Put the chainsaw away plz.

Friels: You know that line get burried alive or left in the car you drive.

Burgos: Interesting psychologies at work.

Bonfield: The mystic force is upon us.

Schueneman: Is that like mumbojumbo.

Kenefick: Srsly am gonna get to study hebrew.

Mom: Well if you decide to try german remember this ol’ sayin.

Blache: Smithson me like you should.

Rew: Only dead people have time to learn german.

Vanloan: Yea interesting theory of sounds.

Ramal: Hey this girl is looking for her lollipop.

Juariqui: Where are the chicks? I want some nicks.

Wygand: You are gonna make my Weekly come back.

Consolver: You have my coffee, i want it back.

Denomme: So i moved into my first apartment last night eh.

Zibelli: Not sure if i like it or not.

Garms: Kossack, it takes a while to get used to a new place.

Friske: The town seems like a bit of a ****box.

Legleiter: My house is 84 years old.

Roby: Where ya livin mr Kossack.

Toan: I will send you an actual picture of the ceiling in one room. But its cool coz it’s kinda remenisssssent wtf of the first matrix.

Lingelbach: Man folding clothes takes forever.

Delre: I’m taking a break already lol.

Vanderhorst: Elcopter will not be comming back anytime soon.

Metzer: Lets make a groupselfie mother****ers.

Bickford: So how much is that rent?

Sawczyszyn: I coudnt sleep for 4 days and i was in bed most of the time in that room.

Jou: I started to halucinate around the third morning.

Sivley: There were some sentinel tentaklz in my toughts.

Oberfell: Why the **** is this province off by half an hour?

Trisch: Because we dont discriminate.

Byone: All fun n games until.

Blazich: Bluescreen ruins your sol game.

Lave: Do they have wifi on their ship.

Schindele: There was this guy on twitter called thefattofuguy or something.

Kram: I think he might be in chan too.

Bowle: Fat and tofu in the very sa me sentence?

Accetturo: You know what ****s? There’s no wifi on planes in canada.

Faggett: And that the bottom lineeee.

Mcentegart: Longest 3 hours ever.

Catrett: Flight modes universal.

Baris: Or just here n there?

Hathorn: You know what ****s. When you hear that someyears ago during the winter in saskatchewan they broke the old record of some celsius with the new 74 celsius.

Bagley: With widchill ofcourse.

Lubawy: I hate repeating myself. So i will not.

Delore: Theres no way minus 74c.

Cirocco: Buying computer components while drunk probably not recommended.

Lands: I should know that much.

Orgeron: You taught you to op so fine.

Galstian: Record for canada recorded since started recording.

Conforti: I **** at reading info stuff.

Balwin: It’s like trying to remember “some” p***word.

Hanley: And be nothing but relentless in Christy of dreams.

Boane: This peer resetting guy. How is he.

Mcelrath: Actualy someone had explained it to me one.

Bellantone: Or i might have read one of those infostuff pages.

Molone: The hardet they splat.

Carrecter: Vould be offputting young wings dear.

Offield: To spake of such landings.

Horelick: Put the chainsaw away plz.

5. Optomise the app, once you know.

Larimore: User123321 thats the definition of failure.

Starkey: But if there is no way to make tcpdump to it for me i guess i better start.

Larimore: If your app is cpu intensive, the only way to scale is cores or boxes.

Zambrana: The bottleneck is almost certainly your application code.

Larimore: Or fix the app so its not cpu intensive.

Mouldin: Also, if you really needed a lot of connections you could pay someone who has a clue.

Zambrana: If node is at 100% cpu then your code is the issue.

Bashi: If you are the person who supposed has said clue, then just quit.

Weill: Should i be expecting a drastic increase of concurrency if i actually install this on an actual server machine? Because now, it’s running on a corei5 laptop.

Bottin: You don’t need a team of admins.

Zambrana: Well you need at least one on call at all times.

Stubenrauch: Honestly, unless you’re working w large scale, i dont think you should put the op down.

Berdux: 1m is totally possible, on the same server.

Silfies: Admins are a dying breed.

Larimore: Not with a cpu intensive app.

Larimore: No one would get core time.

Kosanovic: It’s a trivial issue ***ume $35010g port, $50010g nic and you’ll need multicore, large ram and high perf server.

Kwasnicki: Youlll also need rfs, toe and various other hacks.

Kaltz: However everything is solvable.

Zambrana: 1 million requests per second could be doable with static content from ram and a couple of 10g links i guess.

Lenze: You’ll probably hit more performance issues in kernel space to be perfectly honest as you do lookups to find the right sockets.

Courtois: Receive flow steering.

Laser: Right now, it’s in a laptop. But what’s the cpu size in a server? Right now, i can see laptop’s cpu hits 100%, what’s the deal in a server?

Simmerman: There’s the fud again.

Larimore: User123321 laptop cpu’s aren’t that much slower than server cpu’s with todays modern stuff. Depending on your server though, you could have dozens of cores, several chips with several cores each.

Boulware: Thanks carroller “noclobber” is what i’m looking for. Something i’ve never heard about be four now.

Scarrow: 1m is totally doable.

Santory: That’s basically tcp on a chip with some memory to keep connections alive?

Bergo: You can show thanks in scotch.

Zambrana: There’s not much limit to how powerful a server can be, depends how much you spend, a low cost server will have a quad core xeon, maybe 10x the power of a laptop of the same era.

Deible: Does your code scale on multiple cores?

Larimore: But even with a 32 core server, if your “app” requires just half a second of cpu time, at most you could handle 3840 connections per minute, after that, you’re literally out of cpu.

Zambrana: Node should do that form him i think.

Zambrana: Node is quite efficient event drivern.

Monet: Are you working for one of facebookgoogle.?

Manfredini: Sail0r, that i wasn’t sure, but i tried using 2 instances and i could see an increase in concurrency.

Haverly: Take a wild guess based on the domain i just liked you ;.

Zambrana: The best advice i can give you is to optimize your app, work out what it spends time doing.

Lapitan: And why not just use many servers when you can run 2 instances?

Zambrana: 1 optimize code 2 add extra servers.

Mestas: How’s your fortilove.

Marbray: It’s fine i am far away from them at the moment ;.

Frihart: But i am oncall till monday so who knows ;.

Hoek: 1. Optimise kernel. 2. Go 10g, 3. Minimise context switching outside of the app itself.

Dwiggins: 5. Optomise the app, once you know the app is causing bottlenecks.

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Conover: Minecraft 1. 8 is weird.

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Pulsifer: What lyrics would a Samons song have?

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