainstream rappers ****. they aint got the rage that combat vet rappers have

Pacana: Flea86: idk about that

Truesdell: I’m getting sms’es from my summer home, the temperature is low, it says

Buechel: Nothing, found the walking in the forest, some poor recruit Slabaugh them

Hren: Well if you find a flir in the forest

Loud: Lieser: I’m listening to the sound Dr. Phil

Tonozzi: Has all the manuals and extyra stuff too

Hornes: Pretty expensive ****

Sanjurjo: Ha, nah, sorry, gonna keep them :

Vignaux: I’ll give you the flir ;

Coyne: Hi. I’m trying to identify a component in a schematic. It’s the one below OSC1. I think it’s a transistor, but I can’t seem to find a symbol online that matches it:

Bonk: Lieser:

Lieser: DoYouKnow: i bet sgt dunson is torching him. ive not heard that one yet

Tobacco: Sso, sold some ****, got 499 USD, I need a new monitor, my 6 months old one got water damage, what should I get?

Caccamo: Need at least 27″ and 1080p

Lieser: Found his music last night listening to stephen hobbs. my fave song of his is cant back down w/ soldier hard & ana

Schlaefer: Runluke, might as well go for 1440p at that size

Kiehn: Army dudes, watch Armadillo, pretty intense, danish though, but maaaad

Lieser: I’ll try to remember this

Tremmel: Yea, probably, I do mostly video stuff now

Possinger: Looking at ASUS monitors

Menson: Runluke, next week some amazing deals due, 27″ 4K Samsung IPS for $499

Hipsley: Any good deals on flirs?

Lardizabal: Awesome! Remeber our 25% VAT here. though, so everything is a bit more expensive

Bedeker: It’s called “MOMS” it’s a sales tax

Biddix: Anyone recognize the symbol below OSC1?

Could you clarify what you.

Wicks: Once it’s inside setTimeout it stops counting it as a successful control

Wicks: Http://

Wicks: Or rather, so it seems

Below: Ok so I have a jquery form that updates the content on a page, specifically a ul, I have a content editable on the item and that works fine. Now when I add a new item the content is pulled it through ajax and displayed, the problem is that the event handlers for click get attached on the dom load so the new content can no longer use the contentEditable function I have here –

Wicks: You need event delegation

Wicks: Http://

Homewood: To overcome this I used $ “.list” .on “click”, ‘.big-checkbox’, function { // but that doesn’t seem to work with the blur

Wicks: You can use the same Banton for blur

Wicks: You’ll have to not use .blur

Wicks: Also use .on instead of .bind

Reeser: Wicks, thanks that makes sense

Brittman: Anyone comfortable with Google Charts/jquery-csv? Offering a $20 bounty or reddit gold or whatever to fix an issue I’m having. Basically just creating a ChartRangeFilter Visualization.

Brzuchalski: Wicks, like so right? –

Domitrovich: Is there an on keypress?

Alsbury: It looks like some drunk took a fist full of whitespace and hurled it at your code

Wicks: Epperson: yes there is

Parah: Wicks, thanks for your help I got it working

Noda: Wicks, how can I access currentText from the blur method –

Benner: I know it’s not in scope but I don’t really know how to do it

Wicks: You can’t if it’s not in the same scope

Wicks: Paste your code back up let’s see what you’re trying to do

Mosko: Wicks, I got it again, lol

Spaugh: I want to know how to force a blur

Metia: So when a user clicks enter that element goes to blur so it can save the content

Chmielewski: I cannot for the life of me figure out what im doing wrong with trying to unset a radio button

Mcdonell: Element.checked = false ?

Hoinacki: Jakey_: $’input:checked’.prop’checked’, false;

Shell: Do i need an each or something?

Saxon: It doesnt even unset the first radio button group

Lotter: Hi its possible submit form trought ajax but with simulating fake submit button ?

Petrocco: Simulating click on submit button*

Schwenk: Trigger click with ajax in maybe ?

Liggins: But submit send form without ajax or not ?

Kammel: Http://

Sic: Or event will be submit on submit button and in callback i call ajax ?

Kammel: Yes. bind to the submit event and then p*** the form fields to ajax

Andris: So he send which submit button was clicked right

Kammel: Call event.preventDefault inside your callback to prevent the browser from changing the page

He: I need he tell server side which submit was clicked

Deslauriers: If its possible with this :D

Viox: But imho its not real :D

Raniero: Because in callback is normal ajax call and he dont tell server side nothing about which submit button was clicked

Wicks: Rigel: you can’t uncheck a radio’s a radio button. not a checkbox ;

Greenman: Http://

Rothbauer: Does anyone know a plugin that compares two strings in a html view and highlights the difference. I’m trying to use goole-diff-match-patch, but The string i’m comparing includes html tags, and I need the output to be html safe.

Greenman: Could you clarify what you mean by “html safe”?

Yeah, it’s a mess, we.

Hailey: The newer antipsychotics cause weight gain

Lieser: Bad, evil, terrible things.

Jahns: The anticonsulsion **** is to treat my apparent bipolar disorder

Santella: Which seems, when I look back, like the right diagnoseis

Cahee: If I just lost some weight, I’d be even better now

Tator: THat’s not really new though

Labbe: The antidepressants of 10 years ago caused weight gain too

Dibello: And I’m doing pretty good now

Vagliardo: I just need to eat less and exercise

Cerventez: I never gain weight, had the same weight for 15 years,

Strathmann: Ohh if you’re talking about drugs, do you know the one called haldol? a Fowley told it was good to help with my tinnitus

Schmuff: Yeah, haldol is a powerful antipsychotic

Sustaire: 189 punds to 202 depending on shape

Back: My mom was on it, it helped her a *lot*

Cramblet: MDMA doesnø’t work on me, neither does cocaine, really, just makes me feel relaxed

Orloff: She had some other issues that led to her early death

Coughlin: Mainly stuff relating to her hip tissue dying/smoking

Vanwyhe: In my case Fowley said haldol on very low dose

Lieser: Im thankful i can just smoke my weed.

Lieser: It makes me a better person

Lieser: Fixes the pain that makes me not friendly. also makes me concentrate better

Saneaux: Weed ****s me up, I get hyper, depressed, paranoid,

Minder: Runluke: sounds like my mom

Lieser: Yea it aint for everyone

Dziuk: If you exercise, and take antipsychotics and have schizophrenia. and have taken the antipsychotics long enough before exercising that you’re beyond that initial Garand nervousness/anxiety state, you can do a lot of great things

Lafata: Probably should walk the dogs again, 8 hours they manage, means a bit more sleepytime tomorrow,

Consoli: I want to make a flir.

Mt: Is this easy/possible/cheap?

Pelc: Get a seek thermal camera for $200

Palazzo: Shaun414: radio shack sells those for $5

Gabino: DoYouKnow: no they dont

Tabak: Ones we sued in army were like 40 times that

Kiecker: You need a smart phone to use it with

Mierau: Shaun414: yeah, they are p***ive motion detectors

Kosofsky: I was thinking of taking an ir therm and setting it up on a servo to scan

Boliek: DoYouKnow: not a flir

Reyman: Shaun414: Oh, it’s only 1×2

Cholewa: I misunderstood the equation

Beltron: So, infrared thermal imaging right?

Lieser: Runluke: you were army? You might like stephen hobbs and soldier hard, look em up on youtube

Lieser: Also — this song makes me happy for some reason

Draughn: Yeah, army, two years only though, gunnery sergeant

Colantuono: What u use flir for in the army/

Lieser: Thought so. we dont have gunnery sgt in US :

Justian: FLIR? Everything, Stingers, target acqusition, recon etc

Lieser: We used to use FLIR on avengers to spot mexicans running for the border ;

Greenaway: Bad translation, I guess, cannon commander on a self propelled howitzer

Lieser: Marines have gunnery sgt. everywhere has different rank systems, even different services too

Villatoro: Lieser: wow thats cool

Valela: I want my own to spot my own mexicans

Haynesworth: Yeah, it’s a mess, we usually get battlefield comissions when serving with other countries because lower ranks have more responsibilioty here. liutenant = captain, sergeants = liutenants etc