Voila ; i was waiting for this q..

Gude: Zeyer thats the idea behind the fractal structure.

Aiu: When i console. Log$ngmodel i see that $viewvalue has the ngmodel=”” i p***ed it. When i console. Log$ngmodel. $viewvalue it logs nan. What’s up?

Gude: So you use the same folder structure, just in smaller pieces.

Gude: Which should just mean tweaking your grunt patterns slightly.

Gude: Jon maybe just make a plunker see the topic for a starter.

Tur: I’m guessing that it isn’t updated yet.

Glockner: Gude, thanks for the link. Rabbitt. So i could have a directory containing all the “shared” stuff filter, services, login like in the exemple and then having contacts, forum, blog, chat in each of their directory.

Gude: Mcwells ***uming you’re using uirouter.

Gude: Or ngrouter for that matter.

Hancher: Just got started, but i decided to start with it since most of the people recommend it.

Gude: You can also then register all that sectionmodule’s states in the modules.

Gude: So the “root” module declares. State’app’.

Gude: And then each module is app. Contacts app. Contacts. Detail etc.

Gude: So you can basically ***emble different builds of your app just by including modules.

Komis: K. So, let says, forum would be the parent view and “threadlist” would be a child view forum. Threadlist.

Gude: Parent child state, but yes.

Gude: Both of which would be children of yourapp.

Sterk: Gude, ho yeah. Rabbitt. You’re right.

Gumbel: Coffee time. Be back with a question for you expert! ;.

Colorina: It was a ****ing typo. Fml.

Huber: Thanks rob, turns out that i had missed a ‘t’ in bootstrap in one of the modules.

Belcher: Why the **** is ngoptions code 500 lines long.

Bozovich: Is there a way to forward an attribute value from a directive to an element attribute.

Marangoni: Like set the value of ngrepeat to a string p***ed to the directive.

Werderman: Or at least without jquery.

Helfenbein: Mlerq template can be a function.

Duesterhaus: Can i access the directive attributes from this function?

Preslar: Element, attrs “div ngrepeat=’#attrs. Repeatstring’div”.

Courrege: So, “reflection” is when one p****s out the parameters in a function?

Texada: Coffee script heheh, was too lazy to write out javascript.

Lechler: Last i checked ngrepeat doesnt work with expressions.

Ditto: Still, why the **** doesnt ngrepeat accept expressions.

Kalal: U should provide some context. p but i would say reflection is more like being able to get info about functionscl***es and stuff without having the code, im not sure what that has to do with javascriptangular tho xd.

Gwillim: And what do i do when i have a fat template that i want to keep in another html file?

Krumbein: Oh u mean with templateurl.

Rigdon: D? U might want to create a smaller directive for the ng repeat part.

Brod: So. Here’s my question. I have a controller authcontroler that call a service authservice. I want the service the return to the controller the result of the execution, but i’m not sure the best way to do it.

Gurske: And i tink that using $scope in a service is not recommended.

Ehigiator: It just keeps a map of names to values and p***es in the values when it calles you funcionts.

Darks: Yea thats not really anything to do with reflection p.

Biss: Yes, and what do you call doing that?

Cooey: Dependency injection.

Dirienzo: Tbh though angularjs dependency injection is kinda useless if you have well organized code with filelevel dependencies defined.

Pode: Post code, cant read mind d.

Tinnel: Voila ; i was waiting for this q. All ready ;.

Do you have command line access at all.

Deni: Select * from users where not exists select id from blocksusers where userid = 4 and id=4?

Mcvea: Your desired output is.?

Deni: I think he wants a user but only if it isn’t blocked.

Deni: Or do you want all unblocked users.

Blanc: I wanna if dont have row in subselect. I need all users.

Deni: Select * from users left join blocksusers on users. Id=blocksusers. Userid where blocksusers. Userid is null;.

Mcvea: Select * from users join blockedusers where blockedusers. Userid= users. Users. Id where blockedusers. Useris is null.

Deni: I am not sure how currentuserid factors in.

Manzi: I wanna all unblocked users. But if the table blockedusers dont have register. Mysql return 0.

Deni: My subselect was a complete fail .

Aikins: I have a dedicated db server with a total of 8gb ram; atm it is using 7. 7gb ram innopool is 80% and about 253mb free; is now a good time to move to a 16gb server?

Zucconi: Check the innodb status for free pages and such.

Deni: Better do some spot checking of blocked users.

Deni: How much of that ram is filesystem cache?

Deni: Is it reading tons of data?

Deni: Is the buffer pool full as Zucconi said.

Starkman: Not really, am checking buffer.

Mcvea: And is it full of old pages?

Debartolo: Now i will implement on cakephp.

Encinias: Old database pages 18320.

Vocelka: Database pages 49683.

Verlato: And free buffers 1026.

Larrimore: Is it better to have 1 pivot table with ~100 rows related or around 5 pivot tables with ~20 rows more related?

Deni: What is the cost difference between 8g and 16g?

Deni: And is this one server or many servers?

Mcvea: Could try lowering it by 25% and see if there is an effect on query speed.

Ruggieri: Even after restart this is still there 815 system user null connect 414056 closing tables null 0. 000.

Crady: Its one server, 8gb is 0. 24phr and 16 is 0. 50phr.

Deni: Quickstack f p nnnnn grep handleslavesql b 20.

Hyle: Right, so drop it by 25%, if it slows down then i should upgrade?

Deni: If you’re going a ton of high latency disk reads then it may be worth upgrading.

Flo: We’ve got a cache server infront of it, so its not hit that hard.

Deni: Pastebin iostat kx 1 20.

Deni: Run that iostat command too just for fun.

Deni: Also how many questions per second is that running?

Deni: The server isn’t doing anything, just let it be.

Fude: Its 3 in the morning, thats probably why.

Deni: Grab that output again at peak time.

Galinis: Okay, what should i be on the look out for?

Deni: If it is queuing up ios then it may be time to uprade.

Pfifer: For rs, what would be cl***ed a high val?

Deni: You may be running some queries such that the state isn’t reset from closing tables.

Deni: It depends on what the disks are.

Deni: If it is a single sata disk then 120 is high.

Deni: Depending on the kind.

Fagnoni: I think its in a raid 10, rackspace.

Deni: Most important is if it starts queuing up ios.

Hamberry: The slave is doing 5* more than the master in disk activity.

Mekee: Ios == avgqusz yes? Just confirming.

Deni: Avgqusz is the number of ios in flight.

Deni: With a raid10 of ssds %util can be 100% but it isn’t saturated.

Deni: Do you have command line access at all?

Akiereisen, i’m too stupid for that.

Eichenlaub: It’s 2014, who doesn’t.

Bevard: So why is a substituted for a.

Vattes: Pipper don’t think so.

Vattes: That pdf looks like an aggregate of all the wiki’s i’ve went through.

Chatterjee: Ketchum that thing that you know.

Chatterjee: I think maybe a girl.

Chatterjee: Ketchum watch anime with me ~~.

Vattes: Are you saying you love Ketchum?

Fanizza: Not me, cut it out about 4 years ago. Still lapse sometimes. Pizza.

Chatterjee: Ketchum samurai champloo.

Milkowski: Any books on the geometry of padic numbers?

Chatterjee: I downloaded it but havent started.

Kombe: There’s a difference?

Pipper: Kon’s characters look slightly more realistic, and there’s more of a semblance of a plot.

Pipper: Although i’ve only seen like.

Pipper: 10 minutes from the beginning of 1 epsiode of each.

Pipper: Why not watch nichijoint instead.

Vattes: Anyone watch eureka 7.

Veltkamp: Dumb question to which i think i know the answer. If v2 = u2 does that mean v = u? Not for v,u in 0,1 right.

Gracia: Mxms, i had strogonoff.

Fanizza: I think my girl watched that.

Chatterjee: Ugh Gracia the restaurant i work for sells stroganoff.

Chatterjee: But americans dont know what it is.

Chatterjee: And idk why they try to sell it.

Fanizza: She watches a lot of shows with numbers. Eureka 7, warehouse 13.

Gracia: Ademan, it does, always.

Chatterjee: Gracia it’s not an american thing.

Gracia: Well, you can eat things that aren’t of your culture.

Gracia: But people seem to like it.

Kilner: Ah thanks, you’re right i’m not sure what i was thinking.

Fanizza: Oh, nevermind. Eureka and eureka 7 are different shows.

Chatterjee: But stroganoff is one of those things that i dont think will. Sell to americans.

Gracia: I myself refuse to eat anything that isn’t rice and beans.

Chatterjee: Gracia americans eat with their eyes.

Chatterjee: Stroganoff doesnt look delicious.

Gracia: I actually didn’t eat it as a child because it looks disgusting.

Pillers: I’m a fat american though.

Gracia: Mxms, is it a br restaurant.

Gracia: Why does it seem like your life revolves around brs.

Chatterjee: And i work for her dad.

Chatterjee: And everyone who works for her dad is a br.

Chatterjee: The entire company is huge and full of brs.

Chatterjee: The only one who doesnt speak portugese in the office.

Gracia: I bet they all swear at you.

Chatterjee: Llol they all think im 12.

Chatterjee: And does other stuff.

Gracia: Dude have you been on the internet.

Arriola: What are you talking about? It’s called arpanet.

Gracia: Mxms, i bet they sell picanha then.

Gracia: Picanha is the biggest lie in the history of brazil.

Gracia: It’s pretty medium quality meat.

Gracia: Plenty better **** around.

Gracia: But somehow it became the national obsession.

Chatterjee: Ketchum sounds like one of the damn sonic soundtracks.

Gracia: Ketchum, you made me interrupt bach for this?

Chatterjee: I was a guy blowing leaves today in the rain.

Chatterjee: I was like. ****ing paying him to stand in the rain and blow drenched leaves.

Gracia: Akiereisen, i’m too stupid for that joke.